Dilindungi: it was a note

Kandungan ini dilindungi kata laluan. Untuk melihatnya sila masukkan kata laluan di bawah.


private la konon..

huh actually i was influenced by my brother’s blog…he had this private protected thing. haha. so i think i would like to give this thing a try. nice. i m going to post more private things, i guess. . 🙂

to chaney, thanks for not deleting ur blog. that was nice bro!

a new year has come!

so here we are 2007! i thank God cause here i am, still alive and healthy.  i am grateful for having those sweet and helpful peeps around. u guys help me carry on! muah.

so yeah, the resolutions that i had set at the beginning of 2006 were not so much accomplished. i am not proud of myself. hmm. but i am grateful things were hard and difficult, right. to manage and go through all those things-whether it was planned or not, is a very good thing and to succeed is such a bliss and blessed thing.

resolutions for this year? hmm…better keep those things to myself i guess.  😛

so guys, good luck and may Allah bless us. Take care and enjoy your new year.  

i was bored-so the post..

and all i want to do is write. hmm okay. actually nothing much happen this week. except maybe for the story of mid’s car was summoned by Pdrm. for parking offence, at warta bangi. on 25th Dec. yep, it’s christmas and still the PDRM is working. hmm. congrats, anyway they were supposed to work ait?

my immediate boss’s mother passed away on 24th Dec, after fighting a cancer for 4 months. (it was a last minute discovery). went to his home to pay a condelence visit on 26th Dec.

one of my officemate’s having his first daughter on 22nd Dec. congrats shah!

got a get together with some friends at our usual hanging out place, al-Nazmaju at precint 9, putrajaya.  but yesterday the discussion was kinda serious thing. we discussed about our future investment planning. which led me to immediately plan an investment plan for next year. and also led me to agree on a bet with fahmi, on who has more money in ASB in the next ten years. it was kinda fun but it did challenge me. i mean for how many years i have to wait to start saving or investing. so i decided i will start to save and invest as soon as next year, (which is happen to be next week). it is challenging as i was always tempted by the never ending sale and promotions of new things every where. but i will do my best to make this plan work. 

the articles that fahmi posted on the ptdportal was kinda boosting my will to save, as soon as possible. (feel like regret of where the he** i spent money before). wanted to visit  the bank now. hehe.

so enough on money. $$$ 😛

zurina was safely engaged to fik on 25th. wish her best of coming years and happy always.

friends are moving on. and i will too. it is the matter of slow or fast. but it will happen. only it is slowly progressing. but it is developing. yep, the same meaning with different words. 😛

why are the others’s life moved on so fast while the other’s life moved on so slow one felt like giving up? because we don’t need no accident. ait? plan our journey. and be at the right lane. 😛

once we know what we want and how to reach it, there’s nothing could take us down. i wish it is true. but things are always easier said than done. we know but sometimes we don’t want to understand. i just don’t know why. there’s no particular reason for it. it just happen. i guess just go with it. because we know, things  don’t always happen as we wished. but, don’t give up hope. always believe in yourself. have faith. and nothing else matters.

hari raya aidil adha…

the festive season is never ending here since it started on October.  so is the sale. numerous sale with various name. Open Sale, J-Card Sale, Year End Sale… which to many things, the price is still the same that labeled on some items on January 2006..huuhu but who cares, ait?

hari raya aidil adha, or raya haji is one of many well celebrated festive here, especially in Kelantan, where it is where i came from. so after about 5 years of alternately going home for raya haji, i made a decision to go back home this year. 

my brothers and i will start our journey back home on the friday nite. not sure if he’s fine enuff to drive at night, but angah will be driving us home. hopefully we will safely reach home.

friends and officemates are starting to go home since early of this week. huh. so here i am, filling the emptiness of the office with loud music and a tiny voice covering the sound from the winamp. (yep, it’s my voice…)

so all, selamat hari raya aidil adha. enjoy the celebration…share the joy with people around…  and we will definately enjoying our day too. amiin.

h.a.p.u.s a.k.u – n.i.d.j.i

a friend of mine fell into this song when she first heard it sang by her neighbour, with the sound of his own guitar playing..(ermm..not sure though bout the guitar.. 😛 )

p/s. talking about love at the first sight..or love at the first hearing?


Tuliskan kesedihan..semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan

dan kita kan bicara..dengan hatiku…

buang semua puisi antara kita berdua…

kau bunuh dia sesuatu yang kusebut itu cinta…

Yakinkan aku Tuhan dia bukan milikku

Biarkan waktu..waktu..hapus aku..

Sedarkan aku Tuhan dia bukan milikku…

Biarkan waktu..waktu..hapus aku…

Tuliskan kesedihan…semua tak bisa kau ungkapkan

dan kita..kan bicara, dengan jiwaku…


have a nice day…

getting over

women most likely do these three things in order to get over something, especially in the case of love..

i) cleaning-ideal for a hardworking and neat lady. but sometimes a lazy lady can be a hardworking lady without realizing it…

ii) shopping-specially for those who earn her own money. huhu. for those who dont posses as much money…window shopping will definately do…

iii) writing a journal.-me.me.included! be it online, or on paper journal. girls gotta know how to blurt out those feeling of insatisfaction, cheated, forsaken quietly. hmm

but most guys however…choose to do these two things (ermmm this is sourced from the mtv hits, anyway..)

i) getting drunk

ii) get back to dating games as soon as getting ditched. huhu…