Copy from someone.

I terfikir kenapa setiap kali I ternampak bulan i teringatkan you. Maybe sebab you shine my life in my darkest time.

I terfikir kalau bulan ni hilang di balik awan satu hari nanti, how would I be.

I terfikir macam mana I boleh biar bulan ni terus bersama dengan I walau ke mana haluan I.

I terfikir boleh ke bulan ni biarkan I terus ada dalam sinaran dia.

I tahu bulan ni akan menyinari langit seseorang, tapi adakah langit I?

Something exciting


Purchased the Amazfit GTR last week! It was exciting but not enough to keep me running everyday, it’s just today that I went out walking and running with that new gadget.

I was looking for the sports watch, but not for me because at that particular time I was okay with my Samsung Galaxy Fit that I got free with the Note 10, until it got broken last two Sundays. As I was too used to having something vibrating on the wrist, I felt the need to have its replacement was too strong.

I did some study (reading and trying them on) about the many types of sports watches, almost got myself a Fossil one (it was on 50% off) but at the end I settled for the Amazfit GTR (pink!) So far, it served me well, despite almost RM100 price difference from the Galaxy Fit, the functions and features are so much (more and) better on the GTR. Maybe it’s the brand or… maybe the life. Since I got the Galaxy Fit for free, it didn’t bother me much that it went kaput just after 6 months using it. (Not blaming it, I also believed that I didn’t really took care of it).

Well, anyway, it’s still too early to be happy I guess, but I got it for less than RM500 on shopee, compared to the store price. It’s risky I know.  Let’s pray it will be okay for a long time, k.

In the meantime, I hope I will exercise more, to a healthier 2020. 🙂



Something like a heart ache

Hi, welcome to the year 2020. Alhamdulillah, here we are, insyaAllah, let’s pray for a better year.

I walked into the new year, with almost the same feeling as last year, unsure of so many things. Just one thing that keeps me going is, insyaAllah, I can get through anything, albeit with a bit heart ache and frustration, but… life is bitter sweet like that.

Right now I am listening to Ali Gatie, and the words from his Moonlight, touched me. It was a funny thing, that at this age, I still find myself, my life reasoning with some youngster’s bop.  No offense, he’s a good writer still, otherwise I won’t be listening to him.

Honestly, I feel like there’s an empty space somewhere.  I don’t really know how to explain this feeling.  Sometimes I feel tired as well. Something is draining me out.  Hmm. Anyway, I’ll find something to do to get over this feeling.

Happy new year guys!