Judgement, Expectation and Erykah Badu…

I was about to sleep in this afternoon then I remembered a pre-read that I’ve done earlier.

It’s not about the book or the story in it.  It’s about the cover, and maybe its title.  Upon receiving the title of the book, I couldn’t help but draw up a few story lines that seem related to the topic and the cover. But when I did read it, way, the book doesn’t have nothing to do with the title. Or maybe it is something to the writer but for me, the reader, I can’t get the relations between the title and the content.

Oh, that book is good. A very light reading, but will leave you in few thinking moment. Here I am, the living proof. Oh, by the way, all the best to him.

Judge, because, there’s a popular proverb that goes; “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”.  True enough.  I am not saying that whatever the cover illustrates won’t up to what you think of the content at all, it sure does, maybe about 30% maximum. Hee. So, then I can’t help but relate it to the word “expect”.  Here, you saw a book, and the cover, (because most of book stores plastic-wrap their books) and you kind of expecting what is in that book. It’s good if there’s some hint or synopsis at the back cover, but what if there’s none? We can’t help but think (and judge and expect) of what it is gonna be about. Right? No?

It’s like when we first see something or someone that we like. We (or at least I) will (kind of) checking them out and then, start the judging and expecting what them are.  We judge them on how they look, what they wear, how they talk… and then we kind of expect them to behave on certain ways according to their looks, appearance and how they talk…

I don’t know actually but I think there’s a (strong) connection between judging and expecting.

“I expect you to work that way because I heard of your reputation before”

“I judge the way you work through your previous reputation”

That’s how I think. Can you guys understand it?

Okay, Erykah Badu.. I  first saw the ad in Air Asia in flight mags, the 360 and think, is there any Malaysian really listen to her? I don’t really know her songs.  The photo of the ad is the same one which appeared in the Star except there’s only till the neck. No tattoos were seen in the picture.  And then I got to listen to the songs when Astro aired the ad.  Not bad.

Then, the Star apologized. I read about it. And I said, well, why the Star, can’t you find a better photo of the singer to put on your paper? You’re sabotaging the singer, without realizing it.  The Star should have been more sensitive after all they operate here long enough to know that we are in Muslim majority country. Haiii…

And now lots of modern open minded Malaysian are disappointed with the decision to cancel the concert.  I just wanted to say one thing, that if we were trained enough to be a Muslim, nothing could get in the way. We have to be strong.  To blame a body art on our lack of iman is not cool.

I don’t wanna say anything.

The body art (just a painting-not a tattoo) is the main factor of the concert cancellation.  She’s judged because of that art, and she is expected to be better than that. That she should respect other religion.

But what if The Star put another photo of her? Will people give the same damn about the concert? About her?

And I know, I think it’s the promotion unit of the concert that prepared the photo/press kit/promo kit to be put in any media for advertisement… but we should advise them… of what sort of country we are.

I don’t think government is wrong but the way they responded to this issue is, some kind of shallow. It’s not proactive. At all.

Hmm. Just my beberapa cent.

Have a great day all.

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