Bersendiri tak pernah jadi masalah kan, sebenarnya. Yang jadi masalah bila kita memberi perhatian kepada apa yang orang fikirkan pasal kita, atau mungkin kita terlebih fikir pasal pandangan orang lain. Padahal, orang boleh jadi tak fikirkan apa pun pasal kita.

Tak perlulah fikirkan pasal pandangan orang lain selagi tindak tanduk kita tak berlawan dengan norma kehidupan biasa di persekitaran kita. Tapi bila nak buat sesuatu, kita pun kenalah berfikir dulu, kan heheh. (Ehem). Be sensitive.


We plan

Oh, we have been working on an event that is supposed to be held in November and yesterday we have received this new decision to review and redo most of the arrangement, like the venue and all.

It was tiring!

I think my boss is also kind of helpless of the situation, she gave us redundant instructions, like yesterday my colleague andย  I were working on the same topic (to prepare letter) I think she forgot who supposed to do what.

Anyway, we will make things work anyhow. That’s what we supposed to do, just be patient I guess we can work with whatever resources that we have in hand. Or out of hand. Wish us luck!

May Allah ease our day.ย  Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

Trying to eat good food

By good I mean, the taste is good and good for health at least, I think for me. I am sick of having a meal without vegetables for about some time already now, I decided to plan meal with lots of vegetables. I did my shopping at Lulu, at Jakel Mall, KL.

Here’s what costed me about RM100.

  • Frozen salmon – 4 blocks for RM30 something – enough for 8 meals
  • Salad – RM 5 – enough for more than 5 meals
  • Pickled olive – RM2.50 (100g)
  • Dried fruits – 100 g each of raisins (black and yellow) and cherries for overnight oat – RM20
  • Tortilla wrap – RM8 (enough for a week)
  • Cheese – Arla (Herb) – RM8
  • Chicken – RM5 – can last up to 5 meals
  • Yoghurt – RM5 – enough for a week or 10 days
  • Etc -etc… up to RM20++

So here’s what I’ve been preparing for myself with minimum cooking involved, since Saturday.


20180917_203759.jpgI did some running/walking too just to get more healthy… and perhaps lose some kgs… My current weight is 61.8kg (on Sunday) haha. And I don’t really like to be in between sizes, like right now. Some blouses in between S and M or M and L, some pants are between M and L…

Putrajaya, precisely along Precint 2 up to Precint 3 is beautiful at night! If you have spare time, please do some walking around, there are a lot of fellow walkers/runners so it’s practically safe to walk/jog at night.

Plus, the lighting is somewhat… excessive for a night ๐Ÿ™‚

Batik from Jovian?

As I was ironing my work clothes today – which is a pair of baju kurung, I called it Batik Tipu because it was just a printed batik lookalike, which I got it at almost one third of the price of the real hand printed batik, I wear them today because I woke up late and it’s not my practice to iron all weekdays clothes once on a weekend. (I used to do that but I woke up each day finding out I don’t like that pre-ironed clothes and ended up wearing something else) – I thought of the new arrival from Jovian M. Hmmm.

The sponsored post was on my Instagram feed – Jovian came out with a batik concept pairs with the “Batik Is My Soul” tagline. The issue is, I think that the design was too contemporary for me.ย  Anyway, it’s not such a big issue.

The most popular motifs are leaves and flowers. Malaysian batik depicting humans or animals are rare because Islam norms forbid animal images as decoration. However, the butterfly theme is a common exception. The Malaysian batik is also famous for its geometrical designs, such as spirals

I need to feel the material of the batik.ย  I don’t think it’s crepe (or silk/jacquar/brocade). Maybe satin or maybe just the same material of my batik tipu (which only costed me RM89). Hmmm. Maybe I’ll visit the outlet in Bangi someday. I think it is well-priced considering it’s from Jovian. HMMM. What say you?

Yadira in Baby Pink from Jovian M.


and this is my batik tipu ( I miss the lighting at the old office)

p.s : Jovian is having cyber sale!


The cousin’s wedding

The independence day weekend was spent with my family as my cousin chose the date to be her anniversary date. I drove my sister and BIL to Keratong 6, nearby Muadzam, choosing the Nilai-Senawang-Kuala Pilah-Bahau-Jempol-Muadzam route. It was a familiar route with a lot of choices (on which exits to go) but I lost count of driving through it. It’s the first time for my Mimi (I had a new second hand car for me, which I called Mimi)ย  but anyway, I’ve had always love this route.

It’s a beautiful drive, we arrived in 3 and half hours.ย  Reunited with my other siblings, in laws, cousins and niece and nephew as well as friends. The most interesting part of this cousin is we share the same grandparents as the mother (my aunt) is my father’s sister and the father of the bride (my uncle) is my late mother’s brother. I wrote on instagram (@shahzere) that it did feel like raya because there were a lot of relatives there, some of them were last seen before my mum passed away or when I was just a kid.

My cousin’s wedding was more of a neighbourhood affair as my uncle and aunt are staying in a Felda where the people live as one big family. The women helped with the cooking and the men assisted in managing other resources and cleaning works. I didn’t do much except for preparing goodies and taking photos of families to be shared on WA groups for family members who couldn’t be there.

Anyway, congratulations to my cousin and her husband, as well as to my aunt and uncle.

Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

I watched this movie few weeks ago, it was fun. What is more fun was – there were only 3 people in the hall for the entire movie. It was such a shame but it could be understood that this kind of movie is not for everyone. I mean eventhough it’s for everyone, not everyone is willing to fork out some money for this kind of movie, maybe.

I like the story, what more the songs. I guess I am sucker for such a movie with songs. HAHA. But anyways, there are few reviews that questioned the singing and the dancing in the movie, I was like hello? did you ever watch hindi movie??? *rolled eyes*

I like the songs – Fernando by Cher and Andy Garcia! Such a legendary performance even just for a mere 5 minutes (or maybe less), The Name of the Game by Lily James and …. Andante Andante (Lily James), One of Us (Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper) and Why Did It Have To Be Me? – by Lily James and Hugh Skinner. Fun songs!

And, anyway, of course Dancing Queen. I don’t care even some of the reviews were questioning about the repeating of the songs from the first movie – they are performed differently anyway.

The actors are all good!! Pierce Brosnan, Cher(!!!), Andy Garcia(!!!!!!), Colin Firth!!!!, Christine Baranski!!! (The Good Fight!). Not to forget Amanda Seyfried and Lily James too! Meryl Streep did steal the show within the minimum time given to her, well what do you expect… ๐Ÿ™‚

the casts



My late sister.

When my sister decided that she would go for her treatment and everything related to her disease in the place of her work(Northern Malaysia) instead of our hometown, I did wonder why. She asked me to keep it between us. Later she asked me to inform my father and my aunt (my uncle’s wife). Just among 3 of us.

It was such a heavy matter. I didn’t think I could keep it to myself, about her illness. I remembered the day she visited me in Penang when I had a meeting there and she told me about the possibilities of her having cancer. It was a heartbreaking news. I read somewhere that we should be positive so that was what I did.ย  I remembered I told only a person about this. It was in 2016.

I decided to tell my other siblings about this. I told them “Cikcik sakit” and I also told them it’s supposed to be a secret and no one should ask her anything about that. Of course my other siblings didn’t like this and they also did wonder why my sister didn’t want them to know. I didn’t know what was in my sister’s mind but I just respected her decision.

When she was about to go for operation in the early 2017, I had to tell some other family members. At some point my siblings were located all over Malaysia. I had 8 of them. So this thing did bring us closer. Later the siblings seemed to understand about Cik’s condition and didn’t urge her to be home anymore. We visited her more instead.

As I paid more visits to the place, I came to understand why she loved the place. It wasn’t as much different as our hometown but I guess it had a charm upon my sis.

I couldn’t help to notice that her foster family (her bff’s family) did love her like their own child. The uncle had set up a porch to include cik’s car’s parking lot in front of their house.

When I spent a day with them in Kamunting I saw their sacrifice to take care of Cik and I silently admitted to myself that I don’t think I could do as much as they did.

Al Fatihah my dear sister. May Allah bless Nora’s (her bff) family and yours and mine too. ๐Ÿ™‚