What have I done!

I lost my password for umpteenth time! Since I changed it few years ago.
Anyway, I’ve been to Taipei, Singapore and Penang. And I was home for Raya Haji as well. All in the month of September and early October.

I could say I was too tired. With work, with works-side associations. And not to mention all the dramas.

I will share the photos later. You can see me smiling in all the photos because I don’t know what else to do.


A conversation on the phone and a TT that has been cancelled

A : Mana you?
B : Aishah, I kena balik.
A : Okay. Menyampah dah.
B : Janganlah menyampah.


Semalam pun sama kawan I batalkan date kami tapi takpelah sebab ada kawan lain yang free semalam. Oh by the way malam ni nak gi rumah persatuan pekerjaan ni, ada makan-makan and esok datang office buat kerja persatuan perempuan pulak. Banyaknya komitmeng mu mcshah!

Selamat menyambut hujung minggu. I baru habis meeting ni. Ngantok!


The Section 14

I always love the PJ neighbourhood. Especially on Sundays, when everything is so peaceful and the road isn’t so congested. ;)

Yesterday I went to the Evernew, at the Digital Mall in PJ, Sect. 14 to fix my laptop. What brought me there was the fact that I bought my laptop there and I had this comfortable feeling of servicing it where I bought it. Fair enough I think.

Anyway, my relationship with the Digital Mall started when in 2006, my English classmate, Sherry asked me to accompany her to a sale at the then Metrojaya. Hihi. We were staying at the Intengah for a month at that time. Then, with other classmates we had numerous tea break at the mamak nearby, buat spek di Focus Point, lunches at McD, potong rambut and then cleaned our own hair at the old Jaya Shopping Centre, laksa shack…

So yesterday, it was like going down the memory lane for me, to make it more meaningful I bumped into Sherry haha. :)

Jaya Shopping Centre was bigger… and livelier and seems to be more cheerful ;). I like it there, and as it is quite new even the toilets seem so clean and wangi… haha boleh?

And then, got my laptop done at almost nine! It took them more than 5 hours to fix it… that I think I deserved a supper in the form of cakes, with KJ and Am, in Bangsar.

Sunday was good :)

Cheers to a good day ahead.