MBJ stands for Majlis Bersama Jabatan.
Ada dua kumpulan iaitu wakil pihak pekerja (us) dan pihak pengurusan (bosses).

Basically macam Union keciklah untuk aduan/cadangan dari pihak pekerja untuk dipertimbangkan oleh pihak pengurusan.

Jadi semalam macam open day lah. Two years ago, Hari MBJ biasanya ada ceramah dan taklimat dari JPA, SPA atau mana2 pihak kerajaan untuk menjelaskan tentang sesuatu pendekatan baru/pekeliling etc.

Last year boss suggested to have a fun and active day instead. So there, we went for it.

On Tuesday, we planned for some contests. MOT’s Got Talent, Explorace, Sudoku and Colouring Contest. Everybody had fun, it seems and we invited karikatur, and had installed free-flow popcorn and cotton candy stalls.

I hope everyone had fun. 🙂



Tokyo, first time

Ingat tak dulu I buat study pasal rantai sejuk? Sebenarnya itu adalah untuk presentation I di meeting di Tokyo ni. Alhamdulillah, meeting went well and I am not sure how to say, tapi I was being frank when I did my presentation. If I don’t have the details, I wouldn’t say I have, something like that.

I am here on the invitation by the MLIT, Japan. I wasn’t sure if this is a good thing but I was once asked them (MLIT) why don’t we have a meeting in Japan? (We used to have it in BKK and KUL since 2010) so the officer was like, maybe we can look into that… and here I am. It’s like a wish came true too for me. 🙂 Although I don’t really have any intention of coming to Japan (except for work, if I need to and if there’s a chance) but I can’t be thankful enough.

The meeting ended yesterday and today we had 2 technical visits to the cold-room logistics services providers (Nichirei and Yamato). Both days, are fruitful and a success, I think.

I worked hard to prepare for the meeting because it’s a sponsorship and of course I don’t want MLIT to feel that their investment of taking us here-a waste and also, I hope my presentation/input would help to benefit both Malaysia and Japan, and maybe the ASEAN region as well.

I am looking at the positive side of this but I can’t help but feel like that there will always be someone who look at a different point of view. Whatever it is, let’s hope for the best! 🙂

Genting Highland, after 11 years.

This is my second time here, the first one was in 2006.

I was there because a friend booked in but couldn’t make it, she booked a room at the First World Hotel for two nights so I invited my brothers to stay with me. We went there on Monday, 28th. I parked my car at the Gombak Putra Terminal and bought a bus ticket from Genting to Gombak for the night, I can’t stay there because I have to work on the next day (29th).

We checked in at the hotel, it’s surprisingly crowded. We have to self check in, there are kiosk everywhere shouldn’t be a hustle but someone’s must have high patience too to q for the turn to check in.

The room was okay, it was only RM83 for two nights, no kidding. You guys should go there or just check it on booking.com I guess it’s because the theme park is temporarily closed for renovation. But there’s the mall, Sky Avenue that was just opened. So, it’s good to check it out too.

I went back to KL that night by bus. And bought another ticket to go there on Tuesday after work matter was done. It was RM3.40 one way. (No kidding too). I parked my car on my own risk for RM4/day. Which was nice enough. I parked my car there until Saturday because we went home (Kelantan) for Raya Haji with my brother’s car.

I reached Genting at 6pm, the bus stopped at the Genting Highland Premium Outlet!!! No less! Yippee… my brothers (Fi and B) and my SIL were there since lunch so we continued shopping until 9pm haha. I bought things too. Basically I was looking for RM19 shirt. So me. There were Coach, MK, Oroton… etc the likes my favourite would be Padini and Levi’s lah!

We took the Cable Car back to the hotel, cost us RM8 perpax but so fun! 🙂

So there, my breakaway at Genting. HAHA.

I guess if we want to go to GPO better to park the cars at the terminal and take the bus… no need to navigate the challenging road… 😛

Brothers and sisters were here

Last weekend when I was in Phuket my brother (Fa) and his wife (Mi) (and my nephew (Adeeb) and niece Sofia)) were in KL, they stayed at my youngest sister’s (T) at Wangsa Maju. They arrived at my house on Monday morning and I made a trip to PD with them to drop off my brother for his course at RISTEC. My SIL and the kids stayed at my home.  It was a packed week. Anyway, it’s good to have people when you reached home after a long day at work. Plus my SIL cleaned up my place well. 🙂 She said when the kids were sleeping she got to do some cleaning and cooking too (love). She added that since my bedroom is an air-conditioning room, Adeeb slept well during the day.

My other sister, C arrived on Wednesday afternoon, the same day my brother Fa ended the course. I picked them up at Putrajaya Sentral.  We had dinner with the whole bunch at Dpulze, at Boat Noodle.  Lucky for us that Sofia and Adeeb behaved well throughout the evening.

On Thursday, after work I took them all to Alamanda for my bowling practice, we had dinner at the Pizza Hut and my other brother (Fi) joined. Fi is staying and working in Subang.  On Friday morning, my youngest brother (B) arrived from KB too.  Mi cooked us nasi lemak for dinner when T and her husband, Fi and the wife and kid joined us.  My house was full that night. We even went to the playground at 10 pm. I made jemput2 and Mi fried the keropok lekor afterwards. At around 11.30 pm T and Fi left.

Fa (and the family) left for Kelantan on Saturday morning while I took B and C to the IOI City Mall since I had my bowling game. They went to watch movie, we had lunch after the game is over and dropped off C at TBS for her bus back to Taiping. After that B and I ventured down to MyTown. I’ve never been to the mall, it’s big enough, after all it’s connected to the IKEA Cheras. We went to watch Bad Genius since we were there. MyTown is a neighbourhood mall. It’s like a big supermarket with basic shops inside.

On Sunday I went to do laundry and then had afternoon nap before deciding to take B out to KL. We went around Wangsamaju and had dinner with T and her husband, D. We had dinner at Melawati Mall, it’s another neighbourhood mall, just like MyTown.

So today B followed me to the office. Let’s see what we are up to next.

Till then, who read this actually?

Hahaha. Have a great week ahead guys!


Phuket Day 2

We went for a walk along the beach nearby our chalet. After that, we had light breakfast and I guessed I went back to sleep. We had our brunch or early lunch at de’cafe’ again, I had rice with fried chicken, it’s so simple but it was good.  Around 1230 we checked out from Kamala Beach to move to Patong area. We took Grab Taxi. We planned to spend a night in Patong before going back the next day.

We arrived at Patong around 1330 and lounged at the lobby of the guesthouse until our room is ready. After checking in, we went to Jungceylon to look around for potential souvenirs, I bought few things at Boots. (Love Boots). After that we treated ourselves for nice coffee and pancake at The Coffee Club. Lazying around in the air-conditioning cafe before deciding to walk to Patong Beach. We walked along the Bangla Road and waited for the sunset while watching people doing the parasailing, etc. Patong was more beautiful years back, I think. Nevertheless it was still good to be there.

We went back to the guesthouse, bought kebab for our dinner. We spent the night at the room, watching the opening of the SEA Games haha I read the novel before sleeping.  This trip was a more leisure and relaxing than any other trip.


Phuket Day 1

It was 1030 am when I saw the lady at the reception. She asked me if I was still interested to go for island hopping, since I emailed her earlier asking about the arrangement for it. Apparently we weren’t that excited anymore because we planned to do it early in the morning but due to the delayed flight and room incident, three of us were too tired to think of new arrangement.  So the lady suggested that we go for Phuket City Tour. Yes, we did just that and set on a new arrangement.

The tour guide picked us up at the hotel at around 1240 pm. We had 2 more groups with us, and we went to few famous/tourist attraction spots. They took us to Karon View Point which I went with Nana few years back, the one I like the most is the Phromthep Cape. The view was too beautiful!! And I loved the long walks but moving in a group meant we had to abide by the time given. We could only spent 30 minutes there! Not enough for me… They also took us to see the Big Buddha! It’s too big and the route there was a bit dizzying for me! 😦

Oh, before Big Buddha, we also went to the Cashewnut Factory, the jewellery shops/factory – I think these are obligatory places for the tourists on tour as the places promoted local craft and products. We didn’t buy anything there. Heee.

I also like the Orchid Farm, the beautiful small garden which houses various types of orchids. Really love the place, so colourful and they also planted few types of herbal/house plants that are also available in Malaysia so we didn’t give much care, but the Germans that were with us were a bit excited to see cempedak… anyway, I think there are more than one orchid farm there but it’s a beautiful place anyway so I didn’t really mind.

We reached our chalet at a perfect time for the sunset.  One of the ladies at the diner just started their shift (they open at 6pm) greeted us and apologized for not being much help earlier. She later informed me that the clerk who was supposed to attend to us had to leave urgently because she suffered stomach ache. Poor her and us.

We had our dinner at the De’cafewhich was about 300 metres from our chalet and later had a one-hour foot massage in front of the chalet. 😉

Oh our chalet… our nice chalet is the Thai Kamala Village. 🙂