Blood Pressure

Jadi tinggi sebab; stress, marah dan penat.

I pergi buat pemeriksaan kesihatan, was informed that I am not fit enough. Yes, my BP was quite on the high side. I okay jer, terima dengan hati terbuka.

Ramai kawan tanya sejarah pengambilan kopi I. Truthfully, since yesterday until this morning, I had about 5 cups of coffee. Or more. Tapi bukanlah sesuatu yang mustahil kan untuk keadaan berubah.

Doktor nasihatkan I untuk jaga kesihatan dan datang untuk pemeriksaan lagi nanti, sebulan dari sekarang.

Yes, despite all the running, badminton and boling, I am not that fit. Baru semalam I upload gambar sijil pegawai sejahtera, sekali hari ni dah tak berapa sejahtera.


Ironinya. 🙂


Memohon Bantuan

Few days ago, I had to drive to Malacca to pick up my brother yang demam. It was Monday, on the day when I was rushing from a workshop to a meeting, from Bangi to KL and then dropped by at Putrajaya to pick up Jujue to accompany me to Malacca.

When we were having dinner at RnR Seremban, we were approached by a young man, promoting us to contribute to some kind of “wakaf for anak yatim” – RM20 minimum contribution – to purchase a state of the art Al-Quran at RM560.

I didn’t question the benefit of contribution but I was wondering why did this kind of activity happens in Malaysia.

  1. I was thinking of that young man – even if this is kind of charity – I am positive this is also his daily/full time job;
  2. I think the price for the contribution shouldn’t be determined – charity – should come voluntarily and happily, maybe we sometimes need something to trigger us to contribute but…. (you get the idea)
  3. There are few of them, I think it’s about 3-4… Someone must dropped them there, because it’s a highway you can’t simply come out of nowhere to be there…
  4. I imagined if we can offer them jobs at the port, with accommodation and accordingly arranged – would they appreciate the working opportunity?

It was like… I have my brother who is around their age, I can’t imagine if he had to do this kind of job.

I also think of the older men and women who had to sell keropok at hentian, or petrol pump stations…

Who would let their parents do such jobs? Maybe they came out of a hobby. But for charity, there are actually a lot of other ways of attracting contributions.

Or adakah I jahat sangat sampai malas nak menyumbang?



I’ve found a link to a video for overnight oatmeal. 🙂

I love oats, I always have. This love developed way back in 1996 when I was form two, a junior introduced me to a simple recipe. Oats and water. I didn’t know how I could like the taste of such a plain meal but I liked my first taste of it. I guess it’s rather easy to bear if compared to the taste of some dining hall’s meals.

I used to buy the small packet of instant oat I think it was only RM3.50 at that time and if I had extra money I would buy a packet of 6 small box of Dutch Lady milk, it’s around RM4.00++, 20 years ago. So that would be my go to meal until somehow I became lazier and forgot about eating oats. Didn’t really care about the health benefits but I knew my late mum (was a nurse) also took oats as breakfast and sahur with Anlene. I used to steal her Anlene if I were home. 😛

Then, I didn’t think I had oats as meals option for years until these few years. Oh, I did consume oats – the 3 in 1 types, instant oatmeal drink. I thought it’s too sweet. Once I started living alone and with Nana – from 2011 sometimes maybe, I restarted having oats, much for health benefit. It’s only plain oats with milk. Somehow these few years back the recipe for overnight oats made their debuts and I did try them.

I guess overnight oats taste better – of course. My base ingredients would be oats and milk. I did try few toppings – vanilla syrup, caramel syrup, banana, chocolate bar, sunflower seeds, blueberries, cranberries, dates, buah tin (forget nama Inggeris dia) as well as prunes.

Basically my choice of toppings depend on how much money I have haha. Blueberries are expensive here in Malaysia. Mostly I used dried fruits. They might not as healthy as fresh fruits but they will do.

I like overnight oats, it’s too easy to prepare and saves me a lot of time. I don’t need to think where and what to have breakfast…. save duit juga!

I also love oats to the extend I put oats in my jemput2 pisang and lempeng too. 🙂 They are healthier…

Now I think I nak try making soups with oats. There must be some recipes on the webs somewhere.

Till then! Let’s have some oat!

p.s : I had prunes overnight oats this morning for sahur.

Norwegian Wood

I wrote this last night on Microsoft Words. Out of boredom. Eh tak, memang nak tulis and share my point of view on this. 🙂

norwegian wood

Well, it took me quite some time to finish this book. From the LIMA week, to BKK week, I have just finished it this Monday. It’s indeed an interesting book, but I guess, the story even it was only told from a person’s view, it was quite complicated. Mr Murakami really had a nice way of thinking and well, writing. I am amazed by his ability to tell the story from a girl’s and a woman’s point of view as well. Well, he must have done his research well.

Back to the book, it had the 1960s-1970s background. Oh, I can’t help but impressed with the development in Tokyo!! In 1960s! No wonder our PM was inspired enough to initiate the Dasar Pandang ke Timur. When was that? 1980s right?

The story revolves around Toru and his complicated thinking – well not so but I found his way of life – apart from the free sex activities – he’s got this positive and motivating way of living his life.  He has his integrity though at times he has his doubts but no one could spare themselves from doubt, aren’t we? Mr Murakami has quite an imagination, well this is my third book from him and I found that each story is special in its own way and the story lines are all different. And it did make me put on my thinking hat each time I read his book – maybe that was why I took so much time to read this book through. Haha.

Toru is a student staying in a dorm out of his hometown – he came to Tokyo looking for something new, big thing to do with his best friend’s death. He met Naoko – fell in love with her, though Naoko was as much as still in love with Toru’s dead best friend. There’s not much they can do about that feeling and Naoko is quite a complicated girl anyway. But in Toru she found solace. An incident happen which left Toru alone again in Tokyo and then he befriended his classmate, Midori. Such an open minded and full of (wild) imagination, she put a new perspective in Toru. She said her thoughts out loud, that Toru soon began to like her and her openness. I guess during this time Toru knew that with Midori, he could get to know himself better.

But as for Toru’s love story, it still is quite complicated, realizing that his feelings for Naoko wasn’t really mutual, despite all that, and everything else – so much going on in this book they had quite a relationship.

I like this book. If you have some time to spare, please give it a chance. Here’s the page of it. 

p.s : I bought this book at KLIA on my way to Langkawi. Bought two other books from Murakami, because they were having this kind of promotion, buy three books at 15% discounts. Good enough for me! 🙂

LIMA’17, tyres and specs


  • It was a good experience, totally different from LIMA’13
  • I met few new friends, which was cool.
  • Was assigned to coordinate the official dinner hosted by YBTM. All was good, except on seating arrangement and lighting.
  • But anyway, I had fun with friends… during the air show and maritime show…
  • Bought some chocolate
  • Back home with a bit tan
  • Someone from LIMA kept messaging me… until today… which is indifferent so far


  • Changed all four of jiji’s tyres, they are due anyway
  • Found two dented rims – left them for repairing now I am using lent rims from the workshop
  • RM680 – the cost
  • Hankook, Made in Indonesia, 0717


  • Changed to a lower specification – meant cheaper in these almost 6 years, costed me RM315 this year, from Dr. Specs
  • My frequency of changing specs is biannually
  • Slightly bigger frame – kpop feeling though I am not into them a bit
  • My left eye’s recovering – from 525 to 400 (whatever it means).
  •  Silau naik sikit.
  • Still adapting 🙂

Terasa hati

Assalamualaikum and good morning!

  • Dah umur nak masuk 35 ni pun, masih lagi dengan mudah terasa hati, dengan perangai orang yang rapat dengan I. Sudahlah mudah terasa, payah pula nak pujuk diri sendiri, what a tragedy!
  • Bukan apa, dengan banyak sangat kemajuan teknologi, yang kebanyakkan benda boleh dapat dari hujung jari, senang saja kita terdedah dengan unwanted and unnecessary information yang akhirnya menyakitkan hati sendiri.
  • Contohnya, dengan aplikasi Whatsapps (WA) yang sekarang ni, ada fungsi “Status” , sedikit-sedikit macam fungsi “instastory” and “facebook story” . Mana-mana contact dalam WA kita yang update status tu, their name would be on the top list at the status.
  • It’s a way to know that how someone’s doing, actually. Kadang-kadang, kita (I) try to erase their memory with us, but we didn’t erase their name from our contact list so nak tak nak, bila “status” di WA tu ada notification berupa titik tu, kita (I) pun gatal tangan nak buka, and pop, their name!!! Do you want to see? Of course I rasa I nak tahu what’s going on with their life! Despite our lost touch? I guess I still care – or I still want to know. That’s how I was built!
  • People may think that I am strong but, it’s up to them. People might think that Aishah ni gila… whatever lah.

Additional notes.

  • I was assigned a task for LIMA. Will be there, insyaAllah for 3 days, 2 nights.
  • I nak balik kampung this weekend, woohoo!
  • I ada meeting sekejap lagi… zzzz


  • Saya puasa, sebab satu, saya nak ganti puasa Ramadhan. Kedua, sebab saya malas nak fikir, nak makan apa, nak makan kat mana. Nak makan dengan siapa. Senang, bila puasa, saya tidur je time lunch.
  • Berlari pun sama, saya malas nak tunggu orang sebenarnya. Satu lagi, saya malu dengan prestasi larian saya, yang sangat slow. Tapi saya berlari untuk diri sendiri. Saya rasa, bila saya berlari, saya jadi happy. Tak payah saya nak fikir apa-apa. Ada juga kalau sedih sangat (ye, ada masa saya sedih sangat) saya nangis je masa berlari tu.
  • Saya malas nak susahkan orang. Susahkan saya juga. Saya rasa tak ramai yang macam saya, at least now. Dulu-dulu kawan ramai yang sama sama single dan tidak ada komitmen tapi sekarang, lain. Saya sedang menyesuaikan diri dengan hidup sendiri.
  • Saya rasa saya boleh… boleh melalui kehidupan sendiri, mungkin. Malas saya nak fikir hidup dengan orang lain sebab saya takut sakit hati. Tapi saya rasa okay je setakat ni, sentiasa ingatkan diri supaya bersyukur dengan apa yang saya ada. Setiap kejadian Tuhan tu kan ada hikmahnya.
  • Cuma satu saja, saya rasa orang Malaysia masih juga rasa “kasihan” kepada orang yang menjalani kehidupan bersendirian. Saya tak mahu rasa dikasihani. Saya biasa begini, tapi apa saya boleh buat tentang persepsi orang. I’ve experienced when I tried to buy ticket to KL Bird Park yesterday, budak tu macam pelik I beli tiket untuk sorang. Takpelah dik. I’m fine.
  • I am not explaining anything. I am writing for myself. 🙂

I hope you have a good day so far. 🙂