My husband and I are on our way back from my hometown. We were there to pay our last respect to my late grandmother who passed away last Saturday.

It was surreal as I received the news from my father. I was in Kedah, taking care of the closing ceremony for our event. Frankly, I didn’t even know what to feel at that time, my mind was focusing on who to be mad at for not checking things until last minutes for the event.

I last visited my grandma and talked to her early October. I guess we were ready for anything since the doctor said there’s nothing much left to do. She was 86 years old.

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to be close to their parent. Appreciate them while they are still here… I have lost my mom 10 years ago… and my grandma had so much more replaced her for all these years. So now, the house will likely sit empty unless for raya or any kenduri.

I don’t even know if the uncles and auntie are gonna spend more time at late grandma’s house, now that she’s gone. Masa arwah ada pun jarang balik. Sometimes I can’t help but think… kenapa susah sangat diorang nak balik, though I tried so much to be understanding but didn’t they realise how much their mom missed them?

Please appreciate your parents and families.

Whatever it is, we are moving on with our life. And pray for the best for everyone. Take care and hugs.

Perkara baik perlu diteruskan!


12-14/12 hari tu saya ke Phnom Penh kan. Alhamdulillah. Presentation takdelah best mana, nervous je lebih kut. Penyakit. Bukan kali pertama pun present paper tapi itulah. Gelenya kata orang kelate. Ada few questions yang ditanya lepas presentation, alhamdulillah, dapat saya jawab walau tergagap seposen dua, what do you expect, I bukan orang putih. 😀 Ada juga terkeluar Manglish word, the “lah” at the end of my sentence. Halah, jawab pun kat kawan-kawan serantau so, diorang tahulah (kut). Even ada few orang putih pure dari World Bank, ah, they too had been working with ASEAN Member States haruslah diorang faham. Tak faham jugak takpelah.

Some questions are related to the trade facilitation, which I am no that expert but I did know few things, akibat dari banyak sangat mesyuarat, so okaylah, bolehlah jawab. Paling best komen Cambodia, more or less, this was what he said “even Malaysia yang maju pun ada masalah dalam membangunkan Pelan Nasional ni, apatah lagi Cambodia” itulah dapat saya simpulkan. Cambodia punya wakil ni selalu dah meeting sama. HEHE.

So, on weekend I drove to Terengganu! It’s my brother’s wedding day! Okaylah, here’s few photos of that day.

thehah, angah + nor, su… down : ainun, nurul and me

my family 🙂 (we missed mum, though… 😦 )

Overall, things went on pretty well, alhamdulillah. Now we are preparing for a kenduri at our home pula on 28 Dec. Semoga dipermudahkan. InsyaAllah!

So, there.

Have a great day everyone!


Today I am going to Phnom Penh. There’s an invitation from the World Bank (read : fully sponsored) to do a presentation about development of logistics in Malaysia.

The topic was broad, but they had outlined few points that should be highlighted and they limited the time to 15 minutes for each speakers so, of course I was glad. I only prepared 12 pages of slides! 🙂

Anyway, wish me best of luck. I think I would be out of country on a good date, since last year. I guess I was in Seoul on 11.11.11 (where we had the peppero day!) and insyaAllah this afternoon I will be on my flight to Phnom Penh (12.12.12).

Well, it’s just an update to keep this beautiful date. 😉

Anyway, life is going on, as good as it could be. I just wish I would be more thankful and grateful for what life has given me. Alhamdulillah.

So, actually I am still nervous about the presentation, my turn is on Friday. Wish me luck?

Oh, by the way, my closest friend, AT is now being posted to Kelantan (our hometown!) I am happy for her, she’s being promoted, and now she’s a Director at one agency in KB. How cool was that? She has 50 people to manage! While I only have one and already sometimes this assistant gets me headache, anyway I wish her luck. I foresee that being a lady boss in a state is one damn scary challenge, but she will get through it! InsyaAllah!

And on Saturday, Paris and I had our own shopping day. Well, actually it was P who shopped till she dropped! I shopped too, but hmmm… okay, well I did some shopping too. 😛 We went to Suria KLCC during the day and spent few hours of early morning (from 12 am-2 am) at the Big Bad Wolf-book shoooopping~~~

I managed to get 12 books at only RM98. I was so sleepy by the time I was done. 😦

So, have a good days!

p.s : My brother is getting married this weekend. All the best to him. Alhamdulillah!


Few days ago I have came to my senses that I was way over few things due. 😦

But, Alhamdulillah, I still could find few other ways to mend things. Alhamdulillah!

So far, today, I have done few things, both for my study and my job. Tomorrow I have to handle a big challenge, related to both, my field of study and my work. It’s good to have both things related.

I had attended this talk by Dr. Ruth, a logistics expertise, a visiting Professor at UiTM, he’s based in Thailand, the Thammasat Business School.  Tomorrow he will come to my office to have some discussion related to logistics industry in Malaysia and I was assigned by my boss to be the moderator (rather) than being a participant. 😦 I still am not sure what should I talk to open the discussion tomorrow). I feel so small when I attended the talk this morning. I don’t even have question to ask!

Nevermind, shall be ready for tomorrow.

Oh, did I update you guys that I was appointed as a Secretary for our office PUSPANITA? It’s a busy affair. 😦 But as I was appointed by the top lady herself, I shall take the responsibility with both hands. 😛

So, wish you (and I) best of luck!