Think positive!

  • I met a friend at a Pasar Malam last Tuesday. He heard that now I am known as a Subject Matter Expert for a thing that I do now. So I asked him where did he hear about this, apparently it’s a talk among our mutual friends. I hope they talked about me in a positive way;
  • I was appointed to hold some extra curricular activities in the office, and now currently I am the chairman to represent the staff, it was by voting system by the staff too. I hoped people chose me because they believed in my capability to represent them, not because they just wanted to play me – I don’t know. Things like this do happen, no? I think too much – my friends told me;
  • I was chosen to represent the Ministry to be one of the few ones to move the latest national initiatives, I hope that I could contribute accordingly, if not more; and
  • I hope that bosses believe in me, and they way I see/saw things.


Self taught


These past few days I attended few meetings.

It was frustrating to see that ada orang yang tak reti nak berhenti bila dah start bercakap. It’s a skill that you have to pick up in your years of working, I think.

Frust sebab apa, sebab orang yang saya berhadapan ni, orang yang hebat in their bidang, sangat master… but, kecewa sebab they don’t know when to stop.

Like, yup, I know that was what you’re trying to say, and ada orang ni tak puas hati or salah faham dengan apa yang awak nak sampaikan, tapi you don’t have to argue to that extent yang tengok macam you pulak nak menegakkan benang yang basah.

Contohnya bila chairman kata “okay, this is it… you go back and review this this…” you should respect what the chairman said, bukannya nak bergaduh lagi. In your review nanti you boleh state what you tak puas hati about.

Sometimes you also have to sedar diri that, maybe dalam meeting, ada boss you… you should respect what came out from your boss’s mouth. Kalau berbeza arah dengan you pun, you should respect him/her. As your boss. Cuba fikir balik, maybe you yang tak update boss you? Bila boss you kata “okay, kami faham and kami akan bincang semula” you should just shut up. Bukannya you laung lagi dekat chairman tu “tapi kami dah buat ni dah notis kan ni ni ni”… Tak perlu. Boss you jadi boss ada sebab, you.

Memang you betul and mungkin dia tak berapa faham isi minda you, but there’s always a reason for the boss or the chair cutting down your speech.

Mungkin nak kejar masa, kita kena hormat masa orang. Mungkin nak jaga kepentingan ahli-ahli mesyuarat yang lain. Mungkin nak elak timbul isu yang maybe out of topic. Hmmm.

Sebijak-bijak mana pun kita, bila kita ada dalam meeting orang, kita kena hormat Pengerusi. Biarlah Pengerusi tu baru habis belajar pun, sedangkan kita dah 20 tahun kerja? Kalau you nak, you lah jadi chair, ok?

Hormat, and think before you speak? Is it necessary? Don’t repeat what you’ve said. Unless you are requested to do so.


Sibuk macam lebah


Apparently up until today, saya ada mesyuarat setiap hari. 😦 Penat tapi apa boleh buat. Ada orang lain yang lagi penat. (My assistant). 😛

Tapi kan, sebenarnya kerja yang banyak tu tak adalah memeritkan sangat, yang paling perit adalah melayan karenah manusia yang seperti tidak bertimbang rasa. Sentiasa ada keperluan yang adhoc yang perlukan pada masa itu dan itu juga. Seperti kerja kita ni hanyalah untuk melayan permintaan dia sahaja.

Like today, tetiba saya mendapat tahu saya dapat new boss to report to. What’s worse adalah, dia baru kenalkan diri pada hari ni and nak info by 1 pm. Whatever. Saya tak tahu bila dia masuk, sedangkan apa yang dia minta tu saya baru present kepada MITI semalam. If he really cares, he would get the information at the first place. Sakit pulak hati. Sakit hati bukan pasal dia minta info macam-macam tu, sakit sebab kita ni ada kerja lain, macam hari ini saya ada dua meeting yang perlu dihadiri, kedua-duanya dah planned terlebih awal, tiba-tiba dia minta itu ini with such a short notification.

If he is really the boss he claimed to be, he would have the info at the tip of his hand.

Memang saya poyo, saya nak dia mengadap saya dulu, eh???? banyak cantik muka you Aishah. Oh, yes, thank you!

Okaylah I nak contact my boss ni tanya dia apa yang patut. Bosan.





Letting Go


Since the office restructured and we are gonna receive more officers and my tasks (lots of them) will be transferred to 4 units, I have learned a lot of letting go and trusting people.

First, I needed to let go things (tasks) that I embraced and called mine to the new officers. It was quite difficult at first but I needed to rearrange my focuses.  Like today there’s a workshop by WB that I felt really close to but I realized that I have another meeting tomorrow and Monday that I needed to be prepared then I realized also that there’s another officer who could go and attend the workshop. It’s such a sad thing for me but at the same time it was a relief.

And then, I need to believe that everyone is good in their job and whatever that I’ve done for this unit might be done in a different way by other officer and they might be better doing that than me. So, yeah.

I need to rearrange everything. Things I’ve left since 2010.

And then, there’s a bad news from above this morning.

I think if I just let things go with the flow, I will be better at facing things, unexpected and disappointing things.

I will work with whatever is with me.

All the best.

Dan lain-lain

So much happened at the office lately, shocking things actually but in a good way things reminded me of the surprise of life. On how things could fall out and fall in in so much ways that sometimes we didn’t expect them to be. But anyway, things happened, always for good. Insya Allah, hopefully all the madness that I felt (or still feel) won’t last long.

Oh, my auntie is going to get married (for the second time, her husband passed away few years back) tonight. Too bad I couldn’t make it. But I will leave for home tomorrow night, insyaAllah.

And hmm I am gonna take a good one week off. I have to optimize my off days since I’ve realized that my off days (balance) were to be burned (something like that la) if I couldn’t finish them all in 3 years…. I am entitled for 30 days off each year. Alhamdulillah.


Have a great long weekend untuk yang berkenaan.



Dua minggu kebelakangan ni, sangat busy! Tak larat rasanya. Tapi laratkan juga. Dengan kerja hakiki, kerja sekolah dan kerja persatuan. Takpelah, dua tiga hal boleh manage. Yang satu ni, memang sangat mencabar tapi insyaAllah, there would be no giving up! Pray hard!

Saya tak pasti kadang-kadang, saya ni terlalu rajin ke macam mana. Saya pun tak faham kenapa ada orang macam tu macam ni. Saya pun tak perfect juga, tak baik mana pun, nakal jugak. Banyak dosa jugak. Tapi ada few things yang saya nak buat atau ucapkan, saya akan fikir banyak kali jugak tak mau bagi orang terasa hati ke apa.

Saya ni tak reti nak marah, bebel bolehlah. Tak reti nak arah2 orang yang dah memang takde rasa nak buat sesuatu benda tu, sebab takde maknanya. Saya rasa banyak benda saya buat sebab tak ada orang nak buat. Atau pun, kelemahan saya adalah, saya rasa tak ada orang nak buat benda tu. Saya malas nak suruh-suruh. Cuma saya fikir, kalau saya boleh fikir yang benda tu nak kena buat, kenapa orang lain rasa macam tak perlu buat. Hehe. Ni pasal kerja persatuan ni.

Maybe orang lain ada banyak kerja. Saya ni macam takde kerja kut. Takpelah.

Tapi nasib baik lah ada orang yang membantu. Kalau tak banyak benda tak boleh gerak juga. Alhamdulillah.


Hmm. Malas..



I went to Kuantan on Monday, had a series of workshop there and was on flight back to KL last night. The flight was delayed I was so tired when I reached home, overslept and only got my self in the office at 10 am. I know it wasn’t something to be proud of. It was a rainy morning today and I wasn’t expecting the road to be that congested that it took me one hour from home to the office. Usually the longest would be less than 40 minutes.

Anyway, I got my chance to do few things, significant things in Kuantan. First, I’ve got to meet kind people that took good care of me while I was there, Nasrul and Aini and everyone at Port Kuantan Authority… Second, the work things went on smoothly and the participation was very active. Third, I got the chance to go around the port and a warehouse. Fourth, I got to meet my cousin who’s now working in Kuantan.

Overall, though the trip was quite short, I had done most of things I should have done. 🙂

Tomorrow I am leaving for Penang. 🙂