Dan lain-lain

So much happened at the office lately, shocking things actually but in a good way things reminded me of the surprise of life. On how things could fall out and fall in in so much ways that sometimes we didn’t expect them to be. But anyway, things happened, always for good. Insya Allah, hopefully all the madness that I felt (or still feel) won’t last long.

Oh, my auntie is going to get married (for the second time, her husband passed away few years back) tonight. Too bad I couldn’t make it. But I will leave for home tomorrow night, insyaAllah.

And hmm I am gonna take a good one week off. I have to optimize my off days since I’ve realized that my off days (balance) were to be burned (something like that la) if I couldn’t finish them all in 3 years…. I am entitled for 30 days off each year. Alhamdulillah.


Have a great long weekend untuk yang berkenaan.


That Lab


At this point of time I seriously don’t know if I’m doing things rightly. I mean I planned this lab without consulting my boss and just kept updating him through emails, memo and notes. But the news reached the top management and somehow Bigboss has different view. But he told me to proceed what I’ve planned.

I’m not sure too because I was here since this thing first fell into the hand of our ministry. Nobody seemed to feel the need of doing this and I agreed that it should be under my unit’s purview but we faced shortage of staffs and it’s was hard enough to be the first to fill in the post with no guidance and then all the issues that were pending before suddenly being passed to me… with expectations that were higher than anything I wondered why some issues were hanging there since 96…were they waiting for me to finish school?

Enough I think. Good night. It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow. It’s a new day after all, let’s hope for the best.

Good night! 😍


Dua minggu kebelakangan ni, sangat busy! Tak larat rasanya. Tapi laratkan juga. Dengan kerja hakiki, kerja sekolah dan kerja persatuan. Takpelah, dua tiga hal boleh manage. Yang satu ni, memang sangat mencabar tapi insyaAllah, there would be no giving up! Pray hard!

Saya tak pasti kadang-kadang, saya ni terlalu rajin ke macam mana. Saya pun tak faham kenapa ada orang macam tu macam ni. Saya pun tak perfect juga, tak baik mana pun, nakal jugak. Banyak dosa jugak. Tapi ada few things yang saya nak buat atau ucapkan, saya akan fikir banyak kali jugak tak mau bagi orang terasa hati ke apa.

Saya ni tak reti nak marah, bebel bolehlah. Tak reti nak arah2 orang yang dah memang takde rasa nak buat sesuatu benda tu, sebab takde maknanya. Saya rasa banyak benda saya buat sebab tak ada orang nak buat. Atau pun, kelemahan saya adalah, saya rasa tak ada orang nak buat benda tu. Saya malas nak suruh-suruh. Cuma saya fikir, kalau saya boleh fikir yang benda tu nak kena buat, kenapa orang lain rasa macam tak perlu buat. Hehe. Ni pasal kerja persatuan ni.

Maybe orang lain ada banyak kerja. Saya ni macam takde kerja kut. Takpelah.

Tapi nasib baik lah ada orang yang membantu. Kalau tak banyak benda tak boleh gerak juga. Alhamdulillah.


Hmm. Malas..