Penempatan Khas

Or so it’s said.

I don’t know how to describe my feeling. It’s kind of mixed, I think. I am excited, and almost scared. I am thankful to be transferred for a good reason, but at the same time, I feel like, I will be missing this place.

This is my 12th year in MOT (plus the first 3 years at RSD). I was posted here to my current unit since 16.12.2009, phew, it’s almost 8 years! (Really!). I was somehow lucky to always be the first one to fill in the new post. I was the first to fill in the Financial Unit at RSD in 2005, so it was with HRMIS in 2008 and yes, this Unit, which was started in 2009 – with only 3 posts, now we have more than 16 posts to take care of Logistics.  I didn’t have benchmark back then. I was the one who set the pace. I felt like all the posts were made for me, it depended on me on how I wanted to develop the unit… on how I wanted to plan my tasks. Not everyone had the chances I’ve got.

Wish me luck, k?



Hi there,

  • It was a busy week for me, last week. Maybe this week too.
  • My brothers and my father were here last week for my 7th brother, E, convocation.
  • My 4th brother, Faiz was here too last Sunday – he had some course to attend at his HQ in Jalan Ampang
  • I was in KL from Thursday to Sunday – was a participant/secretariat for a world congress
  • Before staying at the accomodation – I was running (driving) from home to KL and back for like everyday from Monday – Wednesday and in between entertaining my guests (family) who stayed at my home.
  • The congress was a success, I really hoped that all of people involved had a great time.
  • I think I love my job.

Have a great week ahead! 🙂

Bebel lagi, I kan suka bebel…

Tapi rupanya ada orang yang lagi suka bebel! HAHA.

No, malas nak cerita pasal orang, clever girls don’t talk about other people. Instead, we talk about perception. Adeh. Bolehlah kan labu.

Case 1 : Breakfast apa pagi ni?

Oh well, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your thoughts, but I don’t think I like being asked about this kind of things. Alamak, jahat tak kalau marah orang tanya I macam tu. Or adakah itu faktor umur? Teringat pula pakcik I pernah cakap, kalau SMS setakat nak tanya “dah makan ke?” Tak payahlah! Membazir katanya. Tapi tu dulu, masa kos satu sms ialah RM0.20, sekarang ni pakai apps dah tak rasa kredit habis for satu satu text, kan? Tapi masalahnya, (no, it’s not really a problem) orang yang tanya I tu lagi tua dari I. Takde kerja ke dia? Mungkin sebab dia boss kot? Or mungkin itu salah satu small talk? Tapi takkanlah terjadi hari-hari. If you have nothing to talk about, please don’t talk, boleh? Oh, cerewetnya I!

Case 2 : Nak orang macam I! 

I selalu rasa I adalah seorang yang balance. Gitu (perasan, biasalah) so I was like, hmmm if I want someone, I want it to be just like me. Hmmm. Tapi Ted dan Robin kata (or was it Barney and Robin, or maybe Lily and Marshall – belasah) katanya kalau dua-dua awesome (ehem!) nanti susah jugak! Like, hmmm I peninglah! I selalu terfikir, if I didn’t get a reply from this one, perhaps it was because I also didn’t reply someone else’s text. You see that one I hoped would reply my text, was just like me! He didn’t reply because he was like, meh… malas. Did I send a trivial text, like “dah makan ke?” hahaha. Funny! Kena sebijik kan? Nope I would text nothing important, like “hmmmm” – this is only if we got along very well and we understood each other lah. But hmmm… entahlah. I pun tak faham. But I concluded that I am a bit complicated so I hope for someone that is much more simpler but at the same time, could conclude things for me. I have so many questions, I think – don’t you think so? I hope my significant other (if there’s one) would be able to solve these questions like – nak makan mana? biru ke merah? whatever lah.

Case 3 : Hormat-menghormati, menjaga hati

Kadang-kadang bila I rasa orang tak hormat I, I would just keep myself quiet and then, would find time to reflect on my behaviour, if I was lucky I would be guided by good people. But most of the times, I would just realized that I was being too kind. (I know, perasan). Tapi ia tidak mustahil kan? I rasa semua orang ada rasa diri mereka patut dihormati, dan dijaga hati. Sebab tu dia berang kalau kita tersalah cakap or anything kita cakap akan sampai di hati dia, menyebabkan dia berperasaan diri dia tak dihormati (I pernah juga rasa) tapi… sebenarnya, if things are not related to us, we could just laugh about it kan, if things were on us/about us, we felt like, eh… what the hell? Oh, I malas nak fikir.

I lupa I selalu cakap macam ni, kalau benda tu sampai directly to u, your name was on that thing, then kita kena fikir, betul ke kita buat benda tu? If tak betul, then kena betulkan. Tapi, kalau kita cuma dengar someone said “tadi Mr A cakap pasal you pasal ni pasal tu, tak puas hati dengan u” tak payahlah nak sentap apa-apa. If betul si Mr A tak puas hati dengan u… biar dia cakap sendiri dengan u. But then, I sendiri pun lupa, okay! next time if tak puas hati dengan orang, teruslah pergi cakap dengan orang tu, okay?

Case 4 : Jangan perasan diri tu baik sangat 

Ye, Aishah… you ingat you tu hebat sangat ke? Entahlah kadang-kadang okay je nak rasa hebat because sometimes we deserve it. Asal tak susahkan orang ikut sukalah kan.

Case 5 : Jangan ingat kita je busy 

Betul tu… especially bila kita buat kerja melibatkan orang ramai. Kita jangan ingat part kita je yang penting, dan kita juga yang banyak kerja. Eh, ke I dah pernah tulis pasal ni? Tu jelah, gist dia, semua orang pun sibuk dan kita kalau tak boleh membantu, jangan menyusahkan. (Ingat tu aishah!)

Sekian dulu bebelan I pada minggu ini! Selamat hujung minggu semua!



Tak suka

Lah orang yang cakap je… tapi buatnya tak. At the same time, tak suka juga dengan orang yang tak cakap apa-apa tiba-tiba dah ada. Eh, banyak songehnya. *Grin*

I think I like someone lah. Tapi tak tau dia suka saya ke tak. Adui. Tak best langsung kan perasaan macam ni, macam budak sekolah pulak teka teki perasaan sendiri wekkk.

Tapi, I masih macam dulu, suka suka pun, I don’t have the courage to tell someone that I like him, haha. Eh, ari tu buat kuiz macam dapat “Courage”.


Hmmm ahhaha

Tonight I will start joining a bowling league game, just because it’s quite cheap and harmless pun. RM30 for 4 games is cool. No interesting tv shows anyway. 😛

Till then, bye!



Suka selfie…. nak buat macam mana!

20170926_080623_001 Sebenarnya colour lipstick ni yang buat I rasa over cantik! Sabar jelah kan! Recommended kut siri lipstick matte from elianto ni. I suka dua colour ni, 102 (rusty) and 103 (rosewood). I really hope that they will always be there. Bukan apa, sebab elianto ni suka sangat cancel or discontinue lipstick tiba-tiba jer… yang I suka pulak tu. I rasa dah 3 kali kena macam ni. I tak faham kenapa satu-satu jenis lipstick tu kena discontinue. Bukannya tak laku sebab selalu je habis. Especially yang rosewood ni and satu lagi I dah lupa dah apa namanya/kod sebab beli sekali je, lepas tu hilang and bila nak beli lagi, dah discontinue katanya.

Hari tu I nak gi beli 103 sebab boleh tak I tercicir lipstick tu… I letak dalam poket seluar masa kursus lepas tu sedar-sedar takde, puas cari siap ingat I gi mana gi mana di sekitar tempat kursus, toilet and tempat tea break, hampa! Sabtu tu I gi cari kat elianto Alamanda, ada promo pulak beli 2 RM36.80… so I ingat nak beli je 103 dua batang (takut discontinue) tapi boleh pulak 103 tu habis, tinggal sebatang je! So lepas try-try, I pun beli lah 102 tu satu. Tengok-tengok cantik pulak. Heee. (I rasa cantik).

Okaylah. Nak sambung buat kerja.

Bebel lagi, macam biasa

Case 1

  • The argument that we had with some people we called friends could somehow led to an awkward situation, I think. Last two weeks one of my friends suddenly blurted out about PM’s visit to US. Apparently she was mad about what she read online; something sceptical on the deals/agreement PM closed with the POTUS. I said to her, don’t just believe what other’s people thought – because all she read was perception/thoughts/points of views from other people. I could understand if she wanted to be mad by looking at the official press statement/notes from the PMO but no, she read the article/summary/studies/perception of others. Plus mostly from the opposition.
  • While I was trying to look from her point of views, I couldn’t do much because I found the article were mostly one-dimensional. When  I tried to invite her to look at the trusted statement e.g from the PMO itself, she refused and changed topic. IDK what to do with this kind of people.
  • And today we planned a day out with the other friends, I was like hmmm(?) I don’t really wanna be around her. HAHA is that not nice?

Case 2

  • End of August, before  I went to Tokyo I had one of my assistant prepared me a draft on an assignment in October. It’s sort of an approval memo that had to go through few layers until we were allowed to do what we wanted to do. To cut the story short, until today the memo is stuck at the third level. We have another two layers to go before everything could be finalised. Something like that.
  • Another assistant (A2) was aware about this and told me that the date is near she’s afraid we couldn’t make it. That I need to rush the third layer boss to approve it. So I was like, I gave that thing a month ago but the unit took it for granted, and now we are all busy, apparently last two week the assistant no. 1 wasn’t in the office, last week it was me out of the office and this week, the assistant no.1 (A1) isn’t around (again). Looks like it was me who will be the one who gets it done anyway.
  • There were few times that I needed to remind myself and my unit (people who report to me) that “we are not the only ones who are busy, we need to work with other (who might be busier than us!) and we have to do within our power/means at our level best”.

Monday (not-so) musing.

All the best everyone! 🙂

Semua yang dah berlalu.

Pagi tadi dengar Sinar FM cerita pasal dugaan. Tiba-tiba teringat dugaan terbesar pernah I hadapi, 4-5 tahun dulu, yang rasanya berangkai-rangkai.

  • September – Oktober 2012 – Dapat kunci rumah baru (rumah I duduk sekarang) kena setelkan deposit air and elektrik semua tu. I rasa duit dan masa I banyak habis ke hulu ke hilir (dari my office to the developer’s office) selesaikan hal rumah ni. Masa ni can’t help but rasa sedih sebab buat sendiri-sendiri tapi banyaklah belajar berdikari. Sekarang dah lupa dah apa kena buat semua, heh.
  • November 2012 – My mum meninggal. Memang mengejutkan masa tu. Rasa tak larat dan sebagainya. Tapi kena kuat, untuk ayah I and adik-adik I yang lain. Dugaan banyak jugak masa ni, banyak pendapat dari ahli keluarga pasal benda tu, benda ni, how to solve this and that. Adik bongsu I nak sambung mana lepas UPSR, adik kedua I nak kahwin, sapa nak duduk rumah lepas ni? All of us, exception untuk dua orang yang masih study masa tu, semuanya tinggal di luar Kelantan. (There are 8 of us, and 6 are working/studying di luar Kelantan).
  • Februari 2013 – I diminta keluar dari rumah sewa I sebab katanya anak owner nak duduk situ lepas kahwin. Tak sure betul ke tak? I redha jelah and tak tau nak duduk mana sebab rumah baru I tak buat apa-apa pun lagi and I dah takde semangat nak selesaikan rumah tu sebab I beli pun untuk kemudahan mak I bila datang KL. Sedih tau.
  • Mac-April 2013 – I pindah bawak baju je duduk with my friend Nana. Luckily she’s staying alone. Ingatkan nak duduk setahun or less je sambil siapkan rumah tapi tak… tak sempat dan I tak make time for my own home pun. Sampailah the end of 2013.
  • End of 2013 – middle of 2014 – kawan I yang arkitek offered to look at my house. Dia yang bersungguh pick up I and bawa I gi tengok keadaan rumah and plan nak renovate macam mana, nak pasang gril ke apa ke, semua dia yang initiate and advise and I kena review je and kalau tak faham dia akan bagitau satu-satu. So thankful for this brother.
  • Sept 2014 – Feb 2015 – Renovation rumah, I masuk rumah I sekarang ni, two weeks before my youngest sister’s reception belah suami dia, which was held in Tg Karang so bolehlah sedara mara I lepak rumah I sekejap sebelum balik Kelantan semula.

Tak adalah dugaan mana pun, tapi there was a time when I was too moody to interact with people and people were also too cautious to interact with me. Hah.