Err… Barney again…

I guess Barney really had me lah! Auw. Bukan apa, because he is so awesome. In fact all of them are. πŸ˜€ Huhu.

Last Friday, I invited Mid, Fish and Aimi for lunch. I was back early from a meeting in KL and decided to cook the spiral pasta for them. I guess that dishes was okay, except the shrimp was not that fresh. I bought them at kedai runcit you!Β  But the dish was finished in less than 15 minutes, even though when I brought it out Mid said “banyaknya echah masak!”.Β  Or maybe because we were all hungry.

While eating we watched the membership dvd I bought in Penang. Huhu. We watched HIMYM and the episode I love the most was the one they did on photo (Say Cheese). The story as always, was good but the story about how Barney keeps looking good in every photo was amazing even he did sneeze seconds before the photo is taken was marvelous!

Hehe. I wish I could always look good in photo. πŸ˜›


Happy Monday and Salam Maal Hijrah!

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