Hoping that

  • there is always sitcom for me to watch after a long day at the office -think : 2 Broke Girls, HIMYM, Golden Girls, The Nanny etc
    • or Say Yes To the Dress or
    • Anthony Bourdain and his musings
  • I wasn’t that rush in shopping – the then and there has to stop
  • I’d be more hardworking
  • I think deeper
  • someone that I like to like me back as much as I do
  • the bag that i just bought would worth the money i spent on her
  • I watch my mouth, my writings, my words
  • be more respectful to those who deserve

so much hope but so little effort. I should work harder to better.🙂

All the best all~

Feeling like

We are having this big meeting chaired by our YBM tomorrow. But we are still waiting from various sides on the updates for slides and other inputs.

So, now I’ve done my part and still waiting for other input so that I would be able to complete my task.

Waiting. While everyone is doing their job…



  1. I have received news that one of my batchmates, even though I am not sure if I have talked to him before or not, maybe we passed some smiles or knowing nods, diplomatically, he, anyway, passed away this afternoon. He left one wife and one daughter, may he rest in peace. He was 44. He’s Mr. Anbucheliyan.
  2. One of my credit cards was canceled due to misused by someone. I didn’t know who. I needed to use the card as I was supposed to work outstation on the following week. I found my old credit card that I’ve never used, dated back on 2013. Okay, call the bank to get it activated, problem solved. I also received replacement card last week. Now I have more cards in hand.
  3. I got into a silent war with the taxi driver few weeks ago. He tried to advise me on something, it was so tense, I am always reminded of this.  I need to review myself. I might be Becca in the Hindsight. During the finale last night, Lolly said that Becca is bad person. She messed other people’s life. But all Becca thought was – she is improving things – but unintentionally she messed things up.
  4. I am thinking of a new car – relatively. Might not thinking it further – not in these 3 years.
  5. Bought the first Murakami – so I had this feeling that I could also be a writer.
  6. Went home last weekend. I guess – it was homesick me.
  7. Okay that’s all for now.


The Workshop Assesment

The CAAAM – something on alumni of those who used to go on a course sponsored by the China government sent me these Questions to survey on us – our perception after the course. I just completed mine.😉

1) What was the gist of the program/workshop/seminar?
The workshop is about the development of pan beibu gulf and the impact of the development towards asean member countries in particular of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia as well as Brunei.

2) What was your favourite part of the program/workshop/seminar?
Study visit to Shanghai and Tianjin Port
Visit to the Great Wall of China

3) Why?
It enabled me to experience the development by myself, as Port of Tianjin is one of the top 10 port in the world while Shanghai is one of the most developed city in the world. Most of all, the experience of the Shanghai Maglev train  was one of the highlight of the workshop. While visit to the Great Wall was also an eye-opening.

4) Tell us 3 things you learned from the program/workshop/seminar:
i) There are a lot of potential of development especially in the logistics sector
ii) The potential is getting better with partnership and cooperation
iii) The importance of knowing our own country’s power and strength as well as weaknesses is crucial

5) How has the program/workshop/seminar benefited you in your working life?
This workshop taught me that almost all of the things are doable.

6) Would you recommend this Program/Seminar/Workshop to others? Why?
While at the first place I didn’t really understand the connection of Malaysia to Pan Beibu but later I understand that the impact of the regional development will actually influence the neighbouring countries and it will enhance positive competition and generate market share. It is good to open our eyes and to work smarter to ensure continuous development, to know what we can contribute (be it in small or large) to the development of our country.

7) What were the three things you acquired throughout the whole experience?
i) The importance of understanding our country’s potential
ii) The importance of taking chances
iii) To be grateful for what we have but at the same time, will always improve ourselves. (or our country).

Melarikan diri

Kadang-kadang perlu untuk melarikan diri, dari perkara yang pernah kita suka, kita jaga. Perlu untuk memastikan kita sentiasa menjaga diri kita terlebih dulu.

Bukan tidak mahu bertanggungjawab, tapi apabila sesuatu itu sudah tidak menjadi milik dan jagaan kita, mahu atau tidak, sayang atau tidak, kita perlu mempercayai yang orang lain akan menjaga dan menangani sesuatu itu, sebaik-baik mana seperti yang pernah kita buat.

Sebab kadang-kadang, sekiranya kita tak mahu melepaskan, atau terlalu menjaga… kita susah untuk percaya kebolehan orang lain dan akhirnya, mungkin akan memerangkap kita.

Peganglah bahawa, kita tidak akan sentiasa mampu menjaga semuanya. Dan kita harus percaya, ada orang yang akan menjaganya dengan lebih baik.

Sama ada betul atau tidak, kita tak mungkin tahu. Sama seperti kita tak mungkin tahu adakah benda akan terus lebih baik sekiranya kita terus menjaganya. Yes?

All the best anyway!🙂

Boling Game


It was such an unexpected thing, happened on Sunday, I won third place for a game.🙂

That was all.

And then, I was in Jakarta for a few days last week, got the chance to meet some friends there. It was always nice to be out of the office once in a while, apa lagi kalau dapat jumpa kawan-kawan yang menggembirakan dan menenangkan.😉 Flying out is just a bonus. Alhamdulillah syukur.

Sebenarnya banyak kan benda yang terjadi…. yang harus disyukuri selalu.😉

That’s all for now.


Have a great week you guys!


Banyak kerja betul sekarang ni. The truth is I am enjoying it. Cuma there are times that rasa macam nak baling handphone pun ada. Tapi cannot la sebab hutang lagi dengan maxis ni. HUHU.

Lately I’ve found peace in doing my work outside of working hours.🙂 Nobody will get to kacau me and I can set my own pace.

Like tonight..🙂

cikyong kerja