Your Birthdate: July 16

You’re incredibly introverted and introspective. You live inside your head.
You spend a lot of alone time meditating and thinking.
People see you as withdrawn, and at times they are right.
You are caring and deep, but it may be difficult for you to show this side of yourself.
Your strength: Your original approach to thinking

Your weakness: You tend to shy away from others

Your power color: Pale blue

Your power symbol: Wavy line

Your power month: July



how do u feel when someone you trust, had betrayed you?

that was what happened to me. i was betrayed or was just feeling as if i was betrayed by my staff.

it was on saturday morning, when we were supposed to take off to KLIA from office. it was 8.30 am and i was calling her every minute so that she could go to KLIA with us. (in the bus). i had tried to call her since the nite, to ask her if she would like to go with me.(from our flat to the office)

but then, until 10.10 am, she didn’t turn up and our flight was at 10.30 am.  a couple of minutes to 10.15 am, i saw her, smiling! (like nothing she did is wrong!-not even apologized..). i was getting pissed off and i just let her checked in herself (while me and the others checked in grouping) and left her at the counter while i had to settle some things on excess baggage. after settling that, i went straight to the “boarding place”, assuming she had managed to get herself into the plane earlier.

it was until we reached langkawi, then we realized that she was not in the plane. huh! (her phone was out of service-since friday..)..

i was really mad, because she was under my supervision, what would the other officers, especially my senior think of her, and of my job responsibility?

until now, i just do not know how to talk to her because we usually rather close (we used to hang out together). even our face look alike. she did apologize, but she didn’t come to talk to me first, and i think i deserve to wait until she start first.

i can’t think as if nothing had happened, because of her absenteeism, so much things had happened.

back to the office first i thought i want to take leave today. but when my immediate boss called yesterday, he told me that our D.G was not so happy with the fact that most officers were still having the best in langkawi, he (Mr. A) advised me to keep my break away. so, here i am in the office.

lucky to mr. A that i am in today because we just received a phone call from MOT finance dept. telling us that we should do some ammendment on the report that we’d sent to them last week. this happens because the MOT finance dept. will be submitting our report to MOF. so, hmm okay i will do that after this.

just now, during lunch, i had lunch with my staffs. before that, we had our nice time playing bowling. (ermm..yes, in baju kurung…) i finished two games. but the PKJR opted to play for 4 games straight. hmm..

My D.G is not working today, so we feel like some sort of peace feeling. haha.

langkawi was good and memorable too, i guess. (pahit manis bercampur) next time i’ll do more on langkawi. (i hope so..)

i dont have much to tell right now. enjoy ur day!

update from the city bayview, langkawi

2nd day : and my money went like water running……….(duit aku mengalir cam air) hehe

reached here at 11.30 am, yesterday.  went to hotel in a JPJ ronda car. and had nice chat with the driver, who was also from kelantan. had to wait in other room as my room wasn’t cleared up until 4.00 pm. dozed off in my staff’s room.

at 4.45pm, went around the hotel and the nearest shops, windowing…and had nice bee hoon soup. cheap! for 2 pax, cost me only RM8.50…dreaming if u can still find that price for the tasteful soup. (including drink : laicikang and laici). (p/s : the weather here is so hot..)

at 6 pm, we’ve got ourselves a car (from the secretariat), so we drove ourselves to a more happening shopping complex. hmm i spent some money there. as usual.

so today, we once again got a car. went to idaman suri. spent more money there.

hmm got so much to tell. but get a bit lazy. so bye.


i am going to langkawi, tomorrow. and i will be there for 6 days. (2nd-7th Dec.) so i think i m gonna miss all the usual but interesting plans and hang out my friends will surely be doing.

nevermind, though the trip is job-based, i hope i can enjoy myself there. i’ll be staying at City Bayview Hotel…and there is wi-fi there. so i will be blogging as usual.

lastnite we (me, mid, sufi, fisha, aimi and sis, ckin, linlin, fami, sani and azra) went to watch this most anticipated malay movie. CINTA. okay the story was overall okay. it has all theme…sad, happy, love between siblings, friends-turn-to-lovers…and much things love could define.

the words are marvellous too. they are meaningful and deep.  while i was watching that movie, i felt like to tell everyone that i love that i love them.

love is around.

this is for u…

u always come and go as u like it
u never stay for enough time for me to know u
u seem like giving me hope, at times
then u leave..leaving me in confusion

u told me u like me…
maybe u don’t want to say u loved me
because u think love is complicated
or maybe u think i will make things complicated for you…

u always told me nice things because u know i trust u..
u know i like u so much
but u know i don’t deserve u..
but at the same time u don’t want to let me go..
because at the same time i don’t want to let u go either

i want u to stay with me..
i want u to be special to me…and i am special for u
because we both know we are good when we are together…