Mamma Mia : Here We Go Again

I watched this movie few weeks ago, it was fun. What is more fun was – there were only 3 people in the hall for the entire movie. It was such a shame but it could be understood that this kind of movie is not for everyone. I mean eventhough it’s for everyone, not everyone is willing to fork out some money for this kind of movie, maybe.

I like the story, what more the songs. I guess I am sucker for such a movie with songs. HAHA. But anyways, there are few reviews that questioned the singing and the dancing in the movie, I was like hello? did you ever watch hindi movie??? *rolled eyes*

I like the songs – Fernando by Cher and Andy Garcia! Such a legendary performance even just for a mere 5 minutes (or maybe less), The Name of the Game by Lily James and …. Andante Andante (Lily James), One of Us (Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper) and Why Did It Have To Be Me? – by Lily James and Hugh Skinner. Fun songs!

And, anyway, of course Dancing Queen. I don’t care even some of the reviews were questioning about the repeating of the songs from the first movie – they are performed differently anyway.

The actors are all good!! Pierce Brosnan, Cher(!!!), Andy Garcia(!!!!!!), Colin Firth!!!!, Christine Baranski!!! (The Good Fight!). Not to forget Amanda Seyfried and Lily James too! Meryl Streep did steal the show within the minimum time given to her, well what do you expect… 🙂

the casts




My late sister.

When my sister decided that she would go for her treatment and everything related to her disease in the place of her work(Northern Malaysia) instead of our hometown, I did wonder why. She asked me to keep it between us. Later she asked me to inform my father and my aunt (my uncle’s wife). Just among 3 of us.

It was such a heavy matter. I didn’t think I could keep it to myself, about her illness. I remembered the day she visited me in Penang when I had a meeting there and she told me about the possibilities of her having cancer. It was a heartbreaking news. I read somewhere that we should be positive so that was what I did.  I remembered I told only a person about this. It was in 2016.

I decided to tell my other siblings about this. I told them “Cikcik sakit” and I also told them it’s supposed to be a secret and no one should ask her anything about that. Of course my other siblings didn’t like this and they also did wonder why my sister didn’t want them to know. I didn’t know what was in my sister’s mind but I just respected her decision.

When she was about to go for operation in the early 2017, I had to tell some other family members. At some point my siblings were located all over Malaysia. I had 8 of them. So this thing did bring us closer. Later the siblings seemed to understand about Cik’s condition and didn’t urge her to be home anymore. We visited her more instead.

As I paid more visits to the place, I came to understand why she loved the place. It wasn’t as much different as our hometown but I guess it had a charm upon my sis.

I couldn’t help to notice that her foster family (her bff’s family) did love her like their own child. The uncle had set up a porch to include cik’s car’s parking lot in front of their house.

When I spent a day with them in Kamunting I saw their sacrifice to take care of Cik and I silently admitted to myself that I don’t think I could do as much as they did.

Al Fatihah my dear sister. May Allah bless Nora’s (her bff) family and yours and mine too. 🙂


I had a chance to spend a night on a boat house or houseboat. I don’t know how to describe it, it wasn’t something that I would do I think, if it’s not for work, but I guess I can take it, for not more than two nights? Well, thank God we only spent a night there!

I don’t know why but I think food would generally be delicious in that kind of environment. Specifically, in a jungle. Not really a jungle because we are on a lake, but yeah, I hope you know what I mean.

The view, was, nice… I love it, I wished I could go to more places there, but due to time constraint, we could only visit the Kelah Sanctuary. I love the guide… haha. I mean I love the spirit.

I think Kenyir is a beautiful place that has a lot to offer! I will come back! I like being there and mind you, there was no network, we were disconnected from the Internet and mobile communication for more than 12 hours! I am not sure if I would be able to bear more hours without Internet, unless I were there with my family.




Are you working?

I am here for another day, in Lawas. I was thinking of learning but this morning I woke up to a good movie it took me a great amount of effort to get ready for work.

Now I am in the hall and the class hasn’t started so I am feeling bored and just wanna get back to my room but surely the movie has ended.


Have a great day everyone. (Yes, of course I am working here).


Pergi Thailand hari tu…

I was in Thailand for about 2 weeks from end of April until early May 2018. I was there for a course on Sustainable EcoTOURISM.  Intentionally putting the Tourism in caps so that you might understand where I am going from there. Yes, the course took me around Thailand. From Bangkok to Chonburi, to Rayong, Pattaya, Chanthaburi. We went to two islands. The Ko Chang and Samaesan Island. We also went for hundreds of kilometers of road trips too.

Will continue later, haha.

(I am in Lawas, Sarawak now for a two days workshop for the rural enterprenuers) This is could also be identified as a retreat for me, the surrounding is, hmmm peaceful.


Except the Taxi Uncle told me a man was attacked by a crocodile few days ago…. and he’s dead.

There’s a river in front of the hotel.

Something is not right

Ha, I don’t even know what or why or how, but a big part of me is yearning to go out and travel. I miss the beach (who doesn’t) and particularly I miss the feeling of traveling, most probably alone.

I think I need some time out. I will not justify my feeling for I know there are some people who’ve been through more difficult time than me.

I don’t even know why am I feeling this, I just feel tired.


Al Fatihah


Dimaklumkan adik I, Noor Ainun binti Kamarzaman, 34 telah meninggal dunia pada Isnin, 9 Julai 2018.  She was a cancer fighter. She was diagnosed with cancer, stage 3 in December 2016.

She was my first girl friend, though not quite close during our childhood but as we grew up, she found it easy to share with me most of her dreams, and ambitions and secrets.

Today is my birthday, and I would ask your kindness to recite Al Fatihah to her and my late mother, and to me too, as my birthday gift.


Thank you.