Entah kenapa rasa tak puas hati

Tak ada apa sebenarnya, cuma kadang-kadang ter-reflect perasaan hati dan pandangan akal kita kat orang lain. Senang saja, sekarang ni tak perlu berkawan pun kita rasa dah boleh menilai orang kan? Cukup sekadar follow di Instagram pun kita dah rasa kita kenal orang. I lah tu.

Tak perlu kot ada rasa macam tu. Takde kot-kot, tapi memang tak perlu. Cuma kalau ada rasa terdetik tu, fikir lah lama-lama sikit, dah besar-besar ni kan. Kalau nak ngomel pun try to put it positively, jangan nak focus on negative things saja.

Cuma, tetap tak puas hati kadang-kadang tu… kelakar pun ada so if I, I kan cari distraction like writing this or pergi sembang ngan sapa-sapa lah pasal benda lain, sampai terlupa apa yang tak puas hati sangat tu.




The bowling league

One of my friend asked me if I wanted to join a league, so I said why not? It’s compulsory to have 2 members in a team so she invited me to be in her team. We play for fun, mostly. We have game every week (except rare week of holidays) and up until now our team is the last one, after … 13 games so far? Haha.

I don’t really have problem for being at the bottom rank but I am not sure about my teammate, I hope she is okay with this. I do ask her few times and the answer would be, ah, just play and improve our skill.

The case is, I don’t think my skill can be improved anymore, oh wait, do I even have any skill? I do own shoes and ball but, yeah, I don’t know if I have the skill but hmmm I think I got it.

Tonight we have our weekly game and it’s my turn to play. I dislike this kind of night, really. I would be feeling hungry or sleepy before the game, it’s always like this. Poor my teammate, I think this is the final year we’d be in the same team. She’s gotta find some one with more talent and effort. I’m kidding.

Wish me luck! 🙂


I used to do silly things for the something resembles love. I guess it’s not love, I don’t know, maybe I was really in love, at that time? Or not. Well.

I was scrolling the explore tab of the instagram when I came upon an account of a chicken rice shop restaurant in Ampang, and my mind was like, rewind to 12 years ago. When I was so in love (I thought) with this someone I knew since my uniyears.

I paid for his dinner and his petrol, for him to come to see me.

The investment didn’t pay off. He went to marry someone else. I hope he’s happy now. It’s been 10 years dah since he’s married. Jodoh dia.

I don’t really have any problem of being single except the part when other people kind of having issues with me being single, like they keep on matchmaking me with some people. SMH.

I don’t really need this.



  1. On Monday, my previous division invited me for a proper farewell do at the Al Dente, too bad that the pasta that I’ve ordered wasn’t al dente. So irony sometimes. (I had chicken pesto fettuccine). Anyway, ex-bosses were there, and obviously they wished me luck, and I too wished everyone luck and all the best.
  2. My ex-staffs shouted out that I look happier than I was in the previous workplace, must be the new spirit or enthusiasm, but they also didn’t leave the part where they truly thought I look chubbier now, well. I gained 3-4 kg since, really!
  3. On Friday, I received quite a shocking news that one of my social media friends, Hana passed away during her trip in Madagascar. We couldn’t get much detail about what had happened but I thought this news hit me bad. I wasn’t that close to her before, it’s just this year that we started following each other on Twitter, and Goodreads.  We are friends on ig and FB too, and she did live life to the fullest. She shared so many useful things on any media platform. I remembered during the early days of blogging around 10 years ago, someone taged/linked her as “sumber inspirasi” and yes, she was. Al Fatihah untuk Hana.
  4. I remember Hana somewhat said thing like this to me “cheer up lah! aku rasa kau antara yang paling rajin kerja” when I post an entry on how I was disappointed with my work at that moment. She might not know that her words made me realized that I wasn’t that bad! (eheh)

Random Monday

  • Won the Bowling game that was held last Saturday, won the first place for group and best female;
  • Had a nice weekend in Malacca, invited my sister and her BFF; got the chances to reunite with old friends;
  • Had a retreat program for the new division, revising the 2017 achievement and planning for 2018 programs;
  • Quite bored at the office right now, was used to a rush…;
  • Had a wiring problem at home – need to get some service oh, the pipe too;
  • Planning to get cleaner to come to the house ASAP – been delaying it for weeks;
  • Got to continue doing laundry…
  • And the list goes on…

How’s your Monday so far?

Aktiviti sekolah

Hari tu I ada baca blog pasal anak UPSR. Parents cuti, and berkumpul di sekolah masa anak sat for the exam, and parents only balik when the exam finished for the day. I mean, really, parents cuti for that? I tak salahkan parents yang nak cuti, ikutlah anak-anak deme, and I pun belum ada anak lagi.  I cakap banyak-banyak nanti orang selalu akan reply kat I “takdok anak lagi… sedaplah cakap”. I terima jelah memang banyak cakap pun.

I tahu ramai je kawan-kawan office yang ada anak bercuti masa anak ambil exam, I setuju je cuti untuk bagi support kat anak-anak, pick them up from school and masak sedap-sedap. Cuma, duduk tunggu kat sekolah tu, I tak setuju sangat. Tengoklah nanti macam mana masa I ada anak. Heee.

Pastu yang jenis kecil-kecil dah ada majlis graduasi ni. Yang nak kena berjubah bagai. Ayooo! Kalau form 3 or form 5 tu bolehlah. Tapi yang sekolah rendah pun nak berjubah. Tapi kalau sekolah ada bajet nak sediakan jubah, tak kisahlah. Yang nak kena bayar fee macam-macam ni, yang agak-agak tak membebankan parents ke? Well maybe lah ada parents yang kaya raya terlebih mampu nak anak-anak rasa berjubah bergraduasi kan?  Tapi tak kurang juga yang komen macam-macam pasal fee ni. Entahlah. Maybe zaman kita dulu semuanya sederhana and asal anak pass ayah ibu pun dah happy.

But that was puluhan tahun ago. Kalau I cakap banyak nanti kena balik kat I, but do you think that things are necessary?


From the blue tinted office

Hi, I have to create new password since I have changed my blogging device. Now I had to get familiar with the new pc and keyboard at the new office. 🙂

First, the view.

Nice, isn’t it? That is the road I take everyday to the office by the way

The work – the tasks

Lucky enough, this new division is – newly restructured and the post is vacant for almost a year before I came in. There’s a good list of tasks and for all I know, I think this post is interesting. But it’s only my second week here so, keep on reading this blog in the future to know more. 🙂

So far, I have attended few meetings and I am still learning about this ministry, the functions of the divisions as well as the agencies.

The environment

This place is bigger than my previous workplace and it’s impossible to know everyone by the name. I think if I am lucky I would be able to remember their divisions. HAHA. But as I have observed, my division works and operates like a family. Everyone is warm and kind. I feel like I am the least friendly here. 😛

So far, that would be all. I’ll update more in near future.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Oh, by the way! It’s my 11th year blogging with WordPress.com!