I let jiji go almost 5 years ago. She’s with my brother now. I have another car, I call her mimi. Mimi, just like mariah carey, high maintenance with expensive taste. Nevertheless, there’re more options available to replace things without replacing the luxurious feeling (OEM is good).

Mimi arrived in my life, silently and the process of getting her was as smooth as I did with jiji. Within days, minimum processes, papers, text and calls, she’s mine.

Mimi’s German-made, too smart for me at first. I got jiji at that time when most of my peers already had cars, and while I was still new owner to jiji they moved to better brands – as our salary allowed… while I stuck with jiji (in a good way). Well, jiji used to be the most -canggih- car during her first few years with me. Auto, sporty while others still with manual – and some passed me down cars. The cars served me and my friends well during our first few years in the service anyway. Heck, even I learned to drive in mid’s classic Kelisa (She called her Didi).

Truthfully, after complacently drove jiji for years, I got the first taste of driving a Perdana 2.4 and Preve in 2015 (8 years after owning jiji) and boy, they were good and canggih enough for me. It hit me that I should test drive latest cars to keep up with the technology… eventhough I was working at MOT, the exposure was minimal. I also hated driving someone else’s car (more of scared).

Anyway, mimi… not many people know about her. I guess she didn’t get enough attention? Not like jiji (you could see jiji got that special tag in my blog – not mimi)

I’m proud of her, and I’m happy to have her, but there’s this feeling… of worrying about others’ POV of me having mimi. I am not that save-money type people… I spent… and girl, I spent…

But that’s another topic.

I’m stuck with mimi’s ability… auto lights, auto high-beam… auto wiper… except no bluetooth media available… she’s made in 2013. Still canggih enough for me.

Till then, take care everyone.


My husband and I are on our way back from my hometown. We were there to pay our last respect to my late grandmother who passed away last Saturday.

It was surreal as I received the news from my father. I was in Kedah, taking care of the closing ceremony for our event. Frankly, I didn’t even know what to feel at that time, my mind was focusing on who to be mad at for not checking things until last minutes for the event.

I last visited my grandma and talked to her early October. I guess we were ready for anything since the doctor said there’s nothing much left to do. She was 86 years old.

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to be close to their parent. Appreciate them while they are still here… I have lost my mom 10 years ago… and my grandma had so much more replaced her for all these years. So now, the house will likely sit empty unless for raya or any kenduri.

I don’t even know if the uncles and auntie are gonna spend more time at late grandma’s house, now that she’s gone. Masa arwah ada pun jarang balik. Sometimes I can’t help but think… kenapa susah sangat diorang nak balik, though I tried so much to be understanding but didn’t they realise how much their mom missed them?

Please appreciate your parents and families.

Whatever it is, we are moving on with our life. And pray for the best for everyone. Take care and hugs.


I often find myself thinking that I should do more for myself! In so many aspects, particularly in my career.

Draining? I’m not sure. But apparently my English writing and speaking skills are decreasing(?) Surely it’s not getting better.

I think of my job, and how I could do better, but somehow it seems there’s a blockage(?) Sometimes I’m not sure what I can do anymore. Is this some burnout sign?

I’ll write more, now I’m in the ERL.


Kadang-kadang ada banyak sangat benda nak bagitau. Tapi tak sempat nak tulis/type. Tapi sebenarnya ada macam-macam persoalan yang kita curious nak tahu kenapa, apa, apsal? Kenapa ada orang buat tindakan pelik-pelik. Kenapa orang ni react macam ni? Kenapa kadang-kadang kita rasa nak marah over small things?

Kadang-kadang kalau kita rasa something dengan orang, rasa tak kena, in a way orang ni macam kata “takpe” but dalam respond dia tu buat kita rasa sebenarnya, ada something… it’s not takpe or it’s not ok… Tapi dia kata okay. Lepas tu, dia datang balik ungkit pasal benda tu. Eh, tadi kata takde apa? Malasnya, kita nak analyze semula apa benda aku cakap tadi? Arghhh, kalau dah ok tu, ok jelah kenapa nak ungkit-ungkit lagi.

Is it so hard to say that “tak ok…” or “ya, I ada something nak bagitau sebenarnya?” Why… in my circle, bila kita bercakap terus orang kata rude? It’s like, hey how berlapik you want it to be? Malaslah.

Is my circle not doing any good to me? Should I exit this circle? I wish it’s that easy. Actually this thing happen once in a while, tapi bila jadi tu… buat kita fikir benda yang lepas, yang macam “apa benda pulak lah yang tak kena ni?” Ha, macam tu. (Ini pasal kerja lah). Bosan kan?