I’ll be fine.

Hi, it’s me, in case you miss me or you forget how I look like. Or maybe it’s your first time here. Though I wonder who would go down to read blog anymore, when Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter provides more instant updates.

But, anyway, I’ll be fine is about me, how I need to remind myself that whatever I am facing now or rather, whatever being shoved onto my face for time being, I will be fine out of it.

I read somewhere that, communication is the key. I was wondering, that communication needs more than one parties. Communication effectively works two ways, there must be a response to the information. Otherwise, it’s not effective. While I understand that it helps to voice out our dissatisfaction or whatever we think should be discussed, but it wouldn’t mean anything if the other sides didn’t think it in that way.

It’s Monday, and I guess that it should be a good day to start, though any day would do, but it’s a new week, so cheers!

We are all gonna be fine! Insya Allah! πŸ™‚

Take care!

On Why

  • Why it is okay for a man to make the first moves but when a woman tries, it isn’t?
  • Why would you want as many people to join you at a picnic or something when a group of four or five close friends are more than enough?
  • Why can’t I say no to few ridiculous things lately?
  • Why do I stay with some people who I know well doesn’t really benefit me?
  • Why???

People are unique, thank God for those who stay with me after all of what I’ve done! I hope I do benefit people with my presence.

I am trying to tolerate people anyway, as I know people did tolerate me too all this time.

Memeluk masa lalu

MEMELUK.jpgBy Dwitasari.

I have developed this special love for Indonesian language, and the story too. I know that our own Bahasa Melayu is special and one of a kind but I can’t really find a book that made me fall in love with the story. Except maybe those books from Enid Blyton’s series which were translated anyway.

This book is unfinished in a good way, we needed to find our own conclusion. Hah, cerita remaja lagi pun. I bought this book on few factors, my sister wanted thin Indonesian novel and it’s cheap too, around 12RM.

It was about two people, Raditya and Cleo who fell in love with each other but didn’t get the chance to say it the first time. They met years later and time wasn’t on their side, again.

They met again after 3 years, which wasn’t so long a time for me. Well, I didn’t progress much in 3 years, but yeah, a lot of things could happen even within a month, but for this story I think 5 years might be better. Well.

The story started sweetly but hmmm, I am not really sure anyway. But it’s good. I think I can relate a bit. They met when they were fated to sit next to each other on 18 hours bus trip! I met many people when I took the bus from K.Krai to KL or Putrajaya too! But they memories wasn’t as sweet though. πŸ™‚

I am writing this as I am waiting to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop.

Good night!



I think I love running, there’s some point in my life when running was a hobby. Hah. So why did I left this activity, like right now I’ve left reading.

Yesterday I pushed myself to run. I was calculating on what to do when I just decided to just go. The outfit and running shoes are always in my car anyway. So off I went. I started at a familiar place, where I knew there’ll be a lot of people doing the same thing, it’s safe that way.

I ran up and down, climbed the stairs and went down, and circling the same route few times. I set to burn 300 calories I didn’t really know how much it would take actually, but I stopped with around 70 calories to be burnt. I stopped because I remember that I didn’t eat that much, I might have calories deficit. HAHA.

So, I did explore more than I usually do. It’s so refreshing and I was so happy! I really wish this could be a routine for me. Until I am confident enough to join running team or whatever, for now I am doing this comfortably by myself.

Eh, work is okay, despite so many things I didn’t like, I think I’ll manage it anyway. It’s a challenging environment. I learnt not only how to do my work, but most importantly, to deal with people and related issues that will enhance my communication, negotiation and fighting skills. HAHA.

So, till then, I wish you guys great weekend. πŸ™‚

Oh, yeah, I really love my new lipstick. It’s from silky girl. πŸ™‚



BR1M dan Elaun JKM

My brother asked me the other day, why our grandma didn’t receive the allowance from JKM. I just said I didn’t know. My grandma also applied for BR1M. She’s eligible I think, I have never gone through the criteria for these two allowance from our government.

It saddens me actually, for the fact that why would my grandma applied for the allowances when her children could help her out. It might be peer pressure. When she’s with her friends, they might talk about BR1M and JKM allowances.

I used to tell my grandma, that I think there are people who might need the allowances, more than she does. She has what she needs, and her children (my father is one of them) cares about her, but she’s a mother – one thing for sure, no mother would want to trouble her kids, no matter how old the kids are, right?

So I said, let her lah. We support her with what we can. We are not that wealthy, but we have enough.

So, back to the assistance, I am sure there’s a thorough detailed data about the total citizens that eligible for this, so I pray that the government’s estimation is correct, about the number of people, and the amount of money to be spent on this.

I just hope that we could work to make our life better instead of depending on this two times assistance. Let those who eligible applies. Because I supposed there’s allocation for this thing.

But I am afraid of people who take advantage of this system. I just wish they changed.

Otherwise, we will stay at this level, for a long time.

Pray for the best!

The idea of him

Got this book at the Big Bad Wolf sale last December.

  • I don’tideaofhim really know what I felt about this book, I can’t help being mad at Allie. I think I need to join a book club to discuss about this book – never thought I will see this kind of need;
  • I think the relationship/ friendship between Allie and Jackie was weird and I don’t think it exists in real life, but maybe I haven’t experience enough – that got me thinking how much the author has been through to get the feeling – Ms Holly must have done long and deep thinking to come out with this plot/story – of course;
  • It’s a wonder why I couldn’t wait to know the ending though usually if I found a book to be a bit stressful I wouldn’t likely be able to finish but this book kept me hooked;
  • I think the mistake/wrongdoing done by Wade and Murray wasn’t that strong – at least to make them go to witness protection program – but what do I know about other countries’ rules and regulations;
  • I think putting Caitlin as the latest affair wasn’t good – maybe it’s supposed to be a bit of shocking ending but I felt like, meh… ;
  • I like James and his maturity – he’s a brother;
  • I don’t like Tommy? I can’t really remember his name but he is Allie’s classmate – he doesn’t have the right to be mad about Allie’s personal life – I was like, WTH? when I read his reaction;
  • I think when it comes about men, I have to agree with Jackie – Allie is clueless – Allie might be brilliant in her work and study but – (I think I have a bit of Allie in me) she’s clueless;
  • Anyway it’s just from my point of view, go read this for yourself and share how you feel!

That’s all! πŸ˜›

No synopsis – you can get it elsewhere I think.

Singapore Weekend Trip

I went to Singapore last weekend. It’s my fifth time there. This time, Buzzy arranged everything, I was only the follower.

We went on separate flight, she flew from Penang while I was from klia2. I reached the accommodation earlier, about 3 hours earlier, and couldn’t check in because she was the one who do the booking. Well, not an issue as the surrounding area was happening enough to wander alone.

I had my dinner at Kampung Glam Cafe, my third time there, actually. I didn’t really care about the area when Buzzy mentioned the name of the hostel. It’s called Project Bugis, so I was expecting the Bugis street/junction area only that it’s actually near Sultan/Arab/Beach/Pahang Street. But still we could just walk to Bugis Junction/Street.

We stayed at a hostel, it’s my first time staying at a hostel-type accommodation. It’s fun anyway, we stayed in the private room – with a double decker bed and shared bathroom with others. We paid around SGD150 for that room for two nights. (I still owe buzzy SGD20). The hostel provides simple breakfast which was good enough for me – there are bread and cereal and most importantly – coffee machine πŸ™‚ It’s called the 5footway inn, Projeck Bugis.

Mainly we explored Singapore on foot. Anyway we got on a taxi from Harbour Front to Garden By The Bay – if we could, we prefer to walk but taxi wasn’t so expensive either -by the Singaporean rate, it’s SGD5 only. We went to Garden by the bay, same thing, Buzzy bought the ticket online, for Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. I’ve been to the Garden before, but only at the outside. I love both places, especially the Cloud Forest, I think it’s some kind of magical place haha – I just wish I brought some food with me. I was constantly hungry! Haha.

Before we went to the Garden, we dropped by at the Orchard Station – Orchard Central, relaxing for a bit at the National Library – too fun!! I could spend all day there -maybe. I took note on that and silently wishing for a meeting in Singapore in the future so that I could spend more time there. Love the library!

Sunday was spent walking around our hostel area and then we went to Bugis Street/Junction – I bought something at the Yves Roscher there. The price is same as in Malaysia maybe cheaper – plus there’s a lucky draw – not lucky enough I only got a bottle of 50ml shower gel. But’s it’s SGD4 so still good.

I left Buzzy at the Bugis – she went back to the Library, my flight was at 3pm and I managed to take away few pieces of currypuff! πŸ™‚ Love the old chang kee. So glad to find the shop at the Terminal 3.

It’s a great weekend, we walked over than 15km according to my phone. I changed for SGD200 and brought back SGD65! I paid for accommodation with cash – 50SGD. We didn’t shopΒ much except for food and drinks and I spent SGD22 on Yves Rocsher. Β Someone lent me his eazy card – so saved me few dollars there. πŸ™‚

That’s all! πŸ™‚