Mei 11, 2015

Can’t escape it, I will be on another assignment starts tomorrow.


Love-by-the-Book-Melissa-PimentelBuku ini, was fun, but advisable not to be read in Malaysia, especially untuk budak2 yang baru nak kenal dunia sebab ceritanya terlalu banyak berkisar pasal perlakuan bebas. Cerita ni pasal Lauren, yang sudah berkahwin, tapi tetiba rasa dia kahwin terlalu muda, and tetiba dapat peluang to work far from home. So, dia tinggalkan husband dia di US and datang kerja di London.

So, she was looking for casual relationship, not for the sake of getting married, she wants to explore whatever possibilities of dating. So dia plan some kind of experiment, each month she’ll follow the guidance from different books. Buku buku pasal dating, folo nasihat and recommendations from the books. Memang fun to read if we are open minded. Hopefully this kind of thing/scenario would not become a norm in Malaysia.

It’s like SATC in a book, something like that. As much as I love SATC, I don’t think I could do the same to this book. Tapi semua element ada lah. Bolehlah nak baca for fun.

And I kind of guessing the ending after all. Macam agak klise je.

3.5 bintang out of 5. For more (comprehensive) review…. here

Enter frame

April 22, 2015

YVES ROCHERMy pencuci muka… :) best, ada anti-ageing element katanya, sesuai lah dah 30 lebih dah…


My toner, old packaging, now dah new packaging, been using this brand for almost three years now. :)

Crema-hidratanta-ultra-mata-de-zi.jpg moisturizer

This is the moisturizer, best. Sesuai sangat dengan kulit muka yang berminyak ni.Old packaging gak, sebab set ni beli last year… dah nak abis, dah beli new packaging.. .rasa macam tak sabar je nak bukak yang baru, sama dengan toner jugak…


Yang ni my sun block… best! I beli sebab sale di lazada. HAHA. Brand MISSHA. Dah nak abis jugak… (Pun tak sabar nak beli yang baru) :P

foundation ku  teatree01n02

Yang dua ni best. :) kalau travel senang pakai Body Shop punya. loreal

Ni baru beli, sebab beli body shop before, pecah jatuh… so kecewa beli yang mahal-mahal tapi careless beli lah yang ni.  RM30++ je kat Watson’s. Macam cantik je bila pakai ni. Kerana diriku begitu berharga.. Pheewitt..  ha ha born lippy

My ultimate favourite. I rasa dah bertahun dah pakai ni tapi lately I’ve found out that Body Shop dah tak jual benda ni… Sedih.


Bonus ni pakai malam malam. Beli kat airport Hanoi (Murah banyak, 11USD)

That seminar.

April 15, 2015


I was invited by MITI, (they sent the letter to the ministry and boss asked me to go) to present a paper on logistics and transportation at their Regional Seminar. It’s a pleasure, I learned a lot. I did my presentation, even with the nervousness, I managed to stay calm after first few slides.

The one thing that I didn’t really prefer was the QnA session. It’s because the industry kept asking the same questions.  The worst part was, they already knew the answers. They heard the same thing again and again.

I didn’t want to explain the issues further to them because first, they are more experienced and well informed of their business and the environment. Second, there were a lot of other parties in the hall (around 60-70 pax) including the government agencies, industries as well as students. If I answered, it might lead to other comments or worse, complaints.

One thing I learn is they will not stop asking until the answer is what they want. The truth is, even though there are numerous study, they tend to choose (not everyone) to not believe it. They knew better, they said. (Not all) So I guess, they do know better. But maybe it’s not the time to give in. Maybe we’ll wait for few more years and see how they manage. Maybe it’s timely for them to adapt or maybe they did try to adapt but things didn’t work out.

I need to assure them things are being looked at, but then, they will take those words and bring it to other forums, by any chance, I would be at the other forums too. And they will see me again and they will ask the same question.

Because I am not that memorable. They forget they saw me before.

Yesterday, after the talk, I received an invitation for a lunch at Hilton’s Toh Yuen and when I was there nobody ushered me to a table (despite the invitation said -“dear sir/madam, kindly be informed that all speakers are invited for lunch that has been reserved at Toh Yuen restaurant”) (I mean, I wouldn’t be there if there’s no invitation), and then when they (the Secretariat) saw other speakers (with black suit, looking older and more professional than me) they were ushering them like there’s no tomorrow. I just sat at the other table (the plain one-buffet area) and finish my lunch. When I finished my lunch I went to the secretariat and asked, “I was one of the speakers too, why didn’t you attend to me too?”

He saw me before I was at the Secretariat table, waiting for lunch…. no one talked to me, I just stood there so I decided to just go and eat because I needed to check out at 1 o’clock. He looked guilty and I asked him “is this because I don’t look like a speaker, is it?” He agreed. He insisted me to join the lunch with other speakers but I declined as I need to get things at my room before checking out.

I didn’t know why I reacted that way but maybe I was so bored with all this stereotype thinking.


April 10, 2015


Sementara pagi masih muda
Sementara make up masih segar

Selfie dulu!

My night

April 8, 2015

I will be waiting in front of the tv, everyday to watch the rerun on SATC. It’s good for this kind of series, it ends beautifully everyday so if I miss a day, it won’t really affect my understanding. Not like the tv series aired at prime hours on prime channels. Ehem. It is soap opera anyway.

Ok, I think this is one of the series worth writing on. Don’t mind me.

Few days ago, Carrie met Aidan (back). Aidan left Carrie when he found out that Carrie cheated on him with Mr. Big. (I hate Big). I love Aidan. Aidan was much more handsome now. Then Carrie (as usual) being fickle minded, thought that she still love Aidan. Whatever Carrie. I hate Carrie at this part. Then last night, I watched the sequence and found out that Carrie still particularly in love with Aidan. And Aidan apparently really had some feeling for Carrie, come on, why not. I know man always not gonna just go, no matter how much a girl had hurt him. (Sama juga dengan ladies).

I remember Aidan shouted at Carrie, (after Carrie continuously convincing Aidan that Aidan still love him) he was like,


Argh, I can feel it. Aidan was so heartbroken.

But what the hell, Carrie was the heroine, of course she got Aidan back.


And then she met him again in the movie and nearly cheated on Big with Aidan, I mean come on Carrie……………..

When they first met

When they first met

When Carrie met Aidan after they broke up

When Carrie met Aidan after they broke up

aidan n carrie

When Aidan learned that Carrie cheated on him with Big. :(


Dan definisi bahagia untuk setiap orang mungkin berbeza.

Mungkin orang ni bahagia dengan perkahwinan dia, jadi dia harapkan semua orang supaya berkahwin. Mungkin yang lain pula bahagia bila ada duit banyak, jadi dia nak semua orang banyak duit.


Pada umur umur yang macam ni (macam tua sangat je) saya masih lagi tak reti nak define happiness betul betul. Rasanya feeling content dengan sekeliling kita tu sudah cukup. Bagi saya lah.

Saya nak juga rindu rindu tu. Tapi, biarlah berbalas. Kan?


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