Aktiviti sekolah

Hari tu I ada baca blog pasal anak UPSR. Parents cuti, and berkumpul di sekolah masa anak sat for the exam, and parents only balik when the exam finished for the day. I mean, really, parents cuti for that? I tak salahkan parents yang nak cuti, ikutlah anak-anak deme, and I pun belum ada anak lagi.ย  I cakap banyak-banyak nanti orang selalu akan reply kat I “takdok anak lagi… sedaplah cakap”. I terima jelah memang banyak cakap pun.

I tahu ramai je kawan-kawan office yang ada anak bercuti masa anak ambil exam, I setuju je cuti untuk bagi support kat anak-anak, pick them up from school and masak sedap-sedap. Cuma, duduk tunggu kat sekolah tu, I tak setuju sangat. Tengoklah nanti macam mana masa I ada anak. Heee.

Pastu yang jenis kecil-kecil dah ada majlis graduasi ni. Yang nak kena berjubah bagai. Ayooo! Kalau form 3 or form 5 tu bolehlah. Tapi yang sekolah rendah pun nak berjubah. Tapi kalau sekolah ada bajet nak sediakan jubah, tak kisahlah. Yang nak kena bayar fee macam-macam ni, yang agak-agak tak membebankan parents ke? Well maybe lah ada parents yang kaya raya terlebih mampu nak anak-anak rasa berjubah bergraduasi kan?ย  Tapi tak kurang juga yang komen macam-macam pasal fee ni. Entahlah. Maybe zaman kita dulu semuanya sederhana and asal anak pass ayah ibu pun dah happy.

But that was puluhan tahun ago. Kalau I cakap banyak nanti kena balik kat I, but do you think that things are necessary?



From the blue tinted office

Hi, I have to create new password since I have changed my blogging device. Now I had to get familiar with the new pc and keyboard at the new office. ๐Ÿ™‚

First, the view.

Nice, isn’t it? That is the road I take everyday to the office by the way

The work – the tasks

Lucky enough, this new division is – newly restructured and the post is vacant for almost a year before I came in. There’s a good list of tasks and for all I know, I think this post is interesting. But it’s only my second week here so, keep on reading this blog in the future to know more. ๐Ÿ™‚

So far, I have attended few meetings and I am still learning about this ministry, the functions of the divisions as well as the agencies.

The environment

This place is bigger than my previous workplace and it’s impossible to know everyone by the name. I think if I am lucky I would be able to remember their divisions. HAHA. But as I have observed, my division works and operates like a family. Everyone is warm and kind. I feel like I am the least friendly here. ๐Ÿ˜›

So far, that would be all. I’ll update more in near future.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Oh, by the way! It’s my 11th year blogging with WordPress.com!ย 


The grass maybe greener

My mock farewell email

It has been more than 12 years since my first posting, which was to JKJR. It felt like I’ve been in MOT forever as we used to share the building, the D5.

In this recent years, I had always been labelled as “otai”, “legend” or the heaviest – expert. I carry those labels with me most of the time. I felt like there’s a little bit of MOT in every thing in me. Something like that.

But with those years came a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes the duty calls exceed the working hours, but to me, to serve in MOT is my pride and joy. I do it with open heart, this is the place where I learned, I laughed, I cried and most importantly it is where I made a lot of friends. Facebook was introduced during these years, maybe that’s why. ๐Ÿ™‚

I planned to say a lot of things. But nah, the ideas had gone away as soon as I hit the keyboard.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyoneย that has made my work seems like play, and my responsibilities seem like a walk in the park (not). I wonder if I will ever meet such a team, but it depends on me really. I believe that there were times that my actions was a tad too catty too – for those, I apologise.

I wish everyone best of luck, it was an honor to work (and play) with you guys! Surely, gonna miss Warga MOT a lot! 12 years is not a short time!

Ermm… now, when do I hit the “send” button?

The old book store in a rue

It was Ramadan when I had the chance to visit Paris years ago. I was on transit from a workshop in St Petersburg. It was quite hard convincing the sponsor on why do I have to stop to Paris but I let them know it was the cheapest route, so they obliged. Lucky me. Anyway, it was the cheapest route with two stops. And yes, I had to convince them too on why do I need to stop for two days? Haha, I assured them that the accommodation in Paris was on me so yes, they allowed it, thank God. I had to do a lot of convincing in my years of service. Anyway, it’s in a diplomatic way of course. (I stayed at my friend’s, Kak Ummul – in case you read this, thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I had to get to Kak Ummul’s house on my own, considering she had just given birth at that time, she advised me to buy the train ticket etc… from CDG airport and gave me instruction on how to get to her house in Rue Drouot (I guess) hahaha. Lucky me I made it safe to her home. I remember that while waiting for her to pick me up at the nearest train station, I made a quick stop at the Hard Rock heee…

Okay… now the bookshop. I guess it was the most memorable place for me. I made a stop there after walking alone to the park where the Eiffel Tower was, and it’s nearby to Kak Ummul’s house. I just wanted to kill time since I was too tired to walk farther (I was fasting) then I saw this bookshop.

It was an old, almost antique bookshop. I went to the second floor and felt like I was in some movie, like Narnia or something – I was imagining. HAHA. But the feeling was surreal, there were a lot of books, old books, mostly story books for kids with gorgeous illustration. I still remember the attic feeling, the cozy lighting, the feeling was just peace. I just stand there, touching and scanning the books, too bad they were all in french, so I couldn’t read them.

The rue itself was cute, and almost like a theme park. I don’t know, I don’t think I was in a mall or something.

Hmmm… ๐Ÿ™‚

Penempatan Khas

Or so it’s said.

I don’t know how to describe my feeling. It’s kind of mixed, I think. I am excited, and almost scared. I am thankful to be transferred for a good reason, but at the same time, I feel like, I will be missing this place.

This is my 12th year in MOT (plus the first 3 years at RSD). I was posted here to my current unit since 16.12.2009, phew, it’s almost 8 years! (Really!). I was somehow lucky to always be the first one to fill in the new post. I was the first to fill in the Financial Unit at RSD in 2005, so it was with HRMIS in 2008 and yes, this Unit, which was started in 2009 – with only 3 posts, now we have more than 16 posts to take care of Logistics.ย  I didn’t have benchmark back then. I was the one who set the pace. I felt like all the posts were made for me, it depended on me on how I wanted to develop the unit… on how I wanted to plan my tasks. Not everyone had the chances I’ve got.

Wish me luck, k?


Hi there,

  • It was a busy week for me, last week. Maybe this week too.
  • My brothers and my father were here last week for my 7th brother, E, convocation.
  • My 4th brother, Faiz was here too last Sunday – he had some course to attend at his HQ in Jalan Ampang
  • I was in KL from Thursday to Sunday – was a participant/secretariat for a world congress
  • Before staying at the accomodation – I was running (driving) from home to KL and back for like everyday from Monday – Wednesday and in between entertaining my guests (family) who stayed at my home.
  • The congress was a success, I really hoped that all of people involved had a great time.
  • I think I love my job.

Have a great week ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚

Bebel lagi, I kan suka bebel…

Tapi rupanya ada orang yang lagi suka bebel! HAHA.

No, malas nak cerita pasal orang, clever girls don’t talk about other people. Instead, we talk about perception. Adeh. Bolehlah kan labu.

Case 1 : Breakfast apa pagi ni?

Oh well, it’s not that I don’t appreciate your thoughts, but I don’t think I like being asked about this kind of things. Alamak, jahat tak kalau marah orang tanya I macam tu. Or adakah itu faktor umur? Teringat pula pakcik I pernah cakap, kalau SMS setakat nak tanya “dah makan ke?” Tak payahlah! Membazir katanya. Tapi tu dulu, masa kos satu sms ialah RM0.20, sekarang ni pakai apps dah tak rasa kredit habis for satu satu text, kan? Tapi masalahnya, (no, it’s not really a problem) orang yang tanya I tu lagi tua dari I. Takde kerja ke dia? Mungkin sebab dia boss kot? Or mungkin itu salah satu small talk? Tapi takkanlah terjadi hari-hari. If you have nothing to talk about, please don’t talk, boleh? Oh, cerewetnya I!

Case 2 : Nak orang macam I!ย 

I selalu rasa I adalah seorang yang balance. Gitu (perasan, biasalah) so I was like, hmmm if I want someone, I want it to be just like me. Hmmm. Tapi Ted dan Robin kata (or was it Barney and Robin, or maybe Lily and Marshall – belasah) katanya kalau dua-dua awesome (ehem!) nanti susah jugak! Like, hmmm I peninglah! I selalu terfikir, if I didn’t get a reply from this one, perhaps it was because I also didn’t reply someone else’s text. You see that one I hoped would reply my text, was just like me! He didn’t reply because he was like, meh… malas. Did I send a trivial text, like “dah makan ke?” hahaha. Funny! Kena sebijik kan? Nope I would text nothing important, like “hmmmm” – this is only if we got along very well and we understood each other lah. But hmmm… entahlah. I pun tak faham. But I concluded that I am a bit complicated so I hope for someone that is much more simpler but at the same time, could conclude things for me. I have so many questions, I think – don’t you think so? I hope my significant other (if there’s one) would be able to solve these questions like – nak makan mana? biru ke merah? whatever lah.

Case 3 : Hormat-menghormati, menjaga hati

Kadang-kadang bila I rasa orang tak hormat I, I would just keep myself quiet and then, would find time to reflect on my behaviour, if I was lucky I would be guided by good people. But most of the times, I would just realized that I was being too kind. (I know, perasan). Tapi ia tidak mustahil kan? I rasa semua orang ada rasa diri mereka patut dihormati, dan dijaga hati. Sebab tu dia berang kalau kita tersalah cakap or anything kita cakap akan sampai di hati dia, menyebabkan dia berperasaan diri dia tak dihormati (I pernah juga rasa) tapi… sebenarnya, if things are not related to us, we could just laugh about it kan, if things were on us/about us, we felt like, eh… what the hell? Oh, I malas nak fikir.

I lupa I selalu cakap macam ni, kalau benda tu sampai directly to u, your name was on that thing, then kita kena fikir, betul ke kita buat benda tu? If tak betul, then kena betulkan. Tapi, kalau kita cuma dengar someone said “tadi Mr A cakap pasal you pasal ni pasal tu, tak puas hati dengan u” tak payahlah nak sentap apa-apa. If betul si Mr A tak puas hati dengan u… biar dia cakap sendiri dengan u. But then, I sendiri pun lupa, okay! next time if tak puas hati dengan orang, teruslah pergi cakap dengan orang tu, okay?

Case 4 : Jangan perasan diri tu baik sangatย 

Ye, Aishah… you ingat you tu hebat sangat ke? Entahlah kadang-kadang okay je nak rasa hebat because sometimes we deserve it. Asal tak susahkan orang ikut sukalah kan.

Case 5 : Jangan ingat kita je busyย 

Betul tu… especially bila kita buat kerja melibatkan orang ramai. Kita jangan ingat part kita je yang penting, dan kita juga yang banyak kerja. Eh, ke I dah pernah tulis pasal ni? Tu jelah, gist dia, semua orang pun sibuk dan kita kalau tak boleh membantu, jangan menyusahkan. (Ingat tu aishah!)

Sekian dulu bebelan I pada minggu ini! Selamat hujung minggu semua!