Al Fatihah


Dimaklumkan adik I, Noor Ainun binti Kamarzaman, 34 telah meninggal dunia pada Isnin, 9 Julai 2018.ย  She was a cancer fighter. She was diagnosed with cancer, stage 3 in December 2016.

She was my first girl friend, though not quite close during our childhood but as we grew up, she found it easy to share with me most of her dreams, and ambitions and secrets.

Today is my birthday, and I would ask your kindness to recite Al Fatihah to her and my late mother, and to me too, as my birthday gift.


Thank you.




Adik oh adik

Adik bongsu I nampaknya tak boleh terima budaya di kolej dia tempat dia register Sabtu lepas and it’s now only 2 days but he’s been texting my father and my sister to share his unhappiness. I know that I’ve sort of pushed him to register himself in the college but then I was thinking of his own good.

Now we are all persuading him to stay for two more weeks and see how things go. I know that the first week could be like hell, with the orientation and having to wake up earliest in the morning. Ah, I am bit worried too.

Come to think of it, why is it so hard for these two youngest brothers of mine to stay at the first college they got? My 7th brother also ran away (sort of) from his college and asked my father to send him somewhere else and now with this number 8, I am foreseeing almost similar incident. Oh, please I loathe the private college.

Please pray for my brother’s happiness, anyone reading this? Hope he would find joy and happiness in this new place.

p.s : Why do we (some colleges) feel the need to put the new students in such a unhappy situation during the first week of being out of district, far from family for the first time (on some cases)?



Raya 2018

Assalamualaikum, it’s 8th day of Raya already. I am now back in the office. Not much of progress anyway because most people are not yet back in the office.

I am still recovering or mostly, retrieving where did I stop before I went back to my hometown haha.

It was sure hard to bounce back after almost 10 days of being away from work. HEHE.

How was raya? Mine was just a slow day, I slept for about 2 hours maybe… it’s so hot in the afternoon, I changed my baju raya for a t-shirt. I went to visit mum’s grave after solah and then up for some photos with family before heading to my grandma’s. That was first day of raya.

Second day I went to my friend’s house… and then at night when to my aunt’s for some tahlil do…

Cooked some meal on 3rd raya… our house was flooded with guests, non-stop! Until maghrib.

4th raya, I went around to visit my schoolmates in Tanah Merah and Kota Bharu… and then, 5th raya I spent at the market and just be at home for the rest of the day…

6th raya I drove back to KL and spent the evening watching Ocean’s 8. That’s all… Sounds a bit bored?


Culture – and a bit of anything else

During the training in Thailand, there was a point when I was placed in a room with three other Muslimah.ย  It was in Koh Chang or Island of Elephant. We stayed in a beautiful community resort – The Salakphet. My room mates were from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

ย Farhana (Bangladesh) and Kusma (Indonesia) are happily married while Marvi and I are still single. Marvi was the kind of doing her own business, I think there were only few times in that two weeks that she would come and have full conversation with us.ย  Apart from us, there were another 5ย  ladies from various countries during the course. All of us got along well, except for Marvi.

During the stay (we stay there for a night), Farhana was asking me on why I am still single and all. I wouldn’t mind the conversation because at that time we could be already considered as close friends… Farhana kept on telling me the benefit of being married etc (like I don’t know… hahaa) but we just had that chit chat while waiting for the turn to use the bathroom.

Suddenly, Marvi came and told us… “I am also single” We were shocked, because a) she’s pretty and b) she’s quite older than most of us.

I was saying to Farhana, that in my country, if anybody ask me about these, I would classify them as nosy… hehehe. That was when Marvi chirped in and said “I am also single…. and yes, in my country… this could be considered as nosy as well”

Farhana quickly apologized and she was like.. “I am so sorry Aisha… I don’t know” I was like, nah, it’s okay.

Marvi then proceeded to tell us that as she has been working for too long (and ehem own quite some money) she doesn’t believe in men and I think at some point she was about to tell us that she thinks men are after her money. Hmmm. She said she doesn’t like to talk about the salary, about her work and about her singleness.

Oh, anyway, I don’t think she really likes talking pun. HAHA. Seriously when we were having dinner and laughing she would slowly got up and excused herself. Maybe she thought that we were a bit childish to be in her social circle.ย  (She even left the Whatsapps Group).

Marvi (Pakistan), Jisha (India), Thinley (Bhutan), me, Shahid (Pakistan) and Noorullah (Afghanistan)
Uncle(Afghanistan), Kit (Laos), Pema (Bhutan), Mazhar (Bangladesh), Mary (PNG), Randeni (Sri Lanka) and Swarti (India)
Farhana (Bangladesh), Fikry (Maldives), Kusma (Indonesia), Brian (Indonesia), Tin (Myanmmar), Masitha (Sri Lanka) and Rahim (Malaysia)

These were the groups for our transportation. We moved all over the place in 3 vans. So the vans were called – Lovely, Friends, Forever.

Nice eh.

The course was such a fun one. It was on eco-tourism! Tourism! We went to different part of Thailand in those 15 days together. Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Samaesarn Island, Chantaburi, Chonburi… Hmm.

Okaylah, that’s all for now. Have a great day!


The new division

Takdelah new sangat pun, I masuk sini since my first week in KPLB (was KKLW). I started here on 30th Oct 2017, almost 6 months now.ย  I don’t have much to say, I guess the expectation is understandable, I have the long list of tasks andย  I understand there are also additional clerical work I have to monitor, holding one of the senior posts here.

The environment is manageable, although there are times that I couldn’t get to understand and have big whys on a few instructions, behaviour and manners but, anyway… I think it’s still manageable and I am hoping that by time, I would be able to mitigate things better here.

Anyway, today boss was such in a good mood, and had advised me in such a good way (compared to usual blast hehe) regarding my works.

Some of the staffs had been asking me a lot of things about my view on boss, since there’s a bit of heated statements from boss in the office group whatsapps, boss was mad at me on some miscommunication mishaps.ย  I was shocked too by the incident but anyway, I tried my best to reflect things, and looked at the things from my boss’s view – I could understand that there’s something about boss’s ego – her pride and her trust in us – and somehow I got to understand why she had behave in such a way so, there, I just apologized and wishing that I would act better if I were in her situation. Anyway, all is good now, and that incident taught me to take more attention in my work and I have to be more prepared.ย  Miscommunication is something that we can avoid, actually, kan?

I saw the Last Word, a movie with Shirley Mclaine and Amanda Seyfried in it. The most positive thing I could learn from the movie is, sometime the shouting, or harsh words came from people that trust us, believe in our potential and expect more from us, because sometimes we couldn’t even see our own potential.

Perhaps, next time when boss is mad at me (or at you) – take it that it’s a disappointment of seeing that we didn’t live up to their potential, that we didn’t even see our own potential.

Anyway, that’s just my thought for time being, maybe it will change. But here, our pre-raya shoot. Can’t believe it’s 10 more days (or less) to raya.

raya bpud


Berbuka di Masjid, first time for me

Hari Sabtu lepas, I keluar dengan Jujue, after Zuhur macam tu, pergi rumah Datuk R (my ex-boss) yang dah bersara, pergi hantar barang, Datuk kirim bekas kotak tisu yang lacey tu masa I pergi kursus di Thailand awal bulan ari tu.

Lepas lepak sejam macam tu kat rumah Datuk, I gi Metropoint, main bowling. Kebetulan ada promo, RM18 for 3 games. Okaylah tu, RM6/game. Sunyi je lanes… tapi belah kiri dan kanan I ada orang tapi dua-dua pun jenis yang main baling je. Kalau ikut rules, kalau orang sebelah kita tengah nak baling, kita kena hold. I memang pegang rule yang ni. I ingat dulu masa zaman I mula-mula main boling, I baca rule ni, dia tampal dekat meja kat lane kita tu. Masa tu kat Mines. About 15 years ago kot. Tapi sekarang ni, takde dah rules macam ni diletak mana-mana.ย  Bukanlah nak kata hebat mana pun, tapi menganggulah jugak.

Okay, habis pasal bowling, then we shot to Cyber, cadangannya nak solat di Masjid Cyber yang best tu, and then fikir nak makan kat mana, and then balik to the Masjid untuk solat terawih.ย  Sekali dah setel solat Asar, dah dekat pukul 6, both Jujue and I takleh decide nak makan kat mana. Tengok orang dah duk distribute makanan and dah ada tikar bentang siap-siap untuk tujuan berbuka. Lastly we both decided to break fast there. HAHA. Senang juga. Lepak lah sikit kat Masjid tu, aman je. Baca-baca quran. HUHU.

Berbuka makan nasi tomato dengan ayam masak merah and ada macam-macam kuih orang letak. Ada air panas free, kat vending machine. Tekan je nak air apa… ada white coffee, koko and teh tarik. I plan nak bayar, siap bawak duit lagi sebab RM1 je pun. Sekali budak tu kata, tekan je. Alhamdulillah, kenyang berbuka hari tu and paling best dapat solat maghrib, isyak and terawih berjemaah.

I rasa kalau I pergi sorang-sorang pun takde orang kisah. Semua orang buat hal masing-masing. Rasa macam nak pergi lagi je. Stay dari asar sampai habis terawih. (Kat Cyber dia buat 20 rakaat). I buat 8 je… lepas tu cepat-cepat gi belakang sebab tok imam dia pantas sangat.


The new YBM

YBM baru

After the general election on 9th May 2018, it’s widely known that Malaysia has entered a new era. New Prime Minister (his 2nd time serving though), the most respected Tun M. Today, our office welcomed a new YBM. I certainly am hoping for a more positive and cheery environment, while trying to live up to Tun’s famous motto “bersih, cekap, amanah”.

I learned that amanah is word long before the word integrity is used in the Malaysian’s governance. I like word amanah more, because it’s more specific than integrity though the latter sound so hip. But that’s just me.

Anyway, this post is just for my reminder on the arrival and the start of new direction, hopefully a changed and firmer one.