Sick of people

People, you should believe in yourself and your capabilities. You have come so far so there must be something good in you that other people can see, and it’s so sad that you can’t see for yourself.

If you feel like you want something, and you know what your target is, even better you know what to do to reach them, and at the same time you also believe that there would be challenges on your way, but if you believe in yourself, you can do it. You should know how to work things out to get things done. No matter what, you shouldn’t give up trying.

Do not underestimate yourself, it’s a sad thing to do to yourself. You are not that young, dumb and broke, you have everything that some people just dream about. So, what is wrong with you when you tend to think low of yourself.

I used to be the young girl with no working experience when I first sat for the assessment for this job, yes, I was scared but I know, I must get this job, and I was being the best version of myself, and let the assessment panels saw me. Alhamdulillah, they saw the potential and here I am and I couldn’t be thankful enough.



Meeting friends

Case I

Planning like… a week before and at least five said yes. When the day arrives, turn out, if lucky we could see 4 of us.

Note : Just remember that everyone has their own commitment, just be respectful for each other’s time and commitment.

Case II

A : Let’s meet, I am around your area.
B : It’s last minute and I have work to do. Ah, never mind la, as you are already on your way, let’s meet for coffee.

And later from coffee moves to movie.

Note : Things are sometimes better unplanned.

Case III

A : It’s too last minute, next time let me know a week before.
B : Orait, note on that!

Fast forward… to the next time… conversation with the same person.

B : Are you free on Thursday next week? (Today is Thursday, this week)
A : Hmmm, I couldn’t confirm now, it’s too early!
B : WTH, you told me to arrange a week earlier before.

Note : At this time, we should know where do we stand in their list.

Case IV

A : Let’s meet after Maghrib.
B : What time?
A : Meet me at surau at 7.25pm
B : Ok.

Note : Better to give exact time.

Case V

A : I wanna eat there.
B : But I wanna eat here.
Me : In 2 hours, the food will just be in the dark dark…

Note : Tolerate each other.


It’s quite challenging, to be changing to a new workplace at such a senior grade.Β  I am referring to my case. I am in my third month here, not that new anyway.

I don’t wanna let people know that I am new at the place, if I am representing the new division to a meeting. I will let them know I am new if they ask or before the meeting starts, during the ice-breaking but not giving way during a meeting, as a way of escapism.

For example, in a case I have to tell them I am a newbie when someone approached me and said “haven’t seen you before, are u the new officer?” or… “I was informed that you are the new officer…” so yes, I have to introduce myself as much as they need to know.

I won’t say that I am new when, for example I was being lectured by a chairman last month about a last project that I didn’t get access too but as I was representing the new division and the chair is someone from the top management (who doesn’t have a clue about new officers or old officers) I can’t reply to him saying “I don’t know, I am new” of course, that is a big no-no. You are digging your own grave, something like that.

I have to learn fast, get to know people – key people from other divisions and I am not sure whether or not I should feel lucky when boss asked me to represent this division to the administrative meetings, and to lead few small committees for few events, but I got to know more people as I attend those numerous meetings. Being friendly is a help, but I was given a new chance on how to introduce myself, I can design a new way or new me or new anything for people to get to know me at the new workplace.

I did meet some colleagues from the old workplace whom also work here but Alhamdulillah I think they like me enough. πŸ™‚ That doesn’t mean that I wanted people to like me, but it’s good though, if we like some people, of course we wanted to be treated the same way, right?

But expectations – hmmm I have this one senior officers who I knew long time ago but I don’t remember being close with but to my surprises he said good things about me to my boss. I am not sure how to react though, but my friends suggested that he might ask some friends about me before I even reported myself to the new workplace. So now, I guess my boss has some certain expectations for me, I mean this in a good way, that I have to proof that I can do this. InsyaAllah.

So, here’s to another great year, wish you guys all the best.



Okaylah. Apa dah dibuat sepanjang 2017 ni? Memandangkan hari ni last day kerja, I nak share sikit or nak recap significant things that I’ve been blessed with this year. πŸ™‚ I am trying to put them on chronologically by months.


  1. I kena demam teruk for few days in the first week of Jan;
  2. My father went for Umrah;
  3. I went to Singapore with Buzzy – for a weekend treat (next year nak gi mana u?)
  4. Spent 4 days in Penang because one of my sisters had to undergo an operation there;
  5. I went to Semarang, Indonesia for a meeting (best).

February – such a quite month

  1. I restarted my running hobby or mostly walking fast hehehe;
  2. Had great cooperation meeting with Japan for the ASEAN-Japan Expert Group Meeting on Logistics.


  1. LIMA’17 – was one of the secretariat;
  2. Watched Judika live by accident – at IOI City Mall;
  3. Won a bowling game at 2nd place hahaha;
  4. I went to KL Birdpark alone just because I want tooo;
  5. Makcik I bersalin, dapat sepupu baru (makcik I tua dua tahun dari I);
  6. Went to Bangkok for a meeting and two workshops that I missed my Luang Prabang trip.


  1. Jiji first ada problem yang menyebabkan I terlepak di bengkel kereta hampir 8 jam Huhh;
  2. First time I masuk lari-lari yang ramai orang tu. 5 km jer tapi menyampahnya sebab malas nak tunggu berhimpun la apa la pepagi buta tu… tapi member ajak kan.. join jelah;
  3. Crossed 4 states in a day by car (jiji) sebab my brother sakit so my father asked me to get him to my home so I can watch him – alhamdulillah took him to every activity – including my badminton game hahaha and bowling too;
  4. Involved in the development of the Transport Policy – was placed in a special room for two days for logistics sector haha – kind of special;
  5. Went to shop at Leeyanarahman for the first time, okay je…;
  6. Had to undergo medical check up and found out that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was, the doctor ticked me at – dia tidak begitu sihat tapi dibenarkan mengikuti kursus – something like that;
  7. Went to Homestay vacation – joining my uncle and his family – was a good one πŸ˜‰ – had my first taste of nasi buloh – sedap and berbaloi-baloi


  1. Went for e-leap – assessment program for work – had great time dengan kawan-kawan sama batch;
  2. Had a bowling game – won silver for foursome (4 Penjuru – PTD, PDRM, ATM and Bomba);
  3. Organizing technical visit to Pos Aviation KLIA for the LTSSWG;
  4. Masih gigih berlari-lari;
  5. Hosted my Indonesian friend, took him around for makan2 – nasi daun pisang, and pasar malam Putrajaya;
  6. Was appointed as one of the TN50 – belia something I forget the group but was a member for the Living and Wellbeing (one of the thrusts);
  7. Jumpa my ex-boss Mr Suret yang baik sangat tak sengaja jumpa and he still remembers me!;
  8. Tried the Dolly Dim Sum for the first time – it was so yummyyyyyyyyyyy;
  9. Puasa and my running routines went to the drain hahah.


  1. Buka puasa atas Padang kat Perbadanan Putrajaya – first time!;
  2. Ajak budak2 Gen2 Crew buka kat umah I;
  3. Datuk Ru’s treat for her bersara – buka di Sama-Sama Hotel;
  4. RAYA…


  1. My brithday! I am 35!;
  2. Went to Manila after 7 years! I love travelling and getting to know new people and made new friends!;
  3. Went to Penang and Kuala Sepetang hahah best tempat ni, love!;
  4. Perasmian MRT!;
  5. Farewell for Datuk Ru;


  1. Road trip to Taiping and went for boat ride at Kuala Sepetang;
  2. Masih cuba berlari;
  3. Went for the last session for TN50 – sad but proud sometimes, it was a mixed feeling;
  4. Went to Phuket with Soleh and Jujue :);
  5. Went to Genting after hmmm almost 10 years!


  1. Went to Tokyo;
  2. Organized the MBJ Day – last one for me at MOT – it’s a success!;


  1. FIATA 2017 – it was a WOW!;
  2. Last LTSSWG for me in Siem Reap – sad;
  3. Got transferred to KKLW.


  1. Busy;
  2. Went for first outstation in KKLW to Machang hahaha;
  3. Went to PD and Bagan Lalang – my new work scope involve rural entrepreneurs;


  1. Went to Malacca;
  2. Missed my flight to TGG;
  3. Received new anak saudara – a girl – Lily
  4. Busy again – first time bertugas at PAU…

I am seeing the 2018 to be a busier year but hey, that’s the way I like it! πŸ™‚

All the best you guys~


Entah kenapa rasa tak puas hati

Tak ada apa sebenarnya, cuma kadang-kadang ter-reflect perasaan hati dan pandangan akal kita kat orang lain. Senang saja, sekarang ni tak perlu berkawan pun kita rasa dah boleh menilai orang kan? Cukup sekadar follow di Instagram pun kita dah rasa kita kenal orang. I lah tu.

Tak perlu kot ada rasa macam tu. Takde kot-kot, tapi memang tak perlu. Cuma kalau ada rasa terdetik tu, fikir lah lama-lama sikit, dah besar-besar ni kan. Kalau nak ngomel pun try to put it positively, jangan nak focus on negative things saja.

Cuma, tetap tak puas hati kadang-kadang tu… kelakar pun ada so if I, I kan cari distraction like writing this or pergi sembang ngan sapa-sapa lah pasal benda lain, sampai terlupa apa yang tak puas hati sangat tu.



The bowling league

One of my friend asked me if I wanted to join a league, so I said why not? It’s compulsory to have 2 members in a team so she invited me to be in her team. We play for fun, mostly. We have game every week (except rare week of holidays) and up until now our team is the last one, after … 13 games so far? Haha.

I don’t really have problem for being at the bottom rank but I am not sure about my teammate, I hope she is okay with this. I do ask her few times and the answer would be, ah, just play and improve our skill.

The case is, I don’t think my skill can be improved anymore, oh wait, do I even have any skill? I do own shoes and ball but, yeah, I don’t know if I have the skill but hmmm I think I got it.

Tonight we have our weekly game and it’s my turn to play. I dislike this kind of night, really. I would be feeling hungry or sleepy before the game, it’s always like this. Poor my teammate, I think this is the final year we’d be in the same team. She’s gotta find some one with more talent and effort. I’m kidding.

Wish me luck! πŸ™‚


I used to do silly things for the something resembles love. I guess it’s not love, I don’t know, maybe I was really in love, at that time? Or not. Well.

I was scrolling the explore tab of the instagram when I came upon an account of a chicken rice shop restaurant in Ampang, and my mind was like, rewind to 12 years ago. When I was so in love (I thought) with this someone I knew since my uniyears.

I paid for his dinner and his petrol, for him to come to see me.

The investment didn’t pay off. He went to marry someone else. I hope he’s happy now. It’s been 10 years dah since he’s married. Jodoh dia.

I don’t really have any problem of being single except the part when other people kind of having issues with me being single, like they keep on matchmaking me with some people. SMH.

I don’t really need this.