Selamat Berpuasa!


Dah 10 hari Ramadan kita pada tahun 2019 ni, alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah atas segala rahmat, dan kasih sayang yang kita terima selama ni.

I’ve had good two days puasa di kampung awal puasa hari tu, serius best walaupun takde apa yang menarik pun, hari pertama my SIL and I just got our juadah  berbuka from Pasar Ramadan sebab malas nak masak, and tak ada barang dapur.

It’s just Waie and Bie at home mostly these days as my niece had already started for pre school which is located near the other grandparent so they spend most of the week there.

Anyway, it’s our first Ramadan without our 3rd sis, Cikcik whom left us last Syawal. Honestly we hadn’t spend most days of Ramadan together since more than 10 years due to the adulting but anyway, she’s my favourite company in many drives back home and during my days at home too. May Allah bless her and my late mum as well, as this is  our 7th Ramadan without her.

So how’s your puasa so far? Always asking like there are people reading this. HAHA. Mine was kind of lame, mostly at home, once at the masjid, and once with friends at the mall. Well, sebenarnya dah malas nak fikir, since mostly people are tied to their commitment, and I pun ada komitmen juga sendiri so… lebih mudah untuk just beli/tapau.

Okaylah, nak ucapkan lagi, selamat berpuasa, ada 20 hari lagi lebih kurang. Semoga ibadah kita mendapat keredhaan dan keberkatan dari Allah, semoga kita semua sentiasa dalam rahmatNya.


Nothing in particular 3.0

I am positive I have used this title before. Hopefully the 3.0 is the right series. It might be overused anyway.
Hmm. Note, to find a title to put any musings under it. 

Well, today I had successfully attended four meetings at the office. The first meeting was on HR started at 9.00 am, then on the ICT at 11.30 am, (thank God there’s breakfast and lunch provided for the meeting members) and at 2pm we had our division’s meeting and at 2.45 pm I rushed to attend a meeting on information/data.

I am actually quite sleepy right now, it’s 6.06 pm and it’s raining, making it harder to leave the office, such a lazy bum, I don’t want to drive during rain… if I can I would avoid driving when it’s raining.

The boss decided to throw a party for the colleagues who were born in the month of January to April and though I was out of the office most of the time, I had my share of cake anyway. (It’s trivia, I know).

Well, my favourite tv show right now could be the Property Brothers HAHA. Damn, one day I came home and found that I had the access to the HGTV channel. Not sure how did this happened. Maybe the service provider had changed their plan.

I need more encouragement to do laundry. I have tons of unwashed clothes… I need strength to do this.

Well that one day boss asked me about a colleague that seemed not so into the job,  I said “I think he/she is doing ok, there are things that we need to work with, a lot of things and factors that we couldn’t change, the parties we had to work with, the people that we met… but it’s our responsibilities we will have to like it and do it anyway…”

Entahlah labu, sometimes people asked me a question, but I can tell that they don’t really want to know the answer.

People are something, kan.

Till then, bye.

Beli Rumah

Tiba-tiba nak cerita pasal beli rumah. Macam mana I beli rumah yang I duduk sekarang ni. Actually, in my case ni lebih kepada pengaruh rakan sebaya. Sebab semua kawan-kawan dah beli. So, nak beli jugak. Masa I beli dulu, dah ada undang-undang membenarkan bayar/potong gaji selepas rumah siap. So, I sebenarnya I lambat jugaklah beli rumah, di kalangan my peers.

It was in 2010, November. I attended a small do, launching. So they promoted this new area in an existing neighbourhood. Dah ada kawan-kawan yang dah beli rumah dalam kejiranan tu, I pun rasa it’s quite a good neighbourhood, especially it’s not so far from the working place. So that’s one of the point.

Masa I cari rumah, my preferences was like – satu tingkat – 4 rooms and if possible with laman. Satu tingkat sebab I malas nak mengemas. But guess what, I got all those criteria checked with quite a reasonable price – masih dalam kelayakan untuk gaji I masa tu. So I was happy.

The only funny thing was – I didn’t even know the exact location of my house! I knew it’s in certain area of the neighbourhood but since the works hadn’t really started… there’s no proper road led to the part. Anyways, fast forward to 2012 – I received the letter that informed me the payment is about to start….

Eh, sebelum confirm rumah tu semua, I kena berulang-alik ke pemaju and selesaikan quite management things with the Lembaga Perumahan, lawyer etc on my own. Sedih juga masa tu sebab buat sorang-sorang.

So… now dah lebih 4 tahun I duduk situ, sebab I moved in to my own house in 2015… Laman ada with lalang-lalang sebab malas nak take care of the lawn. HAHA. 🙂

Okay, ada guest, bye.


I’m still on your Netflix
Girl, I know you love me
Even though your parents
They don’t fu***** trust me
They probably alright though
I know I’m an asshole
No reply to all your texts girl I do you mad cold

Like you’re just
Dying to drive but you can’t find the keys, now
Looking for God but you’re down on your knees, I’m
All that you want but not what you need girl why

Tell me why do you still love me
Why do you love me?
You know you shouldn’t love me
Yea you still love me

All your friends tell you they hate me
God I’m f***kin’ shady
Couple weeks ago they were inside my sheets naked
Club, so you can Snapchat
T***ies out to snap that
I know that you do that shit just hoping for a snapback

Like you’re just
Dying to drive but you can’t find the keys, now
Looking for God but you’re down on your knees, I’m
All that you want but not what you need girl why

Tell me why do you still love me
Why do you love me?
You know you shouldn’t love me
Yea you still love me, oh

Why do you need me when you know you don’t need me?
It’s tearing you apart
I leave you broken and shaken
And you still call me baby

Tell me why do you still love me
Why do you love me?
You know you shouldn’t love me
Yea you still love me


  1. 2019 – nampak macam I akan ditukar portfolio – akan start buat kerja baru yang entahlah, I malas nak fikir lagi. Kalau ada I hadap je. Kan, bila kita dah macam rasa tak ada guna nak gaduh sebab orang dah bincang tanpa libatkan kita pun, dah buat macam-macam keputusan, jadi I anggap ini semua cabaran tugas saja. Mostly buat benda baru, jadi satu advantage juga, bagi I ini semua sebab I (my unit) was (am) good at starting things jadi, yeah, more new things to be initiated by us next year.  Mula-mula tu  I macam tak kisah, but bila tengok kerja-kerja I tahun ni yang dirancang untuk dilancarkan next year dah nak siap, tiba-tiba  bagi kat orang lain. I mula-mula macam, wth???? But then, malaslah nak gaduh, I bukan boss pun nak ubah2.
  2. I pun tak faham juga dengan orang yang fake. Ada dah kes yang depan-depan I ni, sebab terlalu banyak cover, dia dah jadi macam pening dengan pelbagai alasan dan reasons yang dia reka cipta selama ni. Kadang-kadang berbelit sampai orang pun dah perasan, like… why?? Eh, at least kalau nak act fake or (sometimes dia tak perasan dia fake) boleh tak berpakat dulu? Kita fake sama2. Ini, obvious gila tahap faking surprises sampai I pun malu.
  3. Apa lagi? eh, percaya tak konsep soulmate? I rasa I jumpa dah soulmate I yang mana tak perlu pun jadi hak I. Bila kami sembang-sembang, it seems like we used to be in the same surrounding years and years back. But, sekarang ni baru tahu, tipulah kalau dalam hati I tak terfikir – kenapa lambat sangat I dipertemukan dengan dia. Well, setiap orang hadir dalam hidup kita dengan pengajaran tersendiri, kan? Wish us luck.
  4. Bff dah kahwin last week, adeh. Rasa cam nak ajak gi lepak lepas kerja pun dah tak boleh. HAHA. Sedih sebab kurang geng tapi happy for her and her husband.
  5. Kerja took most of my time these final months, I basically had no weekend since the mid of Nov. I am so tired, rasa nak baring je all the time. So tua.
  6. Hmmm takde dah. Bye.

Whatever happen…

Woah, it’s already December!!!

Apa dah terjadi in November? I was so busy, that’s for real! I was involved in two big events – one was our own project, INOTEK and the other one was MAHA.

I was in charged of MAHA, coordinating the involvement of the rural entrepreneurs- we had around 90 of them, and man, they are works!!! I also needed to deal with the organizers – MOA, MAEPS, as well as our appointed contractors! All I can say is – I am glad that it’s over now – though, I miss the rush.

(Was always the same case with LIMA – hahaha)

Anyway, there’s a bit of change in the office…. I am still unsure of my portfolio for next year anyway, as you guys understand me, I am up for anything. No matter how much I make noise, I still go and do my work.

HAHA. Bye for now! Photos are on ig. 🙂