What is it with him?

He came to my office and talked out loud to my boss..hek..what the heck..The reason i am so angry is, my boss was standing right before him, he didnt have to shout, ok…just talk nice and slow, and my boss is not deaf, yet… (I wonder if the Bluetooth gadget that was hanging at the side of his ear had interfere his hearing ability)Please pay people some respect. If you feel like you know everything, then just share with us, guide us, not yell at us, scold us because of our defeat, right? We, ourselves obviously will always try to keep ourselves from doing the mistake, let alone repeating them. Huh.i really can’t stand people who talk out loud when the person he/she is talking to is just right before their eyes, irritating, ok…Ok, so the thing is LNPT. i haven’t even complete the last year’s form, and now i just received one more form to fill up?! Help!!!

Till here, for more good things ahead. Have a nice day! 


family day for onezerofivers…

The family day was held at The Woods Resort at Ulu Yam, Selangor, on 6th January 2007. It was full of fun, as things usually happened when some of us gathered and cheered around. Among activities were the BBQ, Paintball Match, and of course waterfall-bathing. (though I had escaped the chance… 😦 )

Here I would like to express my thankfulness for those who managed to show up.  I appreciate ur effort guys, to get together with us, the modest organizer…

Things went on smoothly…although it was raining here and there…but u guys were really cool! huh…love u guys!

my friends and i…

Name thirteen friends who come straight to your mind. Do not cheat or read the questions underneath first. Answer the questions.

  1. fish
  2. mid
  3. aimi
  4. jaja
  5. sani
  6. zaha
  7. tazril
  8. khai
  9. jimi jahat
  10. zaki
  11. yana
  12. salina
  13. sharul?

1. How did you meet 9? 
Met him on 29th Aug  2005. He sat next to me during the first day of a compulsary course of this service.

2. What would you do if you had never meet 1? i may not be as cheerful as today. she loves to laugh very much and sometimes she is funny in her own way.

3.What will you do if 3 and 7 dated? wow! they are my closest friend. maybe i am happy for them. hmm :p

4.Have you seen 5 cried? NEVER…

5. Do you think 3  is cute? in her own way….

6. How did you get to know 12? we were the only ladies posted in the same ministry and obviously we were too close some said we looked alike. anyway, she’s married but i am not. and i am younger too.

7. Would you ever go on a date with number 11? nope. she’s married already.

8. What is number 1 ‘s favourite color? maybe green. she got lots of stuffs in green color.

9. What would you do if 4 confessed he/she loves you? well. i knew it. we are best friends, and of course i love her too.

10. State a fact about 12? she’s gonna deliver her baby sometime in this very month.

11. Who is 2 going out with? she is still going out with us. yep, she’s damn single and available.

12. Who is number 6 to you? he played brother. and i love him for that.

13. Will you ever live with 10? huh. tricky. already am. in this same office. can’t get along if he started to discuss about work during dinner, lunch, breakfast etc, etc.

14. Is 5 single? hmm….it seems like he is….

15. What do you think abt 7? handsome and kewl. he is like a brother.

16. What is the best thing abt number 13? he was so special. enough said.

17. What do you like abt 8? he had the car. named UR UR. he was nice.  n he is funny too.

18. Favourite memory with 9? hmm. watching the happy feet….and those usual hanging out at mamak precint 9 with others.

friendship forever.

the meeting…

Hmm I am unhappy with your unit’s performance. u should have told me earlier that this officer was blah blah blah….

However, I am satisfied that the finance are doing well. We had spent almost 95% of our 2006 budget. You are all going to get high mark for the P n C report.

My KP doesn’t want to let Farid *the new KUP 44 officer* go…so we, (my boss actually) told KP that we had enuff KUP for this time so we don’t have to hold Farid.  Moreover, the new officer is coming next week.

So KP, as being KP said…

No, I don’t want those new officers. In 6 months they surely will be going for the 6 months course and we will be facing with the officer problem again and again. so I want u to do this letter of appealing to the CSC that we need the KUP 44 here. Aishah is not senior enough. There is a lot for her to learn. and Farid *pointing to Farid* you are here to help and guide Aishah. You sure are senior enough, right?

Farid, on the other hand, was looking at me, doing the faces *huh*…

KP then continued, “Farid, are you happy here?”

Farid said…” actually I prefer to work around KL, Datuk”…then the issues of the petrol prices, toll were being discussed. So, KP as being Datuk KP said…

“That can’t be the reason. You are not married yet.(ok…this was added by me in this post.. 😛 ) I, myself am living in KL also you know. I used to drive my car and park at the LRT station for 4 years, it was very convenience u know…blah blah blah…”

So Farid went silent. All of us actually… 😦 What more can we say when the big boss decided things would go as he said, things would.

Ah..eventually the meeting lasts only 30 minutes. Thank God. Thanks KP. Thanks to all of the senior officers and my helping Accountant Assistant.

And now,  here I am…with a two pages report to get done and a listful job to get done…

Good Luck. Chaiyok!

so what, right?

so what if a best friend forget to tell me she got herself a baby, so what if a friend doesnt know what is PTD…

so what if i decide to play myself low sometimes? so what if i feel like to break away from all of these politic things? so what if some friends thought that i am distant…so what if they decided to let me get away?

so what if feel hurt sometimes, even without a though reason i can cry.. so what if i can’t do things nicely to everyone…so what if some friends know that i am wrong but didn’t dare to wake me up? so what…so can i still call those person friends?

so what if i knew i was wrong but too proud to apologize? so what even if i apologized, they didn’t want to forgive? so what even if i’m forgiven that didn’t mean they forget…still the mistakes, mistakes…

so what should i do to make things up? so what if i was the one who always tried?

come clean

it is a lame song by hillary duff. but i love the lyrics. yeah, it’s the theme song for laguna beach.

let’s go back-back to the beginning-back to where the earth the stars the moon are all aligned….cause perfect…didn’t feel so perfect..try to fit a square into a circle was no lie…i defy…

let the rain fall down and wake my dreams-let it wash away my sanity-cause i wanna feel the thunder-i wanna scream-let the rain fall down-i’m coming clean, i’m coming clean…

i’m shedding-shedding every color-trying to find a pigment of truth-beneath my skin-cause different doesn’t feel so different and going out is better than always staying in-feel the wind…