Puasa dah kita


Hi semua… (ada lagi ke yang baca… haha) Now, writing here is just for my own record… mostly.

Anyway, it’s already May and we have just started our fasting month, Ramadan few days ago. How’s it going with you guys? For me, alhamdulillah so far. Just this morning I wasn’t awake for sahur. Hmmm.

Rasanya semua orang ada kenangan kan masa puasa, especially masa kecil2 dulu? Masa gi terawih, masa curi-curi minum air paip hahaha. I pernah tu. Tak tau kenapa air paip tu rasa sedap sangatlah. Pastu masa I darjah 2 I sekolah petang, pagi I gi awal rumah kawan I and minum2 air kat rumah dia, lepas tu gi sekolah, balik rumah, masih puasa katanya. Tak tau berapa hari buat macam tu tapi harap-harap tak selalu lah. Sebab tahun tu arwah mak kata kalau puasa lebih 15 hari dapat RM15 kot? HIHI.

Kalau terawih paling diingati kat surau baru tempat kerja ayah, sebab jumpa ramai geng haha. Memang tak terawih sangat la, lebih banyak gossip rasanya dengan rakan sebaya.

Dulu-dulu rasanya kami jaranglah dapat pergi pasar Ramadan sebab mak ayah both kerja and adik2 pun ramai, takut ada yang hilang nanti tengah-tengah kesesakan tu. Tapi arwah ma always masak sedap2 pun so tak kisah sangat. Tapi ayah selalu belikan murtabak lah. Rasanya jarang sangat berbuka without murtabak. Sampai masa first time berpuasa di asrama tu rasa sedih sebab takde murtabak haha. Kenangan. Sekarang ni, seriously I beli nasi sebungkus ja terus rasa ok dah, tak payah nak beria sangat.

I masih tak faham konsep buffet tu jugak.

Sekarang I dah malas nak keluar berbuka kat luar tu, bukan sebab apa, sebab malas nak bersesak di surau lepas tu. (Alasan kan, sebenarnya sebab dah tua).  Lagi pun geng2 ramai dah kawin, sikit-sikit je tinggal yang single dan sudi nak berbuka bersama. HAHA, anyway, as I said earlier, I found it easier to just buy juadah dari kedai yang memang I tahu tahap masakan dia supaya takdelah kecewa bila berbuka. Setakat ni I beli nasi di Boat Noodle, Wong Solo and semalam nasi ayam kat rumah tu. Sabtu lepas I buka dengan adik2 I di Restoran Cili Pauh di Wangsa Walk, sedap. Tu pun kami keluar selepas solat maghrib.

Apa kenangan puasa you all? Apa-apa pun, I nak ucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa, dan zakat. InsyaAllah, semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan pada bulan yang mulia ini.





Brothers and sisters were here

Last weekend when I was in Phuket my brother (Fa) and his wife (Mi) (and my nephew (Adeeb) and niece Sofia)) were in KL, they stayed at my youngest sister’s (T) at Wangsa Maju. They arrived at my house on Monday morning and I made a trip to PD with them to drop off my brother for his course at RISTEC. My SIL and the kids stayed at my home.  It was a packed week. Anyway, it’s good to have people when you reached home after a long day at work. Plus my SIL cleaned up my place well. 🙂 She said when the kids were sleeping she got to do some cleaning and cooking too (love). She added that since my bedroom is an air-conditioning room, Adeeb slept well during the day.

My other sister, C arrived on Wednesday afternoon, the same day my brother Fa ended the course. I picked them up at Putrajaya Sentral.  We had dinner with the whole bunch at Dpulze, at Boat Noodle.  Lucky for us that Sofia and Adeeb behaved well throughout the evening.

On Thursday, after work I took them all to Alamanda for my bowling practice, we had dinner at the Pizza Hut and my other brother (Fi) joined. Fi is staying and working in Subang.  On Friday morning, my youngest brother (B) arrived from KB too.  Mi cooked us nasi lemak for dinner when T and her husband, Fi and the wife and kid joined us.  My house was full that night. We even went to the playground at 10 pm. I made jemput2 and Mi fried the keropok lekor afterwards. At around 11.30 pm T and Fi left.

Fa (and the family) left for Kelantan on Saturday morning while I took B and C to the IOI City Mall since I had my bowling game. They went to watch movie, we had lunch after the game is over and dropped off C at TBS for her bus back to Taiping. After that B and I ventured down to MyTown. I’ve never been to the mall, it’s big enough, after all it’s connected to the IKEA Cheras. We went to watch Bad Genius since we were there. MyTown is a neighbourhood mall. It’s like a big supermarket with basic shops inside.

On Sunday I went to do laundry and then had afternoon nap before deciding to take B out to KL. We went around Wangsamaju and had dinner with T and her husband, D. We had dinner at Melawati Mall, it’s another neighbourhood mall, just like MyTown.

So today B followed me to the office. Let’s see what we are up to next.

Till then, who read this actually?

Hahaha. Have a great week ahead guys!



I’ve found a link to a video for overnight oatmeal. 🙂

I love oats, I always have. This love developed way back in 1996 when I was form two, a junior introduced me to a simple recipe. Oats and water. I didn’t know how I could like the taste of such a plain meal but I liked my first taste of it. I guess it’s rather easy to bear if compared to the taste of some dining hall’s meals.

I used to buy the small packet of instant oat I think it was only RM3.50 at that time and if I had extra money I would buy a packet of 6 small box of Dutch Lady milk, it’s around RM4.00++, 20 years ago. So that would be my go to meal until somehow I became lazier and forgot about eating oats. Didn’t really care about the health benefits but I knew my late mum (was a nurse) also took oats as breakfast and sahur with Anlene. I used to steal her Anlene if I were home. 😛

Then, I didn’t think I had oats as meals option for years until these few years. Oh, I did consume oats – the 3 in 1 types, instant oatmeal drink. I thought it’s too sweet. Once I started living alone and with Nana – from 2011 sometimes maybe, I restarted having oats, much for health benefit. It’s only plain oats with milk. Somehow these few years back the recipe for overnight oats made their debuts and I did try them.

I guess overnight oats taste better – of course. My base ingredients would be oats and milk. I did try few toppings – vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, banana, chocolate bar, sunflower seeds, blueberries, cranberries, dates, buah tin (forget nama Inggeris dia) as well as prunes.

Basically my choice of toppings depend on how much money I have haha. Blueberries are expensive here in Malaysia. Mostly I used dried fruits. They might not as healthy as fresh fruits but they will do.

I like overnight oats, it’s too easy to prepare and saves me a lot of time. I don’t need to think where and what to have breakfast…. save duit juga!

I also love oats to the extend I put oats in my jemput2 pisang and lempeng too. 🙂 They are healthier…

Now I think I nak try making soups with oats. There must be some recipes on the webs somewhere.

Till then! Let’s have some oat!

p.s : I had prunes overnight oats this morning for sahur.

Norwegian Wood

I wrote this last night on Microsoft Words. Out of boredom. Eh tak, memang nak tulis and share my point of view on this. 🙂

norwegian wood

Well, it took me quite some time to finish this book. From the LIMA week, to BKK week, I have just finished it this Monday. It’s indeed an interesting book, but I guess, the story even it was only told from a person’s view, it was quite complicated. Mr Murakami really had a nice way of thinking and well, writing. I am amazed by his ability to tell the story from a girl’s and a woman’s point of view as well. Well, he must have done his research well.

Back to the book, it had the 1960s-1970s background. Oh, I can’t help but impressed with the development in Tokyo!! In 1960s! No wonder our PM was inspired enough to initiate the Dasar Pandang ke Timur. When was that? 1980s right?

The story revolves around Toru and his complicated thinking – well not so but I found his way of life – apart from the free sex activities – he’s got this positive and motivating way of living his life.  He has his integrity though at times he has his doubts but no one could spare themselves from doubt, aren’t we? Mr Murakami has quite an imagination, well this is my third book from him and I found that each story is special in its own way and the story lines are all different. And it did make me put on my thinking hat each time I read his book – maybe that was why I took so much time to read this book through. Haha.

Toru is a student staying in a dorm out of his hometown – he came to Tokyo looking for something new, big thing to do with his best friend’s death. He met Naoko – fell in love with her, though Naoko was as much as still in love with Toru’s dead best friend. There’s not much they can do about that feeling and Naoko is quite a complicated girl anyway. But in Toru she found solace. An incident happen which left Toru alone again in Tokyo and then he befriended his classmate, Midori. Such an open minded and full of (wild) imagination, she put a new perspective in Toru. She said her thoughts out loud, that Toru soon began to like her and her openness. I guess during this time Toru knew that with Midori, he could get to know himself better.

But as for Toru’s love story, it still is quite complicated, realizing that his feelings for Naoko wasn’t really mutual, despite all that, and everything else – so much going on in this book they had quite a relationship.

I like this book. If you have some time to spare, please give it a chance. Here’s the page of it. 

p.s : I bought this book at KLIA on my way to Langkawi. Bought two other books from Murakami, because they were having this kind of promotion, buy three books at 15% discounts. Good enough for me! 🙂

That presentation


Have you ever googled your name? I did last night. Long story short, I did just because I just gave my full name to my neighbour who was in charge of collecting borang balik kampung for this raya season. 😛  So my mind was like, what if they  googled my name because I’ve never shared much any information with my neighbours… well, it’s me. Selalu berangan!

Apparently it led me to this report prepared by MITI and ASEAN. Haha, I guess they just bumped into my presentation. Somehow I am glad that the things that I’ve put on a presentation were useful for others. The information might be lying around for quite a time before I put it in my presentation, but somehow, I fell happy. 😉

That would be all.

And that might answer some questions like, mu gi oversea buat apa…


That baju kurung!


I can say that I am such a sucker for anything cheaper! What more if I could find cheaper price for the same outfit/things, usually it’s the outfit!

Few years ago when I was happily carrying fancy bags I got from Feringhi Night Market and friends ask, is that a Coach? Hahaha, no, of course I didn’t get the imitation coach, mind you! If I want to buy cheap things, I would prefer things without brands! Ataupun beli brand yang kita tahu padan dengan harga dan kemampuan sudah, seperti Vincci ke, Bata ke…

Oh, btw baju kurung ni saya beli online, through Instagram. Ni hasil scrolling and searching for hashtags! Susah juga sebab dah selalu sangat window shopping… now dah terbawa-bawa pakai devices pulak. Rasanya tak healthy but, this is one of the ways of scoring cheap/affordable things with good quality!

Dulu I selalu juga spend time kat Pasar Malam Jalan TAR (10 years ago) when I started working and needed to get more baju kurung, I got most of baju kurung at RM50. Then I went to Ampang Park and saw that same quality, same type of fabric being sold at RM150++ so, there I know that….

Tapi janganlah praktikkan yang sama dengan baju-baju designers ya, diorang kerja teruk/perah idea/crack their brain to come out with such design, we should respect their workmanship and it’s their right to put the price based on their work.

Baju ni I beli from karabum.fabulous (on instagram) for less than RM70! 🙂 Such a steal!


That curry pasta!


So then, I was running out of things to eat for berbuka. Actually I cuma tak mau makan nasi jer. Sebab sikit sangat I makan, bazir letrik je masak nasik pakai periuk nasi elektrik tu. Pastu selalu buang banyak nasi sebab walaupun masak sikit, masih jugak tak habis.

So, I fikir-fikir, I pun decided to cook curry, but nak buat macam kuah laksa sikit, nak makan dengan pasta.

So, jadilah kuah kari/laksa salmon I ni…

Bahan-bahan kari sama je la macam sebelum ni, cuma this time, I tambah daun kari and cili boh for extra kick!

Bagi I okay je taste dia tapi tak pasti orang lain boleh makan ke tak. Hahaha. 🙂