Beli Rumah

Tiba-tiba nak cerita pasal beli rumah. Macam mana I beli rumah yang I duduk sekarang ni. Actually, in my case ni lebih kepada pengaruh rakan sebaya. Sebab semua kawan-kawan dah beli. So, nak beli jugak. Masa I beli dulu, dah ada undang-undang membenarkan bayar/potong gaji selepas rumah siap. So, I sebenarnya I lambat jugaklah beli rumah, di kalangan my peers.

It was in 2010, November. I attended a small do, launching. So they promoted this new area in an existing neighbourhood. Dah ada kawan-kawan yang dah beli rumah dalam kejiranan tu, I pun rasa it’s quite a good neighbourhood, especially it’s not so far from the working place. So that’s one of the point.

Masa I cari rumah, my preferences was like – satu tingkat – 4 rooms and if possible with laman. Satu tingkat sebab I malas nak mengemas. But guess what, I got all those criteria checked with quite a reasonable price – masih dalam kelayakan untuk gaji I masa tu. So I was happy.

The only funny thing was – I didn’t even know the exact location of my house! I knew it’s in certain area of the neighbourhood but since the works hadn’t really started… there’s no proper road led to the part. Anyways, fast forward to 2012 – I received the letter that informed me the payment is about to start….

Eh, sebelum confirm rumah tu semua, I kena berulang-alik ke pemaju and selesaikan quite management things with the Lembaga Perumahan, lawyer etc on my own. Sedih juga masa tu sebab buat sorang-sorang.

So… now dah lebih 4 tahun I duduk situ, sebab I moved in to my own house in 2015… Laman ada with lalang-lalang sebab malas nak take care of the lawn. HAHA. 🙂

Okay, ada guest, bye.


Tahun ni I rajin sikit nak bawak bekal ke tempat kerja, mungkin faktor usia, I kena tidur awal dan bangun awal. HAHA. Jadinya I sempatkan diri untuk masak-masak. Tapi I masak simple je sebab I bukan reti masak pun kahkahkah.

In a way, syukur jugak sebab I ni jenis boleh makan apa2 je asal kenyang. Takdelah cerewet nak kena nasi berlauk jugak pepagi. HEHE. Tapi ada je certain times yang mengidam nak makan makanan tertentu.

Oh ye satu lagi bila bawak bekal ni, I dapat jimat masa takde nak gi beli2 makanan (jimat duit of course). So, masa lunch I boleh tidur sebab tak perlu keluar cari makan, I makan bekal je. Pastu makan sikit pun dah rasa kenyang kekadang.

Tapi I tak pastilah jimat ke tak duit tu sebab selera I kan macam berangan je. HAHA. HMMM Tapi sekali I beli groceries tu RM100 jugak. Tapi tahanlah seminggu or lebih. Benda2 yang premium pun I can’t stop myself from buying, contohnya smoked duck and Australian beef (yummy) or greek yogurt. Sebab I suka benda2 ni kalau I gi makan di kedai, I know how much the cost is. So, then, when I jumpa benda2 ni di kedai, I beli sebab I know how to prepare some food that I like using these ingredients – bukan apa pun, wraps and pasta ja. HAHA. Satu je benda yang I tak sampai hati nak beli is sun dried tomatoes, sebab macam takut tak termakan, walaupun sedap.

Okaylah, I share gambar bekal makanan I. Oopss, coffee pun I buat sendiri bawak bekal. Since mesin kopi di rumah tu cam dah nak rosak, ikut suka dia je nak perform ke tak so I bancuh je coffee, with some fresh milk and honey and hot water, settle. That’s how I like my coffee.


The cousin’s wedding

The independence day weekend was spent with my family as my cousin chose the date to be her anniversary date. I drove my sister and BIL to Keratong 6, nearby Muadzam, choosing the Nilai-Senawang-Kuala Pilah-Bahau-Jempol-Muadzam route. It was a familiar route with a lot of choices (on which exits to go) but I lost count of driving through it. It’s the first time for my Mimi (I had a new second hand car for me, which I called Mimi)  but anyway, I’ve had always love this route.

It’s a beautiful drive, we arrived in 3 and half hours.  Reunited with my other siblings, in laws, cousins and niece and nephew as well as friends. The most interesting part of this cousin is we share the same grandparents as the mother (my aunt) is my father’s sister and the father of the bride (my uncle) is my late mother’s brother. I wrote on instagram (@shahzere) that it did feel like raya because there were a lot of relatives there, some of them were last seen before my mum passed away or when I was just a kid.

My cousin’s wedding was more of a neighbourhood affair as my uncle and aunt are staying in a Felda where the people live as one big family. The women helped with the cooking and the men assisted in managing other resources and cleaning works. I didn’t do much except for preparing goodies and taking photos of families to be shared on WA groups for family members who couldn’t be there.

Anyway, congratulations to my cousin and her husband, as well as to my aunt and uncle.

Culture – and a bit of anything else

During the training in Thailand, there was a point when I was placed in a room with three other Muslimah.  It was in Koh Chang or Island of Elephant. We stayed in a beautiful community resort – The Salakphet. My room mates were from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

 Farhana (Bangladesh) and Kusma (Indonesia) are happily married while Marvi and I are still single. Marvi was the kind of doing her own business, I think there were only few times in that two weeks that she would come and have full conversation with us.  Apart from us, there were another 5  ladies from various countries during the course. All of us got along well, except for Marvi.

During the stay (we stay there for a night), Farhana was asking me on why I am still single and all. I wouldn’t mind the conversation because at that time we could be already considered as close friends… Farhana kept on telling me the benefit of being married etc (like I don’t know… hahaa) but we just had that chit chat while waiting for the turn to use the bathroom.

Suddenly, Marvi came and told us… “I am also single” We were shocked, because a) she’s pretty and b) she’s quite older than most of us.

I was saying to Farhana, that in my country, if anybody ask me about these, I would classify them as nosy… hehehe. That was when Marvi chirped in and said “I am also single…. and yes, in my country… this could be considered as nosy as well”

Farhana quickly apologized and she was like.. “I am so sorry Aisha… I don’t know” I was like, nah, it’s okay.

Marvi then proceeded to tell us that as she has been working for too long (and ehem own quite some money) she doesn’t believe in men and I think at some point she was about to tell us that she thinks men are after her money. Hmmm. She said she doesn’t like to talk about the salary, about her work and about her singleness.

Oh, anyway, I don’t think she really likes talking pun. HAHA. Seriously when we were having dinner and laughing she would slowly got up and excused herself. Maybe she thought that we were a bit childish to be in her social circle.  (She even left the Whatsapps Group).

Marvi (Pakistan), Jisha (India), Thinley (Bhutan), me, Shahid (Pakistan) and Noorullah (Afghanistan)
Uncle(Afghanistan), Kit (Laos), Pema (Bhutan), Mazhar (Bangladesh), Mary (PNG), Randeni (Sri Lanka) and Swarti (India)
Farhana (Bangladesh), Fikry (Maldives), Kusma (Indonesia), Brian (Indonesia), Tin (Myanmmar), Masitha (Sri Lanka) and Rahim (Malaysia)

These were the groups for our transportation. We moved all over the place in 3 vans. So the vans were called – Lovely, Friends, Forever.

Nice eh.

The course was such a fun one. It was on eco-tourism! Tourism! We went to different part of Thailand in those 15 days together. Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Samaesarn Island, Chantaburi, Chonburi… Hmm.

Okaylah, that’s all for now. Have a great day!


Berbuka di Masjid, first time for me

Hari Sabtu lepas, I keluar dengan Jujue, after Zuhur macam tu, pergi rumah Datuk R (my ex-boss) yang dah bersara, pergi hantar barang, Datuk kirim bekas kotak tisu yang lacey tu masa I pergi kursus di Thailand awal bulan ari tu.

Lepas lepak sejam macam tu kat rumah Datuk, I gi Metropoint, main bowling. Kebetulan ada promo, RM18 for 3 games. Okaylah tu, RM6/game. Sunyi je lanes… tapi belah kiri dan kanan I ada orang tapi dua-dua pun jenis yang main baling je. Kalau ikut rules, kalau orang sebelah kita tengah nak baling, kita kena hold. I memang pegang rule yang ni. I ingat dulu masa zaman I mula-mula main boling, I baca rule ni, dia tampal dekat meja kat lane kita tu. Masa tu kat Mines. About 15 years ago kot. Tapi sekarang ni, takde dah rules macam ni diletak mana-mana.  Bukanlah nak kata hebat mana pun, tapi menganggulah jugak.

Okay, habis pasal bowling, then we shot to Cyber, cadangannya nak solat di Masjid Cyber yang best tu, and then fikir nak makan kat mana, and then balik to the Masjid untuk solat terawih.  Sekali dah setel solat Asar, dah dekat pukul 6, both Jujue and I takleh decide nak makan kat mana. Tengok orang dah duk distribute makanan and dah ada tikar bentang siap-siap untuk tujuan berbuka. Lastly we both decided to break fast there. HAHA. Senang juga. Lepak lah sikit kat Masjid tu, aman je. Baca-baca quran. HUHU.

Berbuka makan nasi tomato dengan ayam masak merah and ada macam-macam kuih orang letak. Ada air panas free, kat vending machine. Tekan je nak air apa… ada white coffee, koko and teh tarik. I plan nak bayar, siap bawak duit lagi sebab RM1 je pun. Sekali budak tu kata, tekan je. Alhamdulillah, kenyang berbuka hari tu and paling best dapat solat maghrib, isyak and terawih berjemaah.

I rasa kalau I pergi sorang-sorang pun takde orang kisah. Semua orang buat hal masing-masing. Rasa macam nak pergi lagi je. Stay dari asar sampai habis terawih. (Kat Cyber dia buat 20 rakaat). I buat 8 je… lepas tu cepat-cepat gi belakang sebab tok imam dia pantas sangat.


Puasa dah kita


Hi semua… (ada lagi ke yang baca… haha) Now, writing here is just for my own record… mostly.

Anyway, it’s already May and we have just started our fasting month, Ramadan few days ago. How’s it going with you guys? For me, alhamdulillah so far. Just this morning I wasn’t awake for sahur. Hmmm.

Rasanya semua orang ada kenangan kan masa puasa, especially masa kecil2 dulu? Masa gi terawih, masa curi-curi minum air paip hahaha. I pernah tu. Tak tau kenapa air paip tu rasa sedap sangatlah. Pastu masa I darjah 2 I sekolah petang, pagi I gi awal rumah kawan I and minum2 air kat rumah dia, lepas tu gi sekolah, balik rumah, masih puasa katanya. Tak tau berapa hari buat macam tu tapi harap-harap tak selalu lah. Sebab tahun tu arwah mak kata kalau puasa lebih 15 hari dapat RM15 kot? HIHI.

Kalau terawih paling diingati kat surau baru tempat kerja ayah, sebab jumpa ramai geng haha. Memang tak terawih sangat la, lebih banyak gossip rasanya dengan rakan sebaya.

Dulu-dulu rasanya kami jaranglah dapat pergi pasar Ramadan sebab mak ayah both kerja and adik2 pun ramai, takut ada yang hilang nanti tengah-tengah kesesakan tu. Tapi arwah ma always masak sedap2 pun so tak kisah sangat. Tapi ayah selalu belikan murtabak lah. Rasanya jarang sangat berbuka without murtabak. Sampai masa first time berpuasa di asrama tu rasa sedih sebab takde murtabak haha. Kenangan. Sekarang ni, seriously I beli nasi sebungkus ja terus rasa ok dah, tak payah nak beria sangat.

I masih tak faham konsep buffet tu jugak.

Sekarang I dah malas nak keluar berbuka kat luar tu, bukan sebab apa, sebab malas nak bersesak di surau lepas tu. (Alasan kan, sebenarnya sebab dah tua).  Lagi pun geng2 ramai dah kawin, sikit-sikit je tinggal yang single dan sudi nak berbuka bersama. HAHA, anyway, as I said earlier, I found it easier to just buy juadah dari kedai yang memang I tahu tahap masakan dia supaya takdelah kecewa bila berbuka. Setakat ni I beli nasi di Boat Noodle, Wong Solo and semalam nasi ayam kat rumah tu. Sabtu lepas I buka dengan adik2 I di Restoran Cili Pauh di Wangsa Walk, sedap. Tu pun kami keluar selepas solat maghrib.

Apa kenangan puasa you all? Apa-apa pun, I nak ucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa, dan zakat. InsyaAllah, semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan pada bulan yang mulia ini.




Brothers and sisters were here

Last weekend when I was in Phuket my brother (Fa) and his wife (Mi) (and my nephew (Adeeb) and niece Sofia)) were in KL, they stayed at my youngest sister’s (T) at Wangsa Maju. They arrived at my house on Monday morning and I made a trip to PD with them to drop off my brother for his course at RISTEC. My SIL and the kids stayed at my home.  It was a packed week. Anyway, it’s good to have people when you reached home after a long day at work. Plus my SIL cleaned up my place well. 🙂 She said when the kids were sleeping she got to do some cleaning and cooking too (love). She added that since my bedroom is an air-conditioning room, Adeeb slept well during the day.

My other sister, C arrived on Wednesday afternoon, the same day my brother Fa ended the course. I picked them up at Putrajaya Sentral.  We had dinner with the whole bunch at Dpulze, at Boat Noodle.  Lucky for us that Sofia and Adeeb behaved well throughout the evening.

On Thursday, after work I took them all to Alamanda for my bowling practice, we had dinner at the Pizza Hut and my other brother (Fi) joined. Fi is staying and working in Subang.  On Friday morning, my youngest brother (B) arrived from KB too.  Mi cooked us nasi lemak for dinner when T and her husband, Fi and the wife and kid joined us.  My house was full that night. We even went to the playground at 10 pm. I made jemput2 and Mi fried the keropok lekor afterwards. At around 11.30 pm T and Fi left.

Fa (and the family) left for Kelantan on Saturday morning while I took B and C to the IOI City Mall since I had my bowling game. They went to watch movie, we had lunch after the game is over and dropped off C at TBS for her bus back to Taiping. After that B and I ventured down to MyTown. I’ve never been to the mall, it’s big enough, after all it’s connected to the IKEA Cheras. We went to watch Bad Genius since we were there. MyTown is a neighbourhood mall. It’s like a big supermarket with basic shops inside.

On Sunday I went to do laundry and then had afternoon nap before deciding to take B out to KL. We went around Wangsamaju and had dinner with T and her husband, D. We had dinner at Melawati Mall, it’s another neighbourhood mall, just like MyTown.

So today B followed me to the office. Let’s see what we are up to next.

Till then, who read this actually?

Hahaha. Have a great week ahead guys!