The new YBM

YBM baru

After the general election on 9th May 2018, it’s widely known that Malaysia has entered a new era. New Prime Minister (his 2nd time serving though), the most respected Tun M. Today, our office welcomed a new YBM. I certainly am hoping for a more positive and cheery environment, while trying to live up to Tun’s famous motto “bersih, cekap, amanah”.

I learned that amanah is word long before the word integrity is used in the Malaysian’s governance. I like word amanah more, because it’s more specific than integrity though the latter sound so hip. But that’s just me.

Anyway, this post is just for my reminder on the arrival and the start of new direction, hopefully a changed and firmer one.




Puasa dah kita


Hi semua… (ada lagi ke yang baca… haha) Now, writing here is just for my own record… mostly.

Anyway, it’s already May and we have just started our fasting month, Ramadan few days ago. How’s it going with you guys? For me, alhamdulillah so far. Just this morning I wasn’t awake for sahur. Hmmm.

Rasanya semua orang ada kenangan kan masa puasa, especially masa kecil2 dulu? Masa gi terawih, masa curi-curi minum air paip hahaha. I pernah tu. Tak tau kenapa air paip tu rasa sedap sangatlah. Pastu masa I darjah 2 I sekolah petang, pagi I gi awal rumah kawan I and minum2 air kat rumah dia, lepas tu gi sekolah, balik rumah, masih puasa katanya. Tak tau berapa hari buat macam tu tapi harap-harap tak selalu lah. Sebab tahun tu arwah mak kata kalau puasa lebih 15 hari dapat RM15 kot? HIHI.

Kalau terawih paling diingati kat surau baru tempat kerja ayah, sebab jumpa ramai geng haha. Memang tak terawih sangat la, lebih banyak gossip rasanya dengan rakan sebaya.

Dulu-dulu rasanya kami jaranglah dapat pergi pasar Ramadan sebab mak ayah both kerja and adik2 pun ramai, takut ada yang hilang nanti tengah-tengah kesesakan tu. Tapi arwah ma always masak sedap2 pun so tak kisah sangat. Tapi ayah selalu belikan murtabak lah. Rasanya jarang sangat berbuka without murtabak. Sampai masa first time berpuasa di asrama tu rasa sedih sebab takde murtabak haha. Kenangan. Sekarang ni, seriously I beli nasi sebungkus ja terus rasa ok dah, tak payah nak beria sangat.

I masih tak faham konsep buffet tu jugak.

Sekarang I dah malas nak keluar berbuka kat luar tu, bukan sebab apa, sebab malas nak bersesak di surau lepas tu. (Alasan kan, sebenarnya sebab dah tua).Β  Lagi pun geng2 ramai dah kawin, sikit-sikit je tinggal yang single dan sudi nak berbuka bersama. HAHA, anyway, as I said earlier, I found it easier to just buy juadah dari kedai yang memang I tahu tahap masakan dia supaya takdelah kecewa bila berbuka. Setakat ni I beli nasi di Boat Noodle, Wong Solo and semalam nasi ayam kat rumah tu. Sabtu lepas I buka dengan adik2 I di Restoran Cili Pauh di Wangsa Walk, sedap. Tu pun kami keluar selepas solat maghrib.

Apa kenangan puasa you all? Apa-apa pun, I nak ucapkan selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa, dan zakat. InsyaAllah, semoga kita semua mendapat keberkatan pada bulan yang mulia ini.




I don’t like it

I don’t know how to say it, but I think I don’t really like my new position. I am not sure why. Oh, wait, of course I know, I just can’t put it down here.

Basically, I find it hard to work with people who doesn’t share my value and our understanding towards the same jobs are different. It’s hard, I guess that is the hardest part of having to work with teammates with different values and ethics. Should I say ethics? It seems like such a heavy word.

I believe that I understand my work, who will be benefited from my work, and how I am supposed to work with others to ensure the objectives are met. Unfortunately they are easier said (written) than done. I forget to take into consideration of the challenges that I might be facing in doing the work.

  • People – the first factor – the real beneficiaries, the ones who make things work and succeed, sometimes I become a challenge for myself too. Oh, have I shared with you that I don’t even have an assistant except for a clerk in my unit? It’s a real challenge!
  • Time – really a few people who really manages their time well. Who are you kidding?
  • Value – I believe I know what are my primary tasks and what are the supporting ones – not, not everyone share this view with me.


On other note;

  • I always try to look at the kind things people have done, no matter how much they despised me;
  • My enrich is now back to blue due to the lack numbers of travelling this year.

Have a good April everyone.


Argh, I was planning to go buy a cute pair of sandals (no, didn’t get the cute one, just a practical one) when the news about the election was aired and distributed through the social media. I have whatsapps, twitter and fb as well as ig so the amount of negative words are actually quite overwhelming.

I said funny because

  • some already bought the air tickets on the date they predicted and now they blame government for having to bear additional fee for date changes etc;
  • some are mad it’s on Wednesday – I was like, what is the fuss? Might be the case that their employers won’t let some people go cast vote – it’d surely happen, Malaysians are everything;
  • and there are some people who came out with lots of theory about the competing parties;
  • etc

For me, I would of course plan a trip back home to vote, but as for now, I have already registered to attend a course that would start on 24th April to 9th May out of Malaysia – not sure it’d be approved but… if I could, I would ask to be dismissed one day earlier so that I could make a trip back home.

Five years ago, I was in Brunei one day before the election day – I was there for a meeting – and then I drove home alone from KUL-Krai. I could see the same thing being repeated.

Anyway – please go out to vote, especially those with such a vocal voice on social media. May the best leader wins! πŸ™‚


p.s : Primavera is having buy 2 @RM129 and I got my raya shoes sorted~ πŸ™‚


I was feeling like there’s a lot of crazy people around me. I had some people who understand me and just accept me as much as I accepted them but there’s also some people who I didn’t get.

Yesterday while I was driving out to get something (exactly, 3 things) just because I was sick of dealing with people, I think yesterday was a day when I felt like, this is it. Note that, this is it means I have been kind for so long. At least I think I was being reasonable.

During the drive, as I contemplated everything that happened and justified my own acts, I almost could hear my mum’s voice telling me “itulah… keras hati, takleh tunggu, tak sabar etc” and I could also (as always) prepare my justification of everything… You might not know that I used to tease my mum a lot and I thought she realized that she’s given birth to a smart girl, she had to deal with the girl, unfortunately haha (Yes, I miss my mum).

Anyway, I think it’s not a bad thing to not understand every people, and I think I don’t have to provide explanation for my action to everyone too. I understand that sometimes I just want to tell someone everything and at the same time, I might don’t wanna share anything. I realize that I might be complicated but I always ensure that I’m being reasonable.

But that was me, on myself.

I hope I don’t trouble people as much as people troubles me. HAH.



Lagu Cinta Untuk Starla, sweet.

Kutuliskan kenangan tentang caraku menemukan dirimu
Tentang apa yang membuatku mudah berikan hatiku padamu

Takkan habis sejuta lagu untuk menceritakan cantikmu
Kan teramat panjang puisi tuk menyuratkan cinta ini

Telah habis sudah cinta ini
Tak lagi tersisa untuk dunia
Karena tlah kuhabiskan sisa cintaku hanya untukmu

Aku pernah berpikir tentang hidupku tanpa ada dirimu
Dapatkan lebih indah dari yang kujalani sampai kini
Aku slalu bermimpi tentang indah hari tua bersamamu
Tetap cantik rambut panjangmu meskipun nanti tak hitam lagi

Bila habis sudah waktu ini
Tak lagi berpijak pada dunia
Telah aku habiskan sisa hidupku hanya untukmu

Dan tlah habis sudah cinta ini
Tak lagi tersisa untuk dunia
Karena tlah kuhabiskan sisa cintaku hanya untukmu

Bila musim berganti
Sampai waktu terhenti
Walau dunia membenci
Ku kan tetap disini…

Bila habis sudah waktu ini
Tak lagi berpijak pada dunia
Telah aku habiskan sisa hidupku hanya untukmu

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I hate to but I have to

I don’t really like to nag, but most of the time I can’t help myself. I try to nag only when it’s really necessary. I know people hate being nagged to (me too) but at some points nagging really move things.

What about you guys? Sometimes we are tired too, of asking the same people the same thing.

I know some of my friends are (might be) tired of me nagging around in the WA group; for making me wait, for underestimating themselves, but hey, thanks for being around!

One of my friends said to me “I can imagine you as a boss…” Lady boss maybe whatever but hmmm.

Sometimes we just behave accordingly. I think we should behave accordingly to the situation we are in, and being considerate is a must too. Entahlah, sometimes it’s not fair bila kita rasa kita je yang being considerate, tapi masalahnya, kita je rasa kita considerate, padahal the other party was like, menyampah dah dengan kita.

The possibilities are endless, just be yourself, your good self, and imagine how you wanna be treated, then, treat other people accordingly, ok?