I : Episode II

I think I’ve been expressing myself so much. I have few blogs, I update things about me, through Facebook and Twitter.  I guess if you [really] want to know me, you should knew me by now.

I hope I would say things that always meaningful.  Even if it’s for that short time. Even if I liked you few minutes ago then now I don’t really think I like you at all. But I hoped I said things that really meaningful. Oh. I hope you guys understand this.

I think I am not a materialistic girl. Yeah I spend so much but I worked for it. And though I always say I would like to have a rich husband that would buy me bigger house and bigger car and lots of things but I know that I am working for it myself. I don’t want to trouble people with my crazy wants and wishes.

I know I plan things but there are times that plan is all we could do. Nobody really knows if our plan will work accordingly.

I know I could be annoying at times but you know if you are my friend, you can always ask me to behave better around you. 😀


4 thoughts on “I : Episode II

    1. aku tiap kali gi area bangi mesti teringat nak ajak kau makan… tapi terus teringat kau tulis kat blog yang kau makin bizi… terus aku pun tak jadi nak kol… huhu.. okay next time aku helo2 kau ok…

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