Something exciting


Purchased the Amazfit GTR last week! It was exciting but not enough to keep me running everyday, it’s just today that I went out walking and running with that new gadget.

I was looking for the sports watch, but not for me because at that particular time I was okay with my Samsung Galaxy Fit that I got free with the Note 10, until it got broken last two Sundays. As I was too used to having something vibrating on the wrist, I felt the need to have its replacement was too strong.

I did some study (reading and trying them on) about the many types of sports watches, almost got myself a Fossil one (it was on 50% off) but at the end I settled for the Amazfit GTR (pink!) So far, it served me well, despite almost RM100 price difference from the Galaxy Fit, the functions and features are so much (more and) better on the GTR. Maybe it’s the brand or… maybe the life. Since I got the Galaxy Fit for free, it didn’t bother me much that it went kaput just after 6 months using it. (Not blaming it, I also believed that I didn’t really took care of it).

Well, anyway, it’s still too early to be happy I guess, but I got it for less than RM500 on shopee, compared to the store price. It’s risky I know.Β  Let’s pray it will be okay for a long time, k.

In the meantime, I hope I will exercise more, to a healthier 2020. πŸ™‚



Beli Rumah

Tiba-tiba nak cerita pasal beli rumah. Macam mana I beli rumah yang I duduk sekarang ni. Actually, in my case ni lebih kepada pengaruh rakan sebaya. Sebab semua kawan-kawan dah beli. So, nak beli jugak. Masa I beli dulu, dah ada undang-undang membenarkan bayar/potong gaji selepas rumah siap. So, I sebenarnya I lambat jugaklah beli rumah, di kalangan my peers.

It was in 2010, November. I attended a small do, launching. So they promoted this new area in an existing neighbourhood. Dah ada kawan-kawan yang dah beli rumah dalam kejiranan tu, I pun rasa it’s quite a good neighbourhood, especially it’s not so far from the working place. So that’s one of the point.

Masa I cari rumah, my preferences was like – satu tingkat – 4 rooms and if possible with laman. Satu tingkat sebab I malas nak mengemas. But guess what, I got all those criteria checked with quite a reasonable price – masih dalam kelayakan untuk gaji I masa tu. So I was happy.

The only funny thing was – I didn’t even know the exact location of my house! I knew it’s in certain area of the neighbourhood but since the works hadn’t really started… there’s no proper road led to the part. Anyways, fast forward to 2012 – I received the letter that informed me the payment is about to start….

Eh, sebelum confirm rumah tu semua, I kena berulang-alik ke pemaju and selesaikan quite management things with the Lembaga Perumahan, lawyer etc on my own. Sedih juga masa tu sebab buat sorang-sorang.

So… now dah lebih 4 tahun I duduk situ, sebab I moved in to my own house in 2015… Laman ada with lalang-lalang sebab malas nak take care of the lawn. HAHA. πŸ™‚

Okay, ada guest, bye.


Tahun ni I rajin sikit nak bawak bekal ke tempat kerja, mungkin faktor usia, I kena tidur awal dan bangun awal. HAHA. Jadinya I sempatkan diri untuk masak-masak. Tapi I masak simple je sebab I bukan reti masak pun kahkahkah.

In a way, syukur jugak sebab I ni jenis boleh makan apa2 je asal kenyang. Takdelah cerewet nak kena nasi berlauk jugak pepagi. HEHE. Tapi ada je certain times yang mengidam nak makan makanan tertentu.

Oh ye satu lagi bila bawak bekal ni, I dapat jimat masa takde nak gi beli2 makanan (jimat duit of course). So, masa lunch I boleh tidur sebab tak perlu keluar cari makan, I makan bekal je. Pastu makan sikit pun dah rasa kenyang kekadang.

Tapi I tak pastilah jimat ke tak duit tu sebab selera I kan macam berangan je. HAHA. HMMM Tapi sekali I beli groceries tu RM100 jugak. Tapi tahanlah seminggu or lebih. Benda2 yang premium pun I can’t stop myself from buying, contohnya smoked duck and Australian beef (yummy) or greek yogurt. Sebab I suka benda2 ni kalau I gi makan di kedai, I know how much the cost is. So, then, when I jumpa benda2 ni di kedai, I beli sebab I know how to prepare some food that I like using these ingredients – bukan apa pun, wraps and pasta ja. HAHA. Satu je benda yang I tak sampai hati nak beli is sun dried tomatoes, sebab macam takut tak termakan, walaupun sedap.

Okaylah, I share gambar bekal makanan I. Oopss, coffee pun I buat sendiri bawak bekal. Since mesin kopi di rumah tu cam dah nak rosak, ikut suka dia je nak perform ke tak so I bancuh je coffee, with some fresh milk and honey and hot water, settle. That’s how I like my coffee.


The cousin’s wedding

The independence day weekend was spent with my family as my cousin chose the date to be her anniversary date. I drove my sister and BIL to Keratong 6, nearby Muadzam, choosing the Nilai-Senawang-Kuala Pilah-Bahau-Jempol-Muadzam route. It was a familiar route with a lot of choices (on which exits to go) but I lost count of driving through it. It’s the first time for my Mimi (I had a new second hand car for me, which I called Mimi)Β  but anyway, I’ve had always love this route.

It’s a beautiful drive, we arrived in 3 and half hours.Β  Reunited with my other siblings, in laws, cousins and niece and nephew as well as friends. The most interesting part of this cousin is we share the same grandparents as the mother (my aunt) is my father’s sister and the father of the bride (my uncle) is my late mother’s brother. I wrote on instagram (@shahzere) that it did feel like raya because there were a lot of relatives there, some of them were last seen before my mum passed away or when I was just a kid.

My cousin’s wedding was more of a neighbourhood affair as my uncle and aunt are staying in a Felda where the people live as one big family. The women helped with the cooking and the men assisted in managing other resources and cleaning works. I didn’t do much except for preparing goodies and taking photos of families to be shared on WA groups for family members who couldn’t be there.

Anyway, congratulations to my cousin and her husband, as well as to my aunt and uncle.