Never ending meeting

Mac 24, 2015

Hi, I haven’t stop having meeting, since yesterday’s afternoon. Had a discussion at MITI, and it’s funny to drive towards the new named road. The Sultan Abdul Halim or something, previously known as Jalan Duta. :) Today I had two meetings, one in the morning and another one was at 4 o’clock.

But last night, I cooked! (not a news, eh?) Masak megi sup je. With chicken, prawns, egg and some vegetables. It was so nice, I finished a whole packet. Sebab I memang rasa sepaket megi tu sangat banyak kalau dulu selalu buat separuh je. And pagi tadi buat roti bakar with kaya for breakfast. Cukuplah.

Malam ni, rasa macam nak gi makan bubur nasi kat Bangi tu. Tapi takde geng lah. Tengoklah macam mana. Kalau tak balik rumah masak nasik, goreng ikan bilis campur cili dan bawang besar pun sedap juga. Last Sunday, I teringin sangat nak makan pulut ayam tapi malas nak cari beras pulut. HAHA. So, I goreng ayam, goreng bawang merah and bawang besar bagi wangi and sampai macam rangup tu, then makan ngan nasik, oiiii sedap!!! Puji masakan sendiri.

It was good to be back here writing everyday. :)

I had this huge responsibility this year, with a new masterplan which was launched last Monday (16th March). I heard everywhere it was logistics, logistics and logistics. Little did they know there are only two officers here managing everything. We had few plans, hopefully if not all, most of the plans work our way, insyaAllah.

My brother got married on Friday, 13th March (if you follow me on instagram you probably knew about this) :) and I think he’s so happy. But there s still things I need to intervene. For example when he showed up at my house few hours before his akad, he brought the hantaran and I was like, I need to reject whatever he put effort into his hantaran hahaa, mean sister, I know.

I made him took me to Nilai (30 minutes from home) to buy some things to improve, modify, beautify the hantaran haha. Lucky I had enough time.

And when he discussed about the reception at our home somewhere around July he was focusing on berjimat cermat etc. Like no photographer? Okay…. Memang nak kenalah. I will rule! Obviously I need to dedicate some funding to make things work. But anyway, I am happy to do that. ;)

So, I am waiting for maghrib prayer at the office after going through some presentations made by my colleague. Her power point presentation wasnt not exciting. When asked she said, oh, I am engineer. Okay, understood. Nasib baik I ada skill power point yang cemerlang (puji diri sendiri) takdelah biasa je tapi bolehla kalau nak cepat2 tu, cantiklah jugak. Comel and cute, but professional? Tak…

So, that would be all. Thanks for reading! :)

I have been listening to Noah (previously Peter Pan) every time I am in my car, for these past few days. I can’t help but feel sad for Ariel. Basically the songs, almost all of them, are his hopes for his love of life.

It was sad.

And, on Wednesday, something so unfortunate happened to me… my car was hit by another car. Anyway, the damage wasn’t that bad, and I decided not to fret about it. I asked around and was informed that the cost for repairing is around RM300. I think I can manage it. Feel so helpless at the evening, I asked an old friend whom I know living in the same area to come take a look at my car. He took me to the traffic police to lodge a report. Didn’t lodge any report because it was offline and I wasn’t planning on claiming insurance.

Ok back to Noah, the CD was actually a gift from an Indonesian friend, Jurman. Ok, I asked for him to find the CD for me, and he passed it to his colleague who was here for a meeting, well that was in 2012. When I was asked to move out from my then house in 2013, I mistakenly put the CD inside a storage box which I kept in numerous stores before ending in my new home. I remembered when I met Jurman in 2013, I told him that the CD was lost. Anyway, it’s a good thing that when I started unpacking the boxes, I found the CD in the books box.

Sure, it is some kind of happiness.

I miss my old space for reading, and my tall books shelves, however the book shelves were in bad condition, the base of the wood rack was ruined due to the water leakage somewhere during the renovation course, it was bad that I had to throw it out. For now, most of my books are still in boxes. I still think of lots of things to buy to make this house complete, but I need to constantly remind myself that I will be living in this house for 20 more years, maybe, if Allah permits, insyaAllah, I have so much time to redecorate, renovate whatever, after all, this house is mine, a place I could call home. :)

Last weekend, I did some cooking, and each time I want to cook, I will message few friends who I know are around whether they wanted to come over dine with me, at my house. Hmmm, end up, I was having lunch, dinner and breakfast on my own, but still, I cooked! :) That was an achievement enough.

Oh, finally I have returned the keys and access card to Rumah Puchong… It was kind of mixed feeling, leaving the house and the neighbourhood after two years.

Okay, enough about me. :)

Have a great week everyone!

Last night I stumbled upon my fav series, the SATC on HBO. Walaupun dah ada set dvd tapi still nak tengok juga kan yang kat HBO.

The part that I remember the most bila Miranda kata,

how come, lelaki bujang, umur 34 yang takde rumah, takde keje, is a catch…

while perempuan, umur 34, yang berjaya, ada segalanya, tapi bujang… is tragedy…

Gitulah lebih kurang. I remember writing about this before. Ugh, dunia.

And in the end, Carrie dengan bengongnya slept with Big sedangkan Aidan tengah bersusah payah cantikkan flooring kat rumah Carrie. Adoi, woman… Apa masalah.

I cuba sedapkan hati je lah yang Carrie tahu Big itu jodoh dia, ye lah in the end they got married tapi…. ishhhhhhhh.

Okay itu aja…

It turns out

Mac 17, 2015

Up until the end of the office hour yesterday, my assistant still couldn’t be reached. So today, I ask my clerk to cross check her service book to get her husband’s phone number. I called him and later he gave me their land line.

So I called my assistant to check on her.

It turns out that she was very ill, couldn’t even get herself up. Phone was answered by her son. Luckily I know the name of their sons. She was ill for a few days and she didn’t know where the hell she put her phone. Most probably the phone had been played around by her sons.

So, well, I guess I have to work with what I have for now.

Wish me luck and hopefully she will get well soon.

My Monday

Mac 16, 2015

I supposed everything was fine this morning, I woke up earlier, even hit all the green lights on my way to the office. Then, when I was finishing my report for the ladies club, boss rushed into the office and asked me things I wasn’t familiar with.

It turned out that storm happened on Friday, when I was on leave. To make it worse, my assistant couldn’t be reached, the email was down since Friday. That was  why I wasn’t left with any info of what had happened. And yes, my assistant should have left me a copy of everything she did when I was out of the office. For reference.

To make things worse, big boss asked for something that was so important, which was left in my assistant’s office, which was locked. And the big boss wanted that thing asap. So I rushed to call and contact everyone to get the duplicate keys to her room. Alhamdulillah we managed to get everything sorted out before 2 o clock.

Then I sent my other assistant to get us some lunch cause obviously my clerk, my assistant (office boy) didn’t get to lunch because of the havoc.

And now I am so sleepy, despite all the sleep I got last night. Particularly I was bored.

So, okay, now I am getting back to my work.

Ta ta.

p.s : Thinking of watching Cinderella.

What I think

Mac 16, 2015

If someone doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, decided to cut you down from whatever things that connect you to them, well.

I’d say, good for them, if that what suits them.

Bukan kata nak bergaduh, tapi kalau kita ni dah tak digemari, buat apa lagi kan.

Oh btw,

I keep on thinking about my life too. At this point, all I think is, I just want to be happy. In what way, whatever way.

Oh, I dah pindah rumah, fully duduk rumah baru I. Cuma ada few things yang masih lagi ada di rumah lama. Mungkin akan finalise semuanya this week, need to return the keys and the access kad too. :) So thankful to have friends like Nana.

One thing that was funny though, I tend to take her presence for granted. Dulu, bila tak duduk serumah, at least sebulan sekali sure jumpa for makan makan tapi bila duduk serumah… punyalah susah nak make time for each other! Pang….

Should see her and take her out more in the future. :)


Februari 26, 2015


Tadi duduk duduk dalam mesyuarat, menganalisa intipati mesyuarat dan juga ehem, gaya pemakaian consultant. Tadi nampak consultants macam semuanya bekerja keras, tak kemas dan tak bersemangat mukanya. I dah berurusan dengan few consultants yang glamer jugak, semuanya macam kemas dan confident, jarang nampak muka stress or penat. I think gaya dan penampilan mereka ni mempengaruhi tahap kepercayaan kita kepada apa yang mereka cuba sampaikan.

Oh, itu mukadimah je.

Findings dari consultant tadi menyebabkan otak I berfikir ligat. Macam sel-sel otak yang bersambung dalam iklan tu, haaa macam tu lah.

I baru tersedar yang banyaknya perkaitan, tidaklah redundant tapi melengkapi. I faham yang tindakan satu satu agensi tu memang sangat futuristik, tindakannya telah dilaksanakan since 2010. And sejak dari itu, apa-apa pun yang dikeji, diorang terima saja, few years back, I involved dalam satu projek with consultants berkaitan dengan isu ni, and then last year, ada dua tiga projek lagi, membincangkan measures dalam isu ini.

Then, hari ini, ada lagi,

Buatkan I boleh kaitkan to the regional issues. Think liberalisation. ASEAN Economic Community. Things I have put myself in.


I realised, I je yang duduk dalam setiap projek tu. I think there were… like 1,2,….5 projects with different division/agencies that had me inside their steering committee. I must have contributed a lot. NOT. HAHA.

Tadi, at the end of the meeting, the secretariat which was also a friend, came to me and said, kenapa you all tak de komen apa-apa?

  • I bukanlah tuan punya kepada study2 sebelum ini, and tuan punya study sudah cakap-cakap. (though I never met them in my sitting as the member of the steering committee);
  • when I talk to that friend and another friend, I baru sedar yang benda semuanya berkaitan dan jadi sangat intense dalam kepala I, sebab tu I kena tulis jugak kat sini. HIHI
  • a junior from other ministry, when I wanted to excuse myself for 5 minutes to go see a friend at the lobby…. she said to me “cik aishah tak concentrate pun, cik aishah tak payah buat report ke, cik aishah dah faham semua kan?” I was like… “ermm you c.c to me your report, can?” hihi. It was just that, actually I was trying as much as her to understand and relate, I just didn’t show, ha, really?

Tadi hujan lebat.

Malas nak balik terus lepas meeting, so here I am at the office.


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